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“My surface is myself.
Under which
to witness, youth is
buried. Roots?
Everybody has roots.”
William Carlos Williams
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“Everyone pretends to be 'free thinkers', but few individuals pass the line into expressive territories that may be detrimental to their own social well-being.”
Criss Jami
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Aleister Crowley
“I've often thought that there isn't any "I" at all; that we are simply the means of expression of something else; that when we think we are ourselves, we are simply the victims of a delusion.”
Aleister Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiend

“Being an artist means forever healing your own wounds and at the same time endlessly exposing them.”
Annette Messager

“There is no ready vocabulary to describe the ways in which artists become artists, no recognition that artists must learn to be who they are (even as they cannot help being who they are.) We have a language that reflects how we learn to paint, but not how we learn to paint our paintings. How do you describe the [reader to place words here] that changes when craft swells to art?

"Artists come together with the clear knowledge that when all is said and done, they will return to their studio and practice art alone. Period. That simple truth may be the deepest bond we share. The message across time from the painted bison and the carved ivory seal speaks not of the differences between the makers of that art and ourselves, but of the similarities. Today these similarities lay hidden beneath urban complexity -- audience, critics, economics, trivia -- in a self-conscious world. Only in those moments when we are truly working on our own work do we recover the fundamental connection we share with all makers of art. The rest may be necessary, but it's not art. Your job is to draw a line from your art to your life that is straight and clear.”
David Bayles, Art and Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking

Stephen King
“Artistic talent is far more common than the talent to nurture artistic talent. Any parent with a hard hand can crush it, but to nurture it is much more difficult.”
Stephen King, 11/22/63

William Carlos Williams
“My surface is myself.
Under which
to witness, youth is
buried. Roots?
Everybody has roots.”
William Carlos Williams

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