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Jonathan Merry Christmas!

Beatrice I'm still reading Mockingjay though. I can't wait to finish it. A lot of people say it was disappointing.

℘~®~i~ ツ ~ $☻L☺ ~ ☾ℜ€D€ℜ€  ♥ ~!! Thanks for wanting to be friends. :P :)

Beatrice The Tales of Beedle the Bard was okay. :) a couple of short stories from the Wizarding World. It's good. just a short read though.

Catching Fire was good! I'm reading Mockingjay now. can't wait to finish it.

message 17: by Amrie

Amrie Yes. Well, it's always a good decision to follow those with great taste in movies and such. And also, you're really good in writing, I think. :)

SEMI PRECIOUS JADE Yay! Us crazies have ta stick together! XD

message 15: by Scarlet

Scarlet No problem, thanks for requesting ^^

Christine Hatfield What kind of books do you write?

message 13: by William

William Axtell No problem, thank you for being mine!

Christine Hatfield thanks for being my friend

message 11: by Lylaa

Lylaa Hey William :)

message 10: by William

William Axtell Sounds terrific! How does that work exactly (boy is my face red for asking)?

Beatrice Lol! How about a reading buddy for "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" ?

Beatrice The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest was good, though I'm slow pace when reading it.. it was actually a good mystery novel. A Must read..
I haven't heard Skullduggery.. I'll check on that.

William Axtell Yep, I hate it too. I'm thinking about using some special tape to repiar it but I worry it'll make it look worse lol !
Re. Skullduggery. Yes, it is very, very good! It is a furiously fast, extremely funny, buddie novel (can you have buddie novels?) of a fantasy adventure. Really good and I cannot recommend enough. I just posted a review for it today actually! How is the girl who kicked the hornet's nest, I've seen that movies have come out for the novels, but what are they like?

Beatrice you ripped a page in Deathly Hallows? :O daamn. A single tear on a book makes me paranoid. lol. I haven't read Hunger Games.. I'm looking forward to read it.. when I feel like reading it. lol

I haven't try Skullduggery Pleasant. is it good?

William Axtell Oh, and Charlie, I was wondering. You clearly like the character of Gale A LOT. Did you find his depiction in the movie dissappointing? I haven't seen it myself but I had an experience like this with Ginny Weasly from Harry Potter. I hated her depiction in the films!

William Axtell And thank you, Charlie, for accepting it! I love the Hunger Games too, so feel free to geek out on it with me because I love a good geek - though the two sequels are still on my "to read" list so please no spoilers :) !

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ Thanks for the friend request!

William Axtell Beatrice wrote: "Hi William! Thanks for the add, seems you're a Harry Potter fan too. :)"

Thank you for friending me! Yes, I am a huge Potter fan :)! So much so that my copy of Quiditch though the Ages is falling apart - Madame Pince will be so mad lol ! I also ripped a page in Deathly Hallows which hacked me off...
I also really enjoyed the Hunger Games and am looking forwards to reading the sequels - nice to see you liked them too! Have you ever tried Skullduggery Pleasant?

Beatrice Hi William! Thanks for the add, seems you're a Harry Potter fan too. :)

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