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T. Anderson Hello friends! I'm looking for some reliable book reviewers to read and (actually) follow through with reviewing my book(s). I provide comp. copies to reviewers. You can visit my page to read about my books and let me know if you're interested. I should mention that most readers who enjoy my books are into paranormal, metaphysical fiction. BUT...if you follow a strict religious belief, this story is not for you. I find that those who are open to undefined spiritual boundaries and making connections between world religions are those who enjoy all my books have to offer (a mish-mash of genres rolled into one). You've been warned. Send me a message if you're interested! Thx!

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T. Anderson Hey everybody! Just want to let my Goodreads friends know that my book was just listed here for a giveaway today...if you haven't read it yet, or don't have it yet, enter! You may be lucky! Find my book from my profile page and you'll see the contest posted with the book.

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T. Anderson My book is FREE for Kindle for a limited time...get it!

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T. Anderson Kelly/yllektra wrote: "Thanks so much for adding me! :)
Monad sounds like such an exciting book! :)"

Thank you, Kelly! I hope you read it...Happy holidays!

Kelly/yllektra Thanks so much for adding me! :)
Monad sounds like such an exciting book! :)

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T. Anderson Amanda wrote: "I posted a review here and on Amazon!"

Thank you so much!

Amanda I posted a review here and on Amazon!

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