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Christine Hatfield thanks for being my friend

message 10: by P.T.

P.T. Michelle Thanks for the friendship, Karen!

message 9: by J.S.

J.S. Bailey Hello, Karen! Thank you for accepting my friend request! I was wondering if you could send out a few book recommendations for my soon-to-be-released novel "The Land Beyond the Portal." (As you well know; Goodreads does not allow us authors to recommend our own books, which really stinks, in my opinion.)

~J. S. Bailey

P.S. Who are some of your favorite authors?The Land Beyond the Portal

Sangria Thanks for your friendship, Karen! :)

Cheryl Landmark Thanks for accepting my friend request, Karen.

William O'Brien Hi Karen - Thank you for your friendship.

Please visit my website http://www.peteradarkenedfairytale.co.uk
to view a sample page and many other snippets about the book.
Expected release date late Jan.

Best wishes, William

message 5: by Jaree

Jaree Francis Hello, Ms. Karen

- Jay

message 4: by Kelly

Kelly Karen,
Thanks for adding me, it was very kind of you. And I am not usually a consumer of YA fiction, but your novel is one that I would make an exception to since I grew up in a family that believed in phookas and faeries. Makes it easier to imagine scenarios in writing, but harder in a social circle that have their ankles buried in cemented reality.


message 3: by Karen

Karen Gabriel wrote: "Hi Karen! How have things been?"

Hey! Long time, no see. Are you still around Evergreen? I'm graduating next year with an emphasis in linguistics/literature. My debut novel, OTHER, comes out the month afterward, too. How about you?

Gabriel Coeli Hi Karen! How have things been?

message 1: by Ilyn

Ilyn Ross Hello Karen,

How are you? Thank you for accepting my friend-request. I wish you all the best for 2009 and always.

Please visit these groups when you have a chance: Happy & Brainy Group, To the Glory of Man, and Reason Reigns. Have a marvelous weekend. Warmest regards.

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