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Books Ring Mah Bell Is it true you are coming to Chicago this winter?? We must meet up!!! Paint the town red! (just like your chairs!)

message 101: by Sarah

Sarah Chairy, did you know that you totally give away the answer to my challenge question in the comments you left? LOL. It kinda makes the challenge thing pointless. The Chinese Zodiac dude sent me another request!

Books Ring Mah Bell Checking in to see if you are surviving the move, Chairy!

Books Ring Mah Bell chairs

Chairs for Chairy!

I am working on a Nauti parody for you... just need more booze!

message 98: by Jessica

Jessica help earthquake victims via Mercy Corps:


Theresa Yes, I have been busy today! I give myself a complex on whether to add someone as a friend or not. I would be crushed if they denied me. :( But, I was feeling confident today.

I don't know about this communing thing. I'm big on showering daily, deodarent, microwaves, etc. I might wear a kilt though - a mini kilt. :)

message 96: by J

J Incarnation. Incarnation. Incarnation. If I just keep saying it surely it will catch on. Say it with me, Jessica. Incarnation.

message 95: by Sarah

Sarah Can you believe there is actually a catinakilt.com? I googled "cat in a kilt" and this lady's blog is called that. Weird.

message 94: by Kirk

Kirk Thanks, Admirable J. Reaction is mixed this morning---some are intrigued, others hate it. Oh well. Every day can't be Farrah Fawcett.

Thank you, btw, for your kind comments on Sarah's thread. Next year when your new book comes out the Mini-Am bookclub is going to discuss it up one side and down the other---a serious discussion, so we don't lose more members!

message 93: by Sarah

Sarah Well, the claws and the beaks freak me out. And their creepy eyes. And the way they have wings instead of arms. Seriously, ew.

message 92: by Sarah

Sarah I was attacked by a crazed rooster when I was 3! They had to wring his neck because he was so psycho. I hate all birds really, but chickens are the worst. The rooster was bigger than I was, too!

message 91: by Amanda

Amanda Oh, and thanks for reading my barenaked haiku! I'm still thinking about this prose poerty stuff by the way. So far the only things I've written in an attempt to embrace the genre have been way too weighty to post. Fun though! So thanks again... :)

message 90: by Amanda

Amanda Thought I'd let you know that I'm better now. I am no longer bemoaning the "gravity" of human existence (excuse the pun). As it turns out, I just had PMS!

message 89: by Jessica (last edited May 09, 2008 03:29PM)

Jessica The 2008
Mid-American Review
Fineline Competition
for Prose Poems, Short Shorts, and Anything In Between
1st Prize: $1000 + Publication
+ Engraved Contest Commemorative Pen
Ten Finalists: Notation + Possible Publication

2008 Final Judge: Aimee Nezhukumatathil
author of At the Drive-in Volcano and Miracle Fruit

Postmark deadline: June 1, 2008. Contest is for previously unpublished work only--if the work has appeared in print or online, in any form or part, or under any title, it is ineligible and will be disqualified. There is a 500-word limit for each poem or short. A $10 entry fee (check or money order, made out to Mid-American Review) is required for each set of three prose poems/short short stories. Entry fees are non-refundable. All participants will receive Mid-American Review v. XXIX, no. 1, where the winners will be published. Submissions will not be returned; send SASE for early results (~ mid-September, 2008). Manuscripts need not be left anonymous. Contest is open to all writers, except those associated with the judge or Mid-American Review, past or present. Our judge's decision is final.
Note: All pieces submitted in verse form--i.e., poetry with line breaks--will be automatically disqualified, as will previously published work or pieces over 500 words.

Send entries to
Mid-American Review
Attn.: 2008 Fineline Competition
Department of English, Box W
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

message 88: by Jessica

Jessica CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS....from Karen Craigo, editor of MAR:

As I mentioned earlier, we do read work all through the year, and in general we're actually faster in the summer. So feel free to send your poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, translations, and reviews to the following address:

Mid-American Review
Department of English
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green OH 43403

Unfortunately, we do not yet accept electronic submissions except in very rare cases for people with special circumstances. We expect to change that and open up electronic submissions to all in the future.

message 87: by J

J Jessica! You left a nice note on my profile the other day and I missed it. Thank you! Glad you like my new incarnation. My 8 year old took the pic. (Yes, I'm still holding out against that other word. Avata.... No, I won't do it.)

message 86: by Amanda

Amanda Let's do both!

message 85: by Amanda

Amanda because we too are linked to the entire universe

In times of stillness, I often find myself pondering our connection to the universe. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with that feeling--that each movement and thought of everything and everyone is somehow touching the edges of me. That I can't exist without these things, and they cannot exist without me.

And other times I think we are bubble people, with nothing touching ever.

It's a miserable and complex thing, really--this problem of existence...

message 84: by Kirk

Kirk Obama + beer = my vote, Admiral J!

message 83: by Jessica

Jessica One language fits all

By Henry Hitchings

Published: May 3 2008 02:21 | Last updated: May 3 2008 02:21
What is the future of English? Here are a few statements that I’ve recently read, heard or overheard. “If you don’t speak English, you can’t feel part of the world.” “English isn’t much more than an ugly symbol of white supremacy.” “All this unchecked immigration is turning a once-beautiful language into some sort of mongrel.” “English is popular because it’s so accommodating.” “True English keeps getting diluted.” “In the future, we are all going to speak just one language, and it’s our one.”

message 82: by Jessica (last edited May 08, 2008 04:18AM)

Jessica Myanmar... Help via Mercy Corps:
"Burma is a country that had great needs even before this emergency," said Mervyn Lee, executive director of Mercy Corps' European headquarters, who visited the country last September. "Now those needs are magnified immensely, and it will require a response that's beyond the capacity of any one country to restore normalcy to people's lives."

message 81: by Amanda

Amanda Hmmmm... So, what is a prose poem exactly? And how can it not have any line breaks? That would indicate a paragraphical nature??? Wouldn't that just make it ordinary prose?

Why do I care??? I don't know, I just DO!

message 80: by Jessica

Jessica flash fiction/prose poem contest: Indiana Review

IR's 2008 '1/2 K' Prize Guidelines
$1000 Honorarium and Publication
Final Judge: Russell Edson
Go to website for required entry form

Reading Fee:$15 for US entries, $27 for
international entries
Includes a year’s subscription.

All entries considered for publication.
All entries considered anonymously.
Send no more than 3 pieces, 500 words maximum per
piece. (That's 3 short-shorts or prose-poems max
per entry fee.)

*Each piece must be either a prose-poem or
short-short. Prose-poems should not have any
deliberate line breaks (ie no lineated poems).
You may send a combination of short-shorts and
prose poem pieces, as long as you have no more
than 3 pieces per submission.
*No previously published works, or works
forthcoming elsewhere.
*Simultaneous submissions acceptable, but fee is
non-refundable.Further, IR cannot consider work
from anyone currently or recently affiliated with
Indiana University. In addition, IR cannot
consider work from anyone who is a current or
former student of the prize judge. We also will
not consider work from anyone who is a personal
friend of the judge.

*Entrant's name should appear ONLY on the entry
*Entries must be accompanied by SASE for
*Manuscripts will not be returned.
*Make checks payable to Indiana Review. Please
note that we cannot process either checks drawn
on foreign banks or money orders.

*Entry entitles entrant to one-year subscription,
an extension of a current subscription, or a gift
*Please indicate your choice and enclose complete
address information for subscriptions.

Send entries to:
'1/2 K' Prize/Indiana Review
Ballantine Hall 465
1020 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Bloomington, IN

message 79: by Jessica (last edited May 07, 2008 03:31PM)

Jessica 'Dora Carrington' - biographical notes
from Mantex Newsletter:
A new addition to our series of biographical notes has just gone on line. Dora Carrington was an artist who hardly ever exhibited or even signed her own work.
She was also one of the most radical of the Bloomsbury Group - with both male and female
lovers (which might be what makes her so popular).
For most of her adult life she was married to Ralph Partridge, but she lived with Lytton Strachey, who was of course of the Uranist persuasion.
When Strachey died rather suddenly of stomach cancer, she borrowed a neighbour's gun and shot herself.

message 78: by Jessica (last edited May 03, 2008 10:38AM)

The Newsletter for Flash Literature Writers

Issue 77: May 2008
Editor: Pamelyn Casto
Interested writers can subscribe by sending a blank email message to

message 77: by Books Ring Mah Bell (last edited May 02, 2008 01:59PM)

Books Ring Mah Bell delectable ass???!!!???!!

Chairwoman, I love you, that was straight out of Nauti!

Books Ring Mah Bell Okay, if I start saving cash now, I can get to your party. Wait. gas is $4 a gallon. I am gonna have to sell my ass to afford getting out of the state.

Books Ring Mah Bell I wanna go to the Berkshires! I think it would be great if all of mini-am rented your house and had a big party with booze, drugs and amputee midget porn!!

ok, maybe not.

I bet it's beautiful! Is this the new home?

message 74: by Amanda

Amanda Shut up you! Who wouldn't want to rent your home in the Beautiful Berkshires??? My jealousy toward you is giving me an ulcer...

message 73: by Jessica

Jessica Rent my home in the Beautiful Berkshires...for one week or six...available from mid-June to end of July...walking distance to town & farmer's market; beautiful back roads, Housatonic River. Great biking, hiking, lake swimming...close to Jacob's Pillow, Tanglewood, Berkshire Theater Festival, etc. Two cats come with house; reasonable weekly rate. Contact me via email.

Shelly Hey there Chairy! Thanks for the shout out. I'm back from the dead. Ok, I wasn't dead--just in Dallas visiting family. Meet me for coffee and clove cigarettes on Mini-Am and I'll tell you all about it!

message 71: by Amanda

Amanda Good catch on the Haiku, Chairy. Thanks a zil. I edited it. Maybe I was subconsciously writing in Olde English...

message 70: by Jessica

Jessica Interfictions II submission guidelines
from Delia Sherman & Christopher Barzak, editors:

What We’re Looking For

Interstitial Fiction is all about breaking rules,
ignoring boundaries, cross-pollinating the fields
of literature. It’s about working between,
across, through, and at the edges and borders of
literary genres, including fiction and
non-fiction. It falls between the cracks of other
movements, terms, and definitions. If you have a
story idea that’s impossible to describe in a
couple of sentences, it may be interstitial.

We’re looking for previously unpublished stories
that engage us and make us think about literature
in new ways. Rather than defining “interstitial”
for you, we’d like you to show us what
genre-bending fiction looks like. Surprise us;
make us see that literature holds possibilities
we haven't yet imagined.

We are also open to graphic stories of about 10

Who We Are Looking For

Writers in all genres of fiction (contemporary
realism, mystery, historical, fantasy, whatever)
who have an idea that challenges generic tropes
and expectations. If you're not sure whether a
story is interstitial, send it along anyway.

Practical Matters

Our submission period will be from October 1,
2008 to December 2, 2008. Please submit
electronically only. Send your stories to:
interfictions(at)interstitialarts.org (replace (at)with @).

You will hear from us after January, 2009.

Overseas submissions are welcome. Stories
previously published in other languages may be
submitted in English translation for first
English language publication.

Please follow standard manuscript formatting and
submission conventions: ie, double-spaced, with
1” margins, and the name of the story on each
page. No simultaneous or multiple submissions.
Word count is open, but the ideal range is
4,000-10,000 words. Payment will be 5 cents a
word for non-exclusive world anthology rights, on
publication, along with 2 author’s copies.

Any questions? Write us at interfictions(at)
interstitialarts.org (replace (at) with @).

message 69: by Kirk

Kirk Yikes! I just noticed the ear is missing---that must be why he's screaming!

message 68: by Kirk

Kirk You know what they say about the size of a man's cross, Admiral J....

Seriously, hope all is well there.

message 67: by Kelly

Kelly Moran Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. I wish him well and a speedy recovery. Try to have a restful trip.
We have been busy here, too. Twins, reviews, writing, work...you know the drill.
Catch ya later,

message 66: by Kelly

Kelly Moran Dropping in to say hi. How have you been?

message 65: by Jana

Jana Glad we're friends, Jessica! Thanks!

message 64: by Jessica

Jessica ¡¡MUCHAS MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! I finally braved the Post Office and was totally rewarded. BTW, while I was standing there waiting for them to bring out mi regalo, All My Children was playing on the PO TV and I couldn't help but notice that Susan Lucci's character Erica Kane is currently incarcerated and is embarking on a project of prison reform! Amazing! I love it! I'm feel like I should start watching soap operas. This is a dangerous time to pick up the habit, though, seeing as I'm planning to go back to work soon.... anyway, I digress. Thanks so much! You're the best! I can't wait to read the Robber, and I'll see you el primero de mayo.....

The Other Jessica

message 63: by Kirk

Kirk As Scooby Doo would say, "Heheheheheehehe." Zoinks!

Nathalie Congratulations on your Cuento del Mes!

message 61: by Daniel

Hi Jessica, I've added Not a Chance and your other book to my to-read list.

message 60: by Kirk

Kirk Not a devout cat lover, I'm afraid, but I did think the picture was funny. Cats seems to have very flexible necks....

Books Ring Mah Bell Hey Chairy! That was my big catch on the fishing trip... I caught the biggest and best! (To be noted-it will never happen again!) That shark was a blast to catch, I fought him for 5 minutes... it was catch and release, so Jaws is sharing his fondling by BRMB with all his fish buddies!

message 58: by Jessica

Jessica http://www.spiegel.de/international/0...

Hey, did you get a ticket for May Day??

Books Ring Mah Bell Hey Chairwoman! I am BACK! yee-haaw! Now, for the unpacking! I am stalling here on the computer, catching up on 60 e-mails I have missed! UG!

What did I miss?

message 56: by Jessica (last edited Apr 19, 2008 07:55AM)

Jessica ** Call for Submissions **

I am compiling an anthology of stories in the form of letters (see Benjamin Weissman's "Dear Dead Person," "Donald Barthleme's "The Sandman," Quim Monzo's "The Letter"...these are among my favorites. Or see my own story, "Dead End"). I am looking for inventive stories, funny and/or heartbreaking...engaging obviously, innovative, compelling to read... The letter stories may be previously published or brand-new (I'd like a mix), but you must be able to grant me permission to reprint. Note: I've not yet secured a publisher, but plan to, & have some possibilities in mind....
Please send as a Word file to: jtreat@nwcc.commnet.edu OR as a hard copy with SASE to:
JT Treat, Letters Anthology, P.O. Box 752, Lakeville, CT 06039 USA.

p.s. this is really just an excuse to publish David K's "Suicide Letters..." Actually, it's something I've long wanted to put together... so I've gotten the impetus. Deadline for sending: last day of December 2008.

message 55: by J

J Yes, Scotland. That's me hunting for stones along the irascible North Sea. Full update coming soon. It's nice to have been missed!

message 54: by Jessica (last edited Apr 16, 2008 09:53PM)

Jessica Made in Mexico
April 16-29, 2008
In this issue of Artkrush, we seize on the occasion of Mexico City's FEMACO art fair to explore contemporary trends in Mexican art, from the playful to the politically incendiary. We examine artistic practices spanning from the lucha libre-inspired performances and large serial installations of Carlos Amorales to Teresa Margolles' morbid reflections on death and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's innovative use of motion-sensitive surveillance and SMS messaging, and we spotlight José León Cerrillo's geometric silk screens and optical installations. Editor Paul Laster sits down with international art dealer Ramis Barquet to discuss his interest in Latin American art, as well as modernist and contemporary design, and for our media pick, we suggest an expansive Frida Kahlo catalogue celebrating the centennial of the artist's birth.

Books Ring Mah Bell Hey Chairy... I am leaving for the Bahamas... SUNSHINE! I am getting a last minute Goodreads fix!! Keep the people in line for me!



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