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"I'm looking for marbles ALL DAY LONG ! ! "
See if you know the answer
Answered: 53 times
Correct: 30 times (27.0%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 23 times (20.7%)
Skipped: 58 times (52.3%)
  Sloan Wilson, The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit, 1955.

What is "The Man" 's name ?
See if you know the answer
Answered: 397 times
Correct: 277 times (30.3%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 120 times (13.1%)
Skipped: 517 times (56.6%)
  Tom Griffin's prize-winning work about a group of mentally challenged men living in a group home: See if you know the answer
Answered: 583 times
Correct: 311 times (29.5%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 272 times (25.8%)
Skipped: 471 times (44.7%)
  William Manchester, A World Lit Only By Fire

In the early 16th century, ______________ published his Colloquia in which he took aim at "Popish Opinions and Superstitions" . Manchester reports, "He attacked priestly greed, the abuse of excommunication, miracles, fasting, relic-mongering, and lechery in the monasteries. Women were urged to keep a safe distance from 'brawny, swill-bellied monks. . . . Chastity is more endangered in the cloister than out of it.' "
See if you know the answer
Answered: 516 times
Correct: 252 times (25.5%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 264 times (26.7%)
Skipped: 473 times (47.8%)
  from an autobiographical memoir:

"Poor Roy's children, as commiseration damply styled us, could not afford illusions, in the family opinion. Our father had put us beyond the pale by dying suddenly of influenza and taking our young mother with him, a defection that was remarked on with horror and grief commingled, as though our mother had been a pretty secretary with whom he had wantonly absconded into the irresponsible paradise of the hereafter."
See if you know the answer
Answered: 53 times
Correct: 20 times (18.5%)
Difficulty: very difficult
Incorrect: 33 times (30.6%)
Skipped: 55 times (50.9%)
  Baba Ram Dass, ______________(a classic of consciousness raising/self-improvement) See if you know the answer
Answered: 79 times
Correct: 57 times (44.5%)
Difficulty: medium
Incorrect: 22 times (17.2%)
Skipped: 49 times (38.3%)
  If I wanted to read a novel telling of both "lamp lighters" AND "scalp hunters", I'd find them both in one by ________________. See if you know the answer
Answered: 76 times
Correct: 37 times (28.5%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 39 times (30.0%)
Skipped: 54 times (41.5%)
In a well-known work, this author writes of the products of gene-splicing: "pigoons", "rakunks", "wolvogs" get the idea....of nature run amok, the unintended consequenes of human invention.
The GR gods have insisted on a question mark: ?
See if you know the answer
Answered: 76 times
Correct: 41 times (32.3%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 35 times (27.6%)
Skipped: 51 times (40.2%)
  Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen has a persistent memory from her early years, a memory of Peeta throwing her.......
See if you know the answer
Answered: 402 times
Correct: 392 times (91.8%)
Difficulty: very easy
Incorrect: 10 times (2.3%)
Skipped: 25 times (5.9%)
  Larry McMurtry's novel, HORSEMAN, PASS BY, published in 1961, was the basis for the Movie, Hud, starring Paul Newman. It takes its title from a poem by ________________________. See if you know the answer
Answered: 271 times
Correct: 118 times (21.9%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 153 times (28.4%)
Skipped: 268 times (49.7%)

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