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“And now he is singing a bard's curse upon you, O brother abbot, and upon your father and your mother, and your grandfather and your grandmother, nd upon all your relations.'
Is he cursing in rhyme?'
He is cursing in rhyme, and with two assonances in every line of his curse.'
("The Crucifixion Of The Outcast")”
W.B. Yeats
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Killosophy by Criss Jami
“Creative people are often found either disagreeable or intimidating by mediocrities.”
Criss Jami
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“Do you remember the sight we saw, my soul,
that soft summer morning
round a turning in the path,
the disgusting carcass on a bed scattered with stones,
its legs in the air like a woman in need
burning its wedding poisons
like a fountain with its rhythmic sobs,
I could hear it clearly flowing with a long murmuring sound,
but I touch my body in vain to find the wound.
I am the vampire of my own heart,
one of the great outcasts condemned to eternal laughter
who can no longer smile.
Am I dead?
I must be dead.”
Charles Baudelaire
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Fearless Magic by Rachel Higginson
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Hopeless Magic by Rachel Higginson
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StarCrossed by Elizabeth C. Bunce
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Reckless Magic by Rachel Higginson
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The Trouble with Spells by Lacey Weatherford
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Witchy, Witchy by Penelope King
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Ted Dekker
“Unfortunately, the world has taken some of the greatest minds God has given us and locked them up in cages. Most very brilliant or creative people seem strange to ordinary people. Geniuses are almost always outcasts. The intelligent are bullied on the playground. They see the world differently and are shunned for it. They nearly all turn out to be lonely at the least, locked up at the worst. It's human nature to encourage the status quo and shun those who see life differently.”
Ted Dekker, The Bride Collector

Richelle Mead
“Ah, my daughter,ʺ he said. ʺEighteen, and already youʹve been accused of murder, aided felons, and acquired a death count higher than most guardians will ever see.ʺ He paused. ʺI couldnʹt be prouder.”
Richelle Mead, Last Sacrifice

Becca Fitzpatrick
“I can't imagine why you're so interested."
He shook his head. "Interested? We're talking about you. I'm fascinated.”
Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush

Kathryn Lasky
“One creature's truth is another's lie. (Scroom of Strix Struma)”
Kathryn Lasky, The Outcast

Jodee Blanco
“The hardest thing about being an outcast isn't the love you don't receive. It's the love you long to give that nobody wants. After a while, it backs up into your system like stagnant water and turns toxic, poisoning your spirit. When this happens, you don't have many choices available. You can become a bitter loner who goes through life being pissed off at the world; you can fester with rage until one day you murder your classmates. Or, you can find another outlet for your love, where it will be appreciated and maybe even returned.”
Jodee Blanco, Please Stop Laughing at Me... One Woman's Inspirational Story

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