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message 25: by AnnieB

AnnieB Thanks for letting me be your friend!!!1

Ms. MiLo Thanks for the add Veronica! Looking forward to reading your books :)

message 23: by Karran

Karran Thank you so much for accepting my friend request! I love your writing :) Divergent is amazing.

message 22: by Jack (last edited Nov 15, 2011 10:10AM)

Jack I don't know whether to vote [Book:Divergent] or [Book:Son of Neptune] as my favourite book of 2011.


I voted Divergent in the end because I thought Veronica would appreciate it more :)))

message 21: by Darby

Darby Thanks for adding me as a friend! I LOVE Divergent, and cannot wait for the second one to come out!

Crowleaf Your book was AMAZING!!!

message 19: by Sophia

Sophia I LOVED the book divergent!!!! its now one of my favorite books, i mean it it was reallllly good and I'm reallllly looking forward for the next book Intsergent!

message 18: by Rollie

Rollie Hi Veronica. Thanks for accepting my invite. :) I really love your book. Is it true that the third book will be called DETERGENT? Kidding. :D

message 17: by Paula

Paula M. Burns Hi Veronica!
Thank you for the add! I've read the first 100 pages on Divergent and I cannot wait for it to be published in Poland.
Kisses and hugs!

message 16: by Colette

Colette Pauline Thankyou for the add! I loveeeeee Divergent-I am absolutely in love with Tobias!

message 15: by Lyn

Lyn Than you for accepting my friend request! I love Divergent. Read it twice! Can't wait for Insurgent!!

Branwen Sedai *of the White Ajah* Thanks so much for accepting my friend request, Veronica! You are such an amazing writer! I fell completely head over heels for Divergent and I can't wait for Insurgent to come out! Keep up the great work! :)

CerejaCult CerejaCult Hi Veronica :)

I know U must hear this all the time, but I'll say it anyway,,, your mind scares me,,,
Really,,, but in a very good way. Divergent is really good and moved me very deep. As I say, it makes me go all philosofical and stuff,, LoL
Well, I can't wait for Insurgent =D

message 12: by Jessa

Jessa I love Divergent and I can't wait for Insurgent!

KaSonndra Leigh Hi Veronica,

Thanks for the add and congrats on your success. Absolutely love loved Four in the book. Big smile.

Yours in Prose,
KaSonndra Leigh
YA Author of When Copper Suns Fall: a Dark Urban Fantasy

message 10: by Tommie

Tommie Thank you Veronica for adding me.

I am so excited to read your next book. Divergent was amazing and i couldn't wait the French translation to read your book. I think i am going to buy the French edition too! Congratulations for the movie, you deserve every single things that happened to you!

Lots of love from France!

Parvathy Thanks for the add. Love the cover of Insurgent. Can't wait for the book to release.

message 8: by Joyzi

Joyzi Thanks for accepting. I love the new cover for Insurgent. Can't wait!

Chi-Chi A Thanks for accepting the friend request Veronica. :D

Nicole Hey Veronica, we met at Schuler's in Lansing, MI. I just wanted to let you know that I have a blog now, in case you felt like checking it out. Thanks! :) http://nicoleyalover.blogspot.com/

Janus Vielle the Erudite Artist Thanks for accepting! Awesome debut by the way. Can't wait for the next book! All the best to you... ^_^

Nicole Hi Veronica. I just wanted to let you know that I, of course, fell in love with your book, and that I'll be coming to a signing of yours in Lansing, Michigan. Can't wait to see you there! :)

message 3: by Tash

Tash I just finished Divergent last night!
It was AWESOME. I can't wait to read the sequel! =D

message 2: by Elise

Elise P Remember that time when you wrote that Divergent book and I read it. It was FLIPPIN' SWEET! Thanks for the super intense few hours, sweats and palpitations. It sure had been a while since my last fiction induced bookgasm.

Francesca Hi Veronica! I love your book so much, the story and the characters are amazing, thank you for writing it!

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