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Dennis Lid Dear Catherine,

Thank you for the free book offer and the other information you provided - much appreciate. Hope life is treating you well. Let's continue to be friends on Goodreads.

Take care,

Dennis Lid

Catherine Carrigan Hi Dennis,
Thank you for being my friend on Goodreads.
I wanted to let you know you can win a FREE copy of my latest Amazon No. 1 Best Seller, Banish the Blues Now.
Go to this link:
Ten lucky winners will receive a FREE paperback copy.
What you will receive:
• Learn how to get rid of depression once and for all using natural healing methods.
• Work with your doctor to resolve the medical problems that cause ennui.
• Discover how the side effects of your prescribed medications may be making you feel blue.
• Make the connection between your stress and the way you feel mentally and physically.
• Nurture yourself with the right foods to make yourself feel better.
• Educate yourself about natural healing remedies for your brain.
• Take advantage of amino acids, vitamins, herbs and flower remedies to balance your mood.
• Motivate yourself to exercise to boost your brain chemistry.
• Find out how to rewrite your life story to feel better.
• Forgive yourself by finding out why the prescription drugs you have taken did not solve the problem.
• Take care of your body to heal your mind.
• And much much more!

If you can’t wait for the FREE giveaway, it’s easy and inexpensive to take advantage of this valuable information. The Kindle version is just $3.99.
If you find yourself too busy to read, you can download Banish the Blues Now on audiobook and listen to it while commuting, walking or just resting for a mere $6.08.
Banish the Blues Now reached the No. 1 New Release in Alternative Medicine Reference on Amazon. It also reached No. 1 New Release in Popular Psychology and Medicine and No. 1 in Psychology and Medicine.
Banish the Blues Now is my third Amazon No. 1 best seller. The others include What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness and Unlimited Energy Now.

Love and light,
Catherine Carrigan

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