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message 715: by Anna

Anna  Matsuyama Merry Christmas!

message 714: by Inge

Inge Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Merry Christmas, Nenia! <3

message 713: by Lian92

Lian92 Happy Holidays Nenia hope you and your sweet kities have a lovely Christmas and New Year

message 712: by Bethany

Bethany Clark Hey Nenia! How are you?

message 711: by Srikari

Srikari Downey Jr. Heyy thanks for accepting!! Cant wait to chat books!! :D

message 710: by Inge

Inge I miss you <3

message 709: by Navessa

Navessa SONOFA! It was a kitten gif. And I just tried two more to no avail. Consider yourself attempted kitten gif bombed!

message 708: by Tim

Tim Phan-Nguyen That's pretty much my question for him.

 photo 1grumpycat11_zps6cd4a78b.jpg

message 707: by Heather

Heather It's your cover reveal!!!


And I tweeted about it. :D

message 706: by Sam

Sam I know how that goes. :\

My feed is so much quieter without you here much, lol

message 705: by Sam

Sam I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! <3

message 704: by galacticake (last edited Oct 28, 2014 09:08PM)

galacticake 'Maybe' is good enough for me! Thanks for accepting my request!

message 703: by Rossy

Rossy I love your new profile photo :)

June Junebug Nice Halloween costume :D can't wait for it. I've been having major chocolate cravings uuugh.

message 701: by Alex

Alex That's good! You'll be writing and doing what you like again in no time. :)

message 700: by Alex

Alex How was your first day of work, Pika?

message 699: by Thibaut

Thibaut Nicodème Dat picture. I love it ^-^

Loki (of Smartassgard) I hope you like it! *crosses fingers*

Loki (of Smartassgard) Just a reminder, for when the day gets you down:

message 696: by Wart

Wart Hill *HUGS*

message 695: by Anna

Anna  Matsuyama

message 693: by Jesse

Jesse Brogan thank you for accepting my friends request!

message 692: by Loki (of Smartassgard) (last edited Sep 20, 2014 02:27AM)

Loki (of Smartassgard) Hmm... Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston combined. Yes. Do want one.

Karly *The Vampire Ninja* LOL, I see what you did there ;)

Karly *The Vampire Ninja* I couldn't agree more.... although I enjoy him as a god, also ;)

Karly *The Vampire Ninja* Happy Friday :)

message 688: by Lian92

Lian92 yea glad we can be friends

message 687: by Joy

Joy Nenia wrote: "OMG! PH!!! That's so awesome! :D

Well, I'm glad you found me! Thanks for adding. :D"

I know! I was so sad when everyone went their separate ways - so much harder to keep up with all your stories! :P

I'm glad too, thanks for accepting! xx

message 686: by Heather

Heather Yep! I'm no longer a boba virgin. I didn't think there was any on my side of town, but we walked into a Hawaiian BBQ place and there it was on the menu!

I'm a bit iffy on the chewy balls, but the tea was good. :)

message 685: by Heather

Heather So. Nenia. THIS happened today.

♔Savvina♔-♔Hufflepuff Girl♔ Thank you very,very much for accepting Nenia ^_^
Hope we will book chat soon 'till then have an amazing weekend-week-month-year-life!Happy Reading Day!

Katherine Your comment got deleted because it was on a duplicate edition - but yes! Yay! I love Rebecca!

message 682: by Willow

Willow Yay! Thanks for friending me, Nenia. :DDD

message 681: by Aly∞

Aly∞ Oh man, you know me too well! You torture me with those teasers, it's not right. :P

Although I guess I'd rather have teasers than nothing at all!

message 680: by Jasmine (last edited Aug 22, 2014 09:09AM)

Jasmine Wow you're swift!! I got the notifications for both my request and message reply within a minute LOL! ;D Thanks for accepting back girlie! ♥♥ I must admit that Greek mythology is definitely one of the most interesting subjects to read on without getting bored too easily ;)(One of my favs is actually Odyssey, very intriguing). I'm looking fwd to more of your Greek references if you do approach on the subject! :)

Def looking fwd to more discussions with you! :D Have a great weekend ahead!

♥♡¢σσкιє♥♡ Thanks for accepting and for the laugh! :D

message 678: by Louisa

Louisa :*

message 677: by Louisa


Karly *The Vampire Ninja* Have something sexy instead ;)

Karly *The Vampire Ninja* Sorry to read you are feeling unwell, sweetie!!

Feel better

message 674: by Nichole

Nichole Awww, thank you for adding me! YAY for new friends! ^_^

message 673: by Tamera

Tamera Huzzah for new friends! Thanks for accepting my request, Nenia. I am definitely excited to see more of your taste in books... and get my grubby paws on your novels. Cheers!

Future Slayer Girl (aka: kitten) I am reading Pepper Winters new book and it is sooooooo bad! Was Tears of Tess full of plot holes also that made you keep rolling your eyes and wanting to stab your eyeballs out?

Because this book MAKES NO EFFING SENSE!!!!!

message 671: by karen

karen yayyyy for both of those things!!!

message 670: by Savina

Savina M. Hey, Nenia! I found this super easy, super good and super healthy banana bread recipe, and I thought you might be interested. I tried it today and it was really good! ^_^


message 669: by Katharyn

Katharyn What are your favorite retellings? I need some good ones lol

message 668: by Ronyell

Ronyell Thanks for the omnomnomination!

I don't do Liebsters but I did answer your questions on my blog, here: https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog...

Thanks for thinking of me. :)

You're welcome! I think your blog deserves some recognition!

message 667: by Ronyell

Ronyell Hey! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Please check this page out for more details:

message 666: by Anna

Anna  Matsuyama

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