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Alan and 11 other people liked Sarah's review of Station Eleven:
Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
"I remember finishing The Road and weeping at my desk. For months I couldn't shake the feeling that I had somehow corrupted myself with that vision of the future. Kunstler's World Made By Hand helped somewhat, offering me an alternative vision wher..." Read more of this review »
Alan rated a book 3 of 5 stars
Hieroglyph by Ed Finn
Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future
by Ed Finn
recommended to Alan by: An all-star cast
recommended for: Hopeful monsters
read in December, 2014
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I am totally on board with Neal Stephenson's Hieroglyph project. I've often bemoaned the scarcity of optimistic science fiction myself, amid the proliferation (not so recent now) of dystopias and apocalypses and cautionary tales—those were always a s ...more
Alan and 2 other people liked aPriL eVoLvEs (ex-Groot)'s review of Dust:
Dust by Elizabeth Bear
"The front cover might give the impression this sophisticated YA book is a religious fantasy, but IMHO the story is pure science fiction.

The plot is a mystery and a quest, with a fantasy tone. There is a lot of extremely impressive advanced biotech..." Read more of this review »
Alan rated a book 4 of 5 stars
Time Travel by Paula Guran
Time Travel: Recent Trips
by Paula Guran
recommended to Alan by: A nifty title and an intriguing table of contents
recommended for: Modern chronic argonauts
read in December, 2014
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You won't find anyone trying to kill Hitler, or resurrect JFK, in this anthology. Nor will you find any Wellsian chronic argonauts lost at the end of time. What you will find are 18 modern—that is to say, 21st-Century—and well-chosen takes on the ide ...more
Alan rated a book 4 of 5 stars
The Year's Best Science Fiction by Gardner R. Dozois
The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-First Annual Collection
by Gardner R. Dozois
recommended to Alan by: Three decades' worth of future history
recommended for: Anyone with even a spark of interest in the current state of the art
read in November, 2014
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Seldom, if ever, has a title been more accurate than this one—unless you count the thirty previous installments. After more than three decades, Gardner Dozois' annual anthology series still provides exactly what it advertises: The Year's Best Science ...more
Alan made a comment on his review of The Algebraist
The Algebraist by Iain M. Banks
" Piers wrote: "Well I agree with you it is a bit harsh in that there are a few sections of action and momentum which stand up well and are entertaining ...more"
Alan and 37 other people liked Jessica's review of Inherent Vice:
Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon
"The only good thing this book did for me was help me remember how profoundly grateful I am to have completely missed the sixties. I think I would've killed myself if I'd had to have witnessed all this psychedelic drug use and violence on aesthetic..." Read more of this review »
Lord Foul's Bane by Stephen R. Donaldson
"This isn't so much a review of the book as a response to other reviews I have read by people who hated it, and hated it specifically because they see the protagonist, Thomas Covenant, as unlikeable -- weak, whiny, and self-pitying -- and/or becaus..." Read more of this review »
Alan rated a book 5 of 5 stars
We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler
We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves
by Karen Joy Fowler
recommended to Alan by: Previous work
recommended for: Sibling rivals
read in November, 2014
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Rosemary Cooke is a charming young woman with a self-deprecating sense of humor and a family history that is both deeply unusual and all too typical. Though her parents are both scientists, and We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves as a whole is, in ...more
We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler
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Andrew Davidson
“Don't be wasting your sympathy on me, kid. I did pretty damn well, I'll tell you what. You snag a woman like that, you don't ask what you did to deserve it. You just hope she never wises up and changes her mind.”
Andrew Davidson, The Gargoyle

Jake Arnott
“Nevertheless we cherish all books, especially the unread ones, for who knows what secrets they might yield one day?
—p.397, as by Larry Zagorski, in his short story "The City of the Sun”
Jake Arnott, The House of Rumour

Kate Bush
“What made it special made it dangerous, so I bury it... and forget.”
Kate Bush

Jo Walton
“If you love books enough, books will love you back.”
Jo Walton, Among Others

China Miéville
“My dad hates umbrellas, said Deeba, swinging her own. When it rains he always says the same thing. 'I do not believe the presence of moisture in the air is sufficient reason to overturn society's usual sensible taboo against wielding spiked clubs at eye level.”
China Miéville, Un Lun Dun

The Dog-Eared Boy and Other Freaks of Artifice (Poetry)
8 chapters   —   updated Jun 07, 2014 11:09PM
Description: ©Alan P. Scott. Some of the many verses perpetrated on <A HREF="">my website</A>.
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