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message 830: by Lily

Lily Sounds good! :)

message 829: by Lily

Lily Hey Nenia! I finished the book I was reading, so let me know when you want to start buddy reading The Duchess War. ^_^

message 828: by Nerdie

Nerdie Your reading goals are INSANE! Best of luck! D:

message 827: by Elfina

Elfina Renee Hey Nenia, I had 2kasmom reply on my status update asking this question. Maybe you can help with the answer.

Is it only fre on KU? It comes up as $0.99 which is still good...

Scorpio-of-Autumn Nenia, have you heard about this yet?


message 825: by Anna

Anna Happy New Wish you to write many more besstesslers and have a film adaptation

message 824: by Willow

Willow Happy New Year to you too!

message 823: by Donita

Donita Luz Just passing by to greet you a Happy New Year Nenia! May you and your family be blessed with a lot of books and happiness this year and forever. :) *hugs*


message 822: by Dana

Dana Happy New Year, Nenia! I wish you more success and more published books this year!

message 821: by ♛Tash

♛Tash Nenia, all the best to you this 2016! x

Happy New Year 2016 to Ivet and Maria and ...JOY JOY JOY to all friends in this boards! Hugs Alessia :-)))

message 820: by MLE

MLE description

message 819: by Kyla

Kyla Yayyyyy!!! :D

LilyCat (Agent of SHIELD) MLE wrote: "Happy Holidays.


AAA so cute!

message 817: by Pang

Pang Hey there, Nenia! :D Thanks for the message. I hope you have wonderful holidays, too. See you around!

message 816: by Terence

Terence Believe it or not I didn't like reading as a child into early adulthood. I'm sure I liked reading when I was really young, but when I got a little bit older my Mom made me do book reports for her over summer vacation. That extinguished any spark of reading joy I had in my life for decades. I read only what I needed to until a few years ago.

I did like reading and making comic books as a kid though. Always superheroes. My favorites were Spider-Man and The X-Men.

message 815: by Terence

Terence Thanks for accepting my friend request. I look forward to talking about books with you. I love that you rewrote endings you didn't like and that quote from Toni Morison.

message 814: by Nox

Nox Thanks for accepting the rec Nenia, looking forward to chatting with you :)

message 813: by Kyla

Kyla I love cats! They're purrfect!!! <3 :)

message 812: by Daiane (last edited Dec 25, 2015 04:11PM)

Daiane (Away for a month :/) Hello Nenia!!!

It's being a while sweetie <3
Just passing here to wish you a wonderful Christmas!

Feliz Natal :D

message 811: by Rossy

Rossy description

message 809: by Figgy

Figgy Merry Christmas or respective other holiday, Nenia! I hope you're having a great one!

message 808: by Brigid

Brigid Happy Holidays Nenia. I know I've been pretty quiet on here lately, but I do miss you guys. I hope for more great reads for you. You're one of the best people on this site. I do not kid you.

message 807: by Anna

Anna Kļaviņa

message 806: by MLE

MLE Happy Holidays.


message 805: by Kyla

Kyla Hey, no problem! I always like making new friends here! :)

message 804: by Victoria (last edited Dec 17, 2015 07:47PM)

Victoria Hi Nenia! Thanks for that comment.

I recently downloaded this app, Pip Camera, which is available on my iPhone. It gives your pictures pretty frames and designs. I highly recommend it!

Flavia (OddCloud) Thank you for the kind words! I'm looking forward to swapping opinions about books and book-titles with you, hehe :D Same reason for inactivity over here as well - studenting. Although, I hold a whole new level of respect for you since you also have a job! (that aspect is a work-in-progress for me, still)

because you can never go wrong with giving a hug ;)

Heather *live on coffee and flowers* I don't blame you. It takes a special book to make you hate it in such a short amount of time. I swapped it out for the Margaret Atwood. ;)

Heather *live on coffee and flowers* I went ahead and started The Magus because I didn't think I'd be able to finish it this month otherwise, but I don't know, Nens... The misogyny is killing me and I'm only 30 pages in. D:

message 800: by Maggie ☘Wonderland-BookQueen☘ (last edited Dec 05, 2015 11:21AM)

Maggie ☘Wonderland-BookQueen☘ HaHa! Men's T-shirt with Pusheen?! That's so weird! Can you imagine some men actually wearing shirt like that? I wonder if it's pink.. Well, I have a thing for shirts with The Simpsons.xD

Maggie ☘Wonderland-BookQueen☘ Thank you for accepting my FR, Nenia!I haven't read the Pusheen book yet, but I absolutely love the blog!<3 http://www.pusheen.com/
Have a nice Friday and weekend!:)

Cee (The Mistress Case) Cool :) Have a wonderful day then, Nenia :)

Ana {The Good Gif Fairy} Just dropping by to wish you a wonderful week ;) xx

 photo 1_zpsp9k32ck6.png

Heather *live on coffee and flowers* Oh, forgive me! I will endeavor to keep such links to myself in the future... Maybe. :P

Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣ Thank you, Nenia! ^__^ I'm looking forward to having book conversations with you.

Heather *live on coffee and flowers* I promise I'm not a creepy stalker (well, not the dangerous kind), but I think of you every time I see something like this. :D


message 793: by Muse-ic

Muse-ic Like A house on fire. Interesting! That's a metaphor I haven't heard before! I look forward to plenty of bookish chats and stuff with you Nenia! And thanks for accepting my friendvite :D I love your name by the way! It's so unique!
Also my actual name is Sandra (pronounced like "Sondra" or "Sahn-dra", not like "Sandra Bullock").

Ana {The Good Gif Fairy} Wishing you a magical week :) xx

 photo tumblr_n5xwu45scv1svhcpuo1_500_zpshxeasrjd.gif

Councillor Thanks for accepting, Nenia! I'm looking forward to interacting with you here. :)

By the way, guessing what your shelves are supposed to be is pure fun!

Ana {The Good Gif Fairy} Thanks for the add and for that wonderful compliment! :)

 photo giphy_zpsl2k4svcg.gif

Jess ❈Harbinger of Blood-Soaked Rainbows❈ So busy and overwhelmed right now but hoping to get some of my life back soon. Sooooo many congrats on the new book, lovely!!!!

message 787: by Beth

Beth Happy Halloween!!!

Christina Wilder Have an awesome Halloween!!!

message 785: by Anna

Anna Kļaviņa Have a bewitching Halloween

Rabbit {Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!} I hope things get better soon, because when life throws curve-balls it gets messy. :(

Don't worry about not focusing on our buddy read, it's quite the door-stopper. I'm slowly chipping away at it.

ETA: Also congrats on finishing your new book! How exciting! :D

Rabbit {Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!} Hey, what is new? I haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope life is going well. :D

Karly *The Vampire Ninja & Luminescent Monster* I'm doing well, m'dear. I have been sucked into the vortex of writing lately ( a feeling I imagine you understand better than I ) and haven't been reading, really.

I'm glad to read you've been doing lot of writing!! How are you doing? I seem to recall you saying something about a new or different job awhile ago, is all well?

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