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  What is the term given by J.K. Rowling which refers to the material possessed by Neville Longbottom, which helps him remember things he forget in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone? See if you know the answer
Answered: 10506 times
Correct: 8992 times (71.0%)
Difficulty: easy
Incorrect: 1514 times (12.0%)
Skipped: 2158 times (17.0%)
  This is the spell used in Harry Potter books which makes the victim confused or befuddled, once used by Hermione in Half-Blood Prince to McLaggen during the trial of Quidditch. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince See if you know the answer
Answered: 10084 times
Correct: 9528 times (77.7%)
Difficulty: easy
Incorrect: 556 times (4.5%)
Skipped: 2177 times (17.8%)
  During their escape, what was the last and permamnent code name that Abby Mcdeere, wife of Mitch in John Grisham's "The Firm", used? See if you know the answer
Answered: 142 times
Correct: 66 times (24.6%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 76 times (28.4%)
Skipped: 126 times (47.0%)
  Eoin Colfer, the author of Artemis Fowl series, was born in what country? See if you know the answer
Answered: 3414 times
Correct: 2795 times (52.0%)
Difficulty: medium
Incorrect: 619 times (11.5%)
Skipped: 1956 times (36.4%)
  This is the very first novel of John Irving. See if you know the answer
Answered: 221 times
Correct: 101 times (33.8%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 120 times (40.1%)
Skipped: 78 times (26.1%)
  What is the patronus of Professor Severus Snape, which is the same with Lily Evans whom he dearly loved in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? See if you know the answer
Answered: 1192 times
Correct: 1080 times (85.4%)
Difficulty: easy
Incorrect: 112 times (8.9%)
Skipped: 72 times (5.7%)
  Walt Whitman, famous for Leaves of Grass, died at what age? See if you know the answer
Answered: 168 times
Correct: 72 times (29.9%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 96 times (39.8%)
Skipped: 73 times (30.3%)
  The Slumdog Millionaire, 81st Oscar Award's Best Picture winner, was based on what novel of Vikas Swarup? See if you know the answer
Answered: 210 times
Correct: 139 times (53.9%)
Difficulty: medium
Incorrect: 71 times (27.5%)
Skipped: 48 times (18.6%)
  What was the code name used by Wayne Tarrance when he called Mitch in the office of the partnership to inform him that he is being caught? See if you know the answer
Answered: 98 times
Correct: 31 times (14.5%)
Difficulty: very difficult
Incorrect: 67 times (31.3%)
Skipped: 116 times (54.2%)
  This is a spell, from Harry Potter books, in which the subject experiences the sensation of being tickled, used by Harry on Draco in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. See if you know the answer
Answered: 1398 times
Correct: 732 times (45.4%)
Difficulty: medium
Incorrect: 666 times (41.3%)
Skipped: 216 times (13.4%)
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