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Savannah Dunniway Thank you so much for accepting my friend request. I love Delirium and Pandemonium. You are a fantastic author!

message 81: by Kirsten

Kirsten Thank you so much for adding me, it really means a lot. I loved Delirium and I can't wait to read Pandemonium!!! I love your writing style and once again thank you so much for accepting my friend request!!:)

message 80: by Richa

Richa Thanks so much for accepting my request! I love your writing, and I'm dying for Requiem to come out!

message 79: by Jeremy

Jeremy Hi Lauren, Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the Delirium series, I'm halfway through Pandemonium at the moment. Delirium is my constant pick for best YA novel of 2011, and I've been telling everyone. (I'm discouraged by the amount of attention Divergent keeps getting, when I find your work in Delirium to be far superior, but I keep spreading the word)!

Here's wishing you the best in God's blessings. Psalm 103

message 78: by Melissa

Melissa Love love love your work!! You are such an amazing writer.... Thank you for sharing your talent with us! :)

P.S I really hope Lena and Alex end up happy together...**fingers crossed** :) :)

message 77: by Bengta

Bengta Brettschneider Just finished Pandemonium some seconds ago und just want to say thank you.It was really amazing.When I read Delirium and now Pandemonium I got the feeling which brought me back the believe in love.Now I can't waint for the third book.

Hzmkbfkhzo Thanks for accepting my friend request! I think your books are amazing and I hope you continue to write more :)

message 75: by Erica

Erica hi i was wondering if the 3rd book of delirium,will
Julian be cured?

Marts  (Thinker) Its great to have your 'friendship' Lauren...

message 73: by Moira (last edited Apr 19, 2012 12:26AM)

Moira Thank you for accepting my friend request. And just like that, you're my second author friend. :)
Love your work. <3

Lucia Juliet Silva http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inkDVt... tell me if you like my fantrailer *-* i was so excited.

Lucia Juliet Silva I just finished Pandemonium... and LKMAKDMAKSMAKMDAKA. Just that. You're my idol, Lauren.

message 70: by Ashlyn

Ashlyn Thank-you for the friendship!
Have a wonderful Day!

message 69: by Skyler

Skyler Im getting Hana tomorrow by the way :)

message 68: by Skyler

Skyler I just finished Pandemonium, and all I have to say is wow... Breathless this book left me. Five stars and then more. AMAZING

message 67: by Lidush

Lidush Hi Lauren! Thanks for friending :)

message 66: by Skyler

Skyler Starting Pandemonium SO EXCITED I loved Before I Fall and Delirium.
Note: Usually books do not scare me but Delirium did for some reason it truly felt real. Thanks for being such an AWESOME WRITER :) Can't wait to see what happens in Pandemonium

message 65: by Maria

Maria You are a mean writer! So mean that you become a Genious. Loved all of you books! ;D

message 64: by Mar

Mar Hi Lauren, thank you for accepting my request! I love all your books, and pandemonium was awesome! But OMG the end :O

message 63: by Heather

Heather Windham Loved Pandemonium Lauren, the ending knocked my socks off! I listened to it on audiobook and the narrator, Sarah Drew, did an amazing job.

message 62: by Ela

Ela Thank you for accepting my request! I am absolutely in love with all your books :)

Lucia Juliet Silva Your books changed my life. Thanks, Lauren.

Nobonita Hey Lauren I sent u a message.Can u look into it and answer my question?Thanks. :)

Willinda Thank you sooo much for friendship! :)

message 58: by Alein

Alein Thank you for your friendship!

message 57: by Tamara

Tamara Merci d'avoir accepté l'invitation :))

message 56: by Rimsha

Rimsha Salam thanks for accepting "Loved" Delirium! can't wait for Pandemonium please finish it soon. :) <3

message 55: by Marissa

Marissa Thanks for accepting :D All your books are amazingly written!

message 54: by Karran

Karran Thank you for accepting! I loved Delirium :)

message 53: by Maria

Maria Thank you for accepting my friend request! I really really love your writing! You're one of my favorite writers ever!!!

message 52: by Tiffany

Tiffany one more thing, thanx for writing the book "Before I Fall" its one of the greatest books i have ever read that is amazing (even though i am not done with it) if i were to choose from to books named::
1. Ten things we did
2. Fall for me
I would choose Before I Fall, i am predicting by everyone's comments that the ending will ROCK!!! cant wail till my kindle says 100% done... i am almost there i am on 87%

message 51: by Tiffany

Tiffany i am reading "Before I fall" in my kindle and i am on 87%!! i am so happy for Kent and Sam for now but i cant wait to see what happens!!!

message 50: by Briana

Briana Before I Fall is one of my FAVORITE books. I never saw the end coming and I cried a bit but I was really happy how it ended. Fantastic job.

message 49: by Aria

Aria I'm currently halfway through Pandemonium and I'm loving it!!! I have 2 friends waiting on it already after I told them to read Delirium!

message 48: by Katie

Katie Hi Lauren, thankyou so much for accepting my friend request. I really enjoyed Before I Fall and I'm looking forward to read Delirium. By the way, you're an incredible author! :)

message 47: by Paula

Paula M. Burns Thank you for accepting my friend request!
Kisses and hugs <3

Branwen *Blaidd Drwg* It was so great to meet you last night at your book signing in Philly! Thanks for coming out! :)

Sabrina *The REAL Princess* Happy THanksfiving! Thanks for being such an awesome writer! Us here in Canada LOVE your books!

message 44: by Jocelyn

Jocelyn OK I REALLY Loved your book Before I Fall! IT WAS AMAZING! I still have to read Delirium but I'm sure thats gonna be amazing too! Keep bringing on the good books!

ONE OF YOU BIGGEST FANS! (Because I'm sure you have a lot! :)) NELLY

message 43: by Gary

Gary Revel Thanks for the add LAUREN.
It's great to have you as a friend.

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message 42: by Lúa.

Lúa. I loved Delirium.... Just perfect :)

message 41: by Joyzi

Joyzi Thanks for the add, I love Before I Fall

message 40: by Kari

Kari Ramirez loved loved loved loved 'Before I Fall'. Thank you so much for writing that one! Can't wait to get my hands on Pandemonium!

message 39: by Evelin

Evelin Woke up today thinking.. " Oh man I need so much to read a Lauren Oliver's book!" Couldn't take a quote from Before I Fall out of my thoughts!!
I wish you had superpowers as living the same day all over again so you'd easily have time to write like tons of books ! :P

♥ your books!

The Angels have the Phone Box & Emmaline ♥ Supermegafoxymawesomehot  ♥ thanks for accepting me!!!!! i love delirium!!! i was so addicted, my parents GOT so annoyed i was on holida but i was reading my book the whole time-just the whole concept of th elove being a disease was so amazing!!! i am so excited for pandemonium!!!! i love before i fall, i just did a wide reading thing at school on it!!!! i love your books and you are sooo amazong at writing!!!!!!!!

message 37: by Jeanine

Jeanine Thanks for accepting my request! I just read and LOVED Delirium! Your writing is so incredibly beautiful. It isn't everyday that you read a scene that takes place in between two horibble smelling dumpsters and are able to see the beauty in it :) I can't wait for Pandemonium to come out and I am going to pick up a copy of Before I Fall ASAP!

message 36: by Rianne~

Rianne~ AAH! im freaking out hoping that Alex isn't dead! he cant be ): i hope he's okay... i luv him(:
you're an amazing author, and i loved Delirium and Before i fall, great characterization. thanks for writing such amazing books for all of us to read!! :)


Branwen *Blaidd Drwg* Thank you so much for accepting my friend request! I picked up Before I Fall a few months ago and absolutely loved it, but when I read Delirium not too long after I was completley blown away by how amazing it is! I love your work and can't wait to read more! Keep up the great work Lauren! :)

message 34: by Katie

Katie Thanks for accepting my request!

message 33: by Amy

Amy Thank you for accepting my request :). Love Delirium and can't wait to see what you do next :)

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