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Hooked: How to Bu...
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by Nir Eyal (Goodreads Author)
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by John Connolly (Goodreads Author)
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Will rated a book 3 of 5 stars
On Writing Well by William Zinsser
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Will rated a book 1 of 5 stars
The Traveling Vampire Show by Richard Laymon
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What Chandra said.
Will and 18 other people liked Chandra's review of The Traveling Vampire Show:
The Traveling Vampire Show by Richard Laymon
"This. Book. Sucked.
Okay, first the plus side: Slim is awesome.
And that's about it for the plus side.
On the minus side: We have to see the awesome character Slim through the eyes of this annoying teenage boy who spends nearly ever scene she's in de..." Read more of this review »
Will rated a book 4 of 5 stars
Flash Boys by Michael Lewis
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Decent. A bit short though.
Will rated a book 2 of 5 stars
Departure by A.G. Riddle
by A.G. Riddle (Goodreads Author)
read in February, 2015
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Will rated a book 1 of 5 stars
Geek Sublime by Vikram Chandra
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Too much writing, too little code. It does not tie together any of its themes and is derivative of its sources.
Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey
" I... Don't know? "
Will rated a book 2 of 5 stars
The Worms Of Heaven by Misha Burnett
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No actual book here. No conflict and very little theory.
Will rated a book 5 of 5 stars
Worm by Wildbow
by Wildbow
read in January, 2015
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It's on http://parahumans.wordpress.com. 30 arcs. 22 books. 1.75 million words. And I read it in a week. My brain is full.

It starts off slow, but by the time it gets to the final act, it's like Chekov's orchestra.
Will rated a book 1 of 5 stars
The Beginning of the American Fall by Stephanie McMillan
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One of the most frustratingly insider views inside occupy that I've had the misfortune to read. The problems with occupy get shoved under the hood, and the demands for "activism" mean nothing by themselves... But instead of an examinations or an expl ...more
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“Imagine you are Siri Keeton:

You wake in an agony of resurrection, gasping after a record-shattering bout of sleep apnea spanning one hundred forty days. You can feel your blood, syrupy with dobutamine and leuenkephalin, forcing its way through arteries shriveled by months on standby. The body inflates in painful increments: blood vessels dilate; flesh peels apart from flesh; ribs crack in your ears with sudden unaccustomed flexion. Your joints have seized up through disuse. You're a stick-man, frozen in some perverse rigor vitae.

You'd scream if you had the breath.

Vampires did this all the time, you remember. It was normal for them, it was their own unique take on resource conservation. They could have taught your kind a few things about restraint, if that absurd aversion to right-angles hadn't done them in at the dawn of civilization. Maybe they still can. They're back now, after all— raised from the grave with the voodoo of paleogenetics, stitched together from junk genes and fossil marrow steeped in the blood of sociopaths and high-functioning autistics. One of them commands this very mission. A handful of his genes live on in your own body so it too can rise from the dead, here at the edge of interstellar space. Nobody gets past Jupiter without becoming part vampire.”
Peter Watts, Blindsight

Bruce Sterling
“America hadn't really been suited for its long and tiresome role as the Last Superpower, the World's Policeman. As a patriotic American, Oscar was quite content to watch other people's military coming home in boxes for a while. The American national character wasn't suited for global police duties. It never had been. Tidy and meticulous people such as the Swiss and the Swedes were the types who made good cops. America was far better suited to be the World's Movie Star. The world's tequila-addled pro-league bowler. The world's acerbic, bipolar stand-up comedian. Anything but a somber and tedious nation of socially responsible centurions.”
Bruce Sterling, Distraction

“My code of life and conduct is simply this: work hard, play to the allowable limit, disregard equally the good and bad opinion of others, never do a friend a dirty trick, eat and drink what you feel like when you feel like, never grow indignant over anything, trust to tobacco for calm and serenity, bathe twice a day . . . learn to play at least one musical instrument and then play it only in private, never allow one's self even a passing thought of death, never contradict anyone or seek to prove anything to anyone unless one gets paid for it in cold, hard coin, live the moment to the utmost of its possibilities, treat one's enemies with polite inconsideration, avoid persons who are chronically in need, and be satisfied with life always but never with one's self.”
George Jean Nathan

Nicole Blackman
“At any moment, you know, your manufactured cool could blow.”
Nicole Blackman
tags: poetry

YOU! You're boring! You're not even good enough for a good insult! You're in the one place Where magic is always real! Part the seas if you want! Rain down ink and blood! Transform! Fly! You're not allowed to spend the rest of your life panicking! You've got to give something back if you want to get out of here!"
What? What?? What do I give?"
You've got stories in there, I know, I can smell 'em--"
Stoppit, stoppit! I don't! I can't tell a story to save my life!"

Funny you should put it that way.”
Carla Speed McNeil

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