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message 869: by Elfina

Elfina Renee Its a rainy day weekend with a bit of chill in the air. I'm settled in for the long haul, cup of coffee in hand with several good books.
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Hope your day is filled with sunshine and laughter
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message 867: by Casey ~Kaleidoscopic Killer of the Deep~ (last edited Apr 18, 2016 06:32AM)

Casey ~Kaleidoscopic Killer of the Deep~ Thank you for accepting my request! I know as an author there are all of these careful etiquette rules to be considered in public forums so I get why you don't send them but I'm glad you accept them : )
I was following you so I see all of your updates and we both comment on so many other people's reviews and statues that I didn't even realize we weren't already friends. I'm really excited to get into some of the buddy reads with the romance group. Hopefully I can get caught up on a few things and join the May read.

άτнέηά Thanks for accepting my request Nenia! Looking forwards to seeing you around on Goodreads! :D

♡Tinja♡ Hi Nenia! Thanks so much for accepting my friend request:) I look forward to chat more with you :)

message 864: by Miestory

Miestory Hello Nenia! (I still can't believe you actually accepted my friend request haha) Thank you and I hope you have a great day!

Please accept this picture of a happy goat as a token of my appreciation :)

Happy goat

message 863: by Laurie

Laurie Hello Nenia,

I wanted to invite you to vote on my new list

Look forward to seeing you there ;d

message 862: by Elfina

Elfina Renee From my family to yours
 photo Happy Easter 8.jpg
on a special day meant to be shared with family and friends
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message 861: by Karen

Karen Happy Easter Nenia :)) xx
Easter Peguin photo easterpenguinchase-1.gif

Brittain (Tara Belle Talking) Thank you for letting me read it! I know it sounds vindictive but I really wish I could have found a way to put that guy in jail. He literally faced no consequences for what he did to me.

Brittain (Tara Belle Talking) Your book was wonderful :-) Posted my review last night if you are interested

message 858: by Argona

Argona Thank you so much for thinking of me, Nenia! Life can get so hectic! Hope you're having a wonderful week as well!

message 857: by Annika

Annika Aren't you sweet <3

message 856: by Anne

Anne Okay! Yay, I'm happy I didn't miss it. Haha :) I understand. Work and school are the greatest villains!

message 855: by Anne

Anne Nenia! Nenia! I think I missed your review of the book with the Pterodactyl boyfriend!! Have you posted it? I didn't see it, I just want to make sure :D Goodreads can be weird sometimes.

Thank you :)

message 854: by Annika

Annika Just wanted to say thanks for accepting my friend request, Nenia ( - I keep forgetting to)!
Can't wait to discuss books, and nerdy and random things with you!

message 853: by Vera

Vera Sweet. You've got my back man.

message 852: by Vera

Vera You didn't say anything funny about me, right? :D I want to maintain my street cred and approach her all coolly and be like all, "Yo. Been a while." And then, she won't edge away like I'm a weirdo.

message 851: by Vera

Vera Thank you, my love, for tracking down the mythical creature that is Kendal, and making me marvel at your outstanding memory :)

Heather *live on coffee and flowers* I'm reading a couple books, so I'll buckle down and finally finish them. Then I'll let you know! :D

Heather *live on coffee and flowers* HEAVEN!!! I gave my copies of the Landry series to my cousin and I'm too lazy to get them from the library at the moment.

When were you thinking?

message 848: by Karen

Karen Happy Valentines Day Nenia. I love your profile Picture xx

Hope You Have A Happy Valentines Day

message 847: by karen

karen i have not seen, but now i'm intrigued!

message 846: by karen

karen hhmph. fortunately for me, the latter sounds a lot more exciting than the former.

message 845: by Trish

Trish Nenia wrote: "Thanks for the friend request, Trish! I'm sure we will. Anyone who loves books is fine by me! <3"

Finally! A standard I can fulfill! xD

message 844: by NLMB

NLMB YAY! And I look forward to that too and I really enjoyed chatting with you about those books as well. To talk about books like we do, is so much fun, I love to hear other people’s opinion, even it differs from mine, you’ll have interesting conversations that way and get a whole other point of view. So thanks again and this calls for another celebratory: YAY!

message 843: by NLMB

NLMB Thanks for accepting my invite!

message 842: by Argona

Argona Thanks for accepting my friend request, Nenia! I am happy to have you as a new bookish friend as well! I had been meaning to send you a friend request for ages!>_> Let's see... the best book I have read so far in 2016 is Pressure Head (The Plumber's Mate #1) by J.L. Merrow but my life is currently consumed by "A Song Of Ice And Fire" series. How about you, if I may ask?^^

message 841: by Pang

Pang Hello, Nenia! ^^ Just want to visit and want to say hi to my friend. Happy Reading, girl! :D

Val⚜Shameless,  Bitchy, Skanky, & Not Sorry⚜ Mrs. ClayDanvers/RemingtonTate  Looking forward to chatting lady!

Karly *The Vampire Ninja & Luminescent Monster* ohhhhhh heyyyyyyyy *waves*

I'm starting BLEEDS MY DESIRE (which, how the hell didn't I know you had a vampire book??? How???). I have the excite!

Hope you are well, m'dear :)

Heather *live on coffee and flowers* Good morning, Nens! XD

Heather *live on coffee and flowers* Er, well, most people wouldn't say it's cold, but I'm a desert rat and anything under 60 degrees is not acceptable. ;P

Heather *live on coffee and flowers* I'm great! Just trying to survive the winter... *glares at cold weather everywhere*

By the way, I love the cover for your new book, Nostalgia Trip. It sounds really good too. I need something new of yours to read! :D

Heather *live on coffee and flowers* HELLO NENIA!!! I've missed you. Hope you're doing well. ♥

message 834: by Lily

Lily I'm glad to hear you're liking it! I've actually not read either of those other authors... or any real romance authors, really! So I'm glad to be branching out with this. :D

message 833: by Lily

Lily 50 pages (which I think is about ~19%) per day works for me! I'll get to it tonight after work. :D

Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ (of BADGER and Snake) No it's okay! I'm the weirdo who is the opposite-I rarely get on GR after work or on weekends because it's so much easier to use a work computer. lol Bad employee, I am.

It will be fun interacting and discussing books with you :)

message 831: by Lily

Lily Sounds good! :)

message 830: by Lily

Lily Hey Nenia! I finished the book I was reading, so let me know when you want to start buddy reading The Duchess War. ^_^

message 829: by Nerdie

Nerdie Your reading goals are INSANE! Best of luck! D:

message 828: by Elfina

Elfina Renee Hey Nenia, I had 2kasmom reply on my status update asking this question. Maybe you can help with the answer.

Is it only fre on KU? It comes up as $0.99 which is still good...

Scorpio-of-Autumn Nenia, have you heard about this yet?


message 826: by Anna

Anna Happy New Wish you to write many more besstesslers and have a film adaptation

message 825: by Willow

Willow Happy New Year to you too!

message 824: by Donita

Donita Luz Just passing by to greet you a Happy New Year Nenia! May you and your family be blessed with a lot of books and happiness this year and forever. :) *hugs*


message 823: by Dana

Dana Happy New Year, Nenia! I wish you more success and more published books this year!

message 822: by ♛Tash

♛Tash Nenia, all the best to you this 2016! x

Happy New Year 2016 to Ivet and Maria and ...JOY JOY JOY to all friends in this boards! Hugs Alessia :-)))

message 821: by MLE

MLE description

message 820: by Kyla

Kyla Yayyyyy!!! :D

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