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message 152: by Kim

Kim Good luck today, Chairy! My thoughts are with you! You will KICK ASS!!!!

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Books Ring Mah Bell Chairy! I am going through Chairy withdrawl!

Missing you, hope you are well...


message 150: by Amanda

Amanda Hellooooooooooo, friend!

message 149: by Michelle

Michelle Thought of you while at the DeYoung Museum yesterday. I hope you are well, and that you come back soon. xoxo

message 148: by Amanda

Amanda Thank you, sweet wonderful friend of mine! big big cyber-hug!!!!!!!!! Not too tight, though--I'm a teensy bit hungover.

message 147: by Kim

Kim Missing you, Chairy...

message 146: by Michelle

Michelle Dear Chairy,
I miss you!! Come back soon...

message 145: by Jessica

Jessica The world's 10 most endangered languages:


message 144: by Noran

Noran Miss Pumkin Sorry for the loss of your father. Your writing is very beautiful and loving. :) Take care and you will being my thoughts and prayers.



message 141: by Michelle

Michelle Dear Chairy,
Happy Birthday!
I hope you are doing something special today with Kai and with other people you love.

message 140: by J

J Thanks! (still wearing my hat)

message 139: by Michelle

Michelle Nope - it's me at a friend's wedding a few years ago. Speaking of birthdays, I know of another Leo birthday that is coming up...Got any special plans?

Books Ring Mah Bell Oh, Chairy... I cannot wait until Feb. to meet more of you mini-am people... What a riot! We will tear up the town!

message 137: by Michelle

Michelle Thanks, Chairy, my fellow Leo.

message 136: by Jessica (last edited Aug 05, 2008 06:23AM)

Jessica Words Without Borders
online magazine for international literature
August 2008 newsletter, just out:


message 135: by Kim

Kim Glad you're back Chairy...

message 134: by Amanda

Amanda I can't wait, I can't wait for books in the mail, OH YEAH! (I did a little dance, did you see it?)

How goes it to day. Is your internal clock little bit closer to eastern time? And how WAS writing in Italy? Do you feel wildly accomplished? :)

message 133: by Amanda

Amanda PS. Get some rest (or drink mad amounts of coffee). We gotta get you back on schedule, woman!


message 132: by Amanda

Amanda I'm home, too. In NC. But I shall be in Wilmington, DE very soon for wedding festivities! Well, in a couple weeks anyway--August 16th.

Your birthday is soon!!!!!!!!!!

message 131: by Amanda

Amanda Chairy, are you home yet?

message 130: by Amari

Amari Oh, and also I was thinking about your call for submissions for literary letters and had an idea -- not sure of the form it would take, but here's the thing: I was thinking (as I often do) about all the possible responses to an email I received -- which in this case was a one-liner, not overtly provocative -- and stretching the imagination from the blandest to the most shocking response. What about a bunch of Possible Responses? I think it might work. For instance, someone writes you and says "You forgot to take your map home last night." It sounds innocent enough, but the imagination reels, no?

message 129: by Amari

Amari Jessica, how are you doing? How is your stay in Italy going? Will I see you in Massachusetts? I'm coming for two weeks and will be situated by about the 30th of July. I really look forward to meeting you... by the way, I just finished a book called Musofobia which I have a feeling you'd like an awful lot. Shall I bring you a copy in return for Not A Chance?

Books Ring Mah Bell My pleasure Chairy...

:) I hope you are well!

message 127: by Jessica (last edited Jul 15, 2008 03:17AM)

Jessica the underappreciated brilliant novelist Ann Quin:


the return of British avant garde fiction:


message 126: by Michelle

Michelle Hi Chairy! Just a quick note to say I miss you! I hope the writing is going well.

message 125: by Amanda

Amanda Hello, my loveliest and wonderfulest Jessica Treat!

Books Ring Mah Bell Chairy... I miss you.
I passed your books onto my good friend today... I'm pimpin' you out!

message 123: by Jessica

Jessica Words Without Borders
July newsletter:


message 122: by Jessica

Jessica New Canadian 'literary Canon' (5 well-versed experts pick their top 10 Canadian novels):


message 121: by Vivian

Vivian Hello Jessica,

Thanks for adding me. I'm about to look through your bookshelves for some good reads.


message 120: by Amanda

Amanda Darling! I saw the post about your cancelled birthday. (Thanks for the compliment, by the way.) Your lost impetus is perhaps for good reasons, but I certainly don't envy your position in the slightest. In the year 2000, upon the loss of my grandmother, a friend said to me: Amanda, my parents died 10 years ago and not one single day has gone by that I don't think of them. So I wish you many years filled with single days. I send you many big hugs and a kiss across the ocean!

How many more weeks will you be gone? Are you feeling accomplished? Next time you go, you need a documentarian following you around. I'd watch the HELL out of a J.Treat documentary!!!

message 119: by Amanda

Amanda Dahling. You will be sorely missed. But for good cause!!!!!!!!!! Git to writin, gal!

message 118: by Kelly

Kelly Moran Eh, i'm not worried. Just remembered you saying your dad wasn't well awhile ago and was think of ya.

message 117: by Kelly

Kelly Moran Dropping in to say hello. Thinking of ya!

message 116: by Kirk

Kirk Thanks for that kind message, Jessica. I hope you're doing well after last week---I know what you're going through. I look forward to getting back Monday and having some GR fun!

Books Ring Mah Bell I'm feeling a bit feisty, Treat!!!

LooK oUt!

message 114: by Nathalie

Nathalie Lo siento, Jessica.

Un abrazo grande, y un beso


message 113: by Amanda

Amanda I will be thinking of you over the weekend. Sending many good vibes!!!

message 112: by W.B.

W.B. Yes, I did mean Sharon Mesmer, Jessica. Thanks!

As I said, she's new to me!

She actually had two books that looked very interesting in that new SPD catalogue.

Cadged books are best kind!

message 111: by Books Ring Mah Bell (last edited Jun 03, 2008 07:34AM)

Books Ring Mah Bell Chairy my dear, when we meet, you will be very saddened by unsexiness. My warmth and wit will make up for lack of sexy, I hope.
I'm glad I behaved myself in your dream...

message 110: by Michelle

Michelle Jesha, that's funny - my old boss used to call me Misha.
I loved your book! Thanks so much for sending them.

message 109: by Nathalie

Nathalie Saludos y un abrazo, Jessica

message 108: by brian (last edited May 30, 2008 03:22PM)

brian   madame treat...

on locations:

waterford, connecticut. is that right? that's what it says as the final destination on the mapquest directions printed out on my parent's fridge. gotta get up bright and early tomorrow morning and head out there. taking two friends with me, we'll probably explore the town after the wedding...

the berkshires. years ago i did a three day hike along the appalachian trail. i was quite the fearful kid and was all nervous about serial killers and spiders and bears, but remember it as being amongst the most visually gorgeous places i've been.

and sedona. yes. i lived in flagstaff for a summer and would regularly drive down to sedona to watch the sunrise/set. now that's undeniably one of the most beautiful places in the planet. easy. yeah, lotsa UFOs! love 'em! i wanna get picked up! anal probe! memory loss! (shit that sounds a lot like your average night at the blacklite) yee-haw!

alright... am on 2 hrs sleep and sore and groggy and have to build the energy and enthusiasm to head into manhattan.

hope you're doing well...
xo -b.

message 107: by Shelly

Shelly Yes Chairy a summit is all very exciting. Wonder if there will be discussions like "Teen Violence: What Can You Do?" and "Sexual Discrimination in The Workplace: When It's Not 'Just Flirting'"??
See you there! I'm counting down the days already!

message 106: by Books Ring Mah Bell (last edited May 30, 2008 07:37AM)

Books Ring Mah Bell Hello Chairy! The drawing is by the talented and very warped David Shrigley. Comrade David told me to check him out... so I did and Shrigley is a scream!

(No, I won't drink Kool-Aid if Comrade tells me to!)

message 105: by Kim (last edited May 30, 2008 06:15AM)

Kim Chairy, the controversy surrounding your latest avatar has led me to wonder if you are just trying to incite a riot.

message 104: by Amanda

Amanda My, Chairy... I am touched and teary-eyed at your thoughtfullness and insight. Much love from afar.

(Wish I were eloquent enough to express the deeper gratitude and affection that are making my heart beat!)

message 103: by brian (last edited May 26, 2008 08:54AM)

brian   hey lady!

nice to hear from you.

well, the cruise isn't for a few months. but i have my sister's wedding in connecticut this weekend. and two weeks after that i have a family reunion in south carolina. from there i fly to el paso to see tom waits (!!!) and then, with a few friends, road-trip it back to l.a. with pitstops in my old home of flagstaff and sedona, arizona. so i'm pretty excited. still trying to work out mexico city, though. it's rough!

where'd you move to? fill me in...

(btw: i've finished your book - sinister and smart, yes - and keep meaning to post a review, but, goddamned if david didn't set an impossible standard)

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