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message 1: by ❂ Jennifer (new)

❂ Jennifer  (jennevans) | 978 comments On the book page, under "My Review" I can't add stars - they don't light up when I mouse over and clicking on them does nothing. They work everywhere else on the site without any issues. (Cache cleared.)

Safari 6.0/Mac osX 10.8

message 2: by William, Software Engineer (new)

William Cline | 148 comments Mod
Sorry for the inconvenience, Jennifer. We're testing a new user interface for shelving books, which you might have noticed as the large green "Want to Read" button replacing the old beige "Add to my books" button on some pages. (We've been turning it on and off over the past few days, so you might not see it right now.)

Because the new button appears on the book page right below the book cover image, and because it includes both rating stars and shelf selection, it partly duplicates the functionality of the "My Review" box. We're still trying different designs to address this redundancy, and one of the changes we tried was making the rating stars under "My Review" non-clickable.

That this change went against your expectations for the page is important feedback, so thank you for letting us know. We're still tweaking and testing designs. In the meantime, if you find the stars under "My Review" aren't clickable, you'll find another set of clickable stars under the book cover image.

message 3: by Dionisia (new)

Dionisia (therabidreader) | 328 comments I would greatly prefer that the stars under "My Review" remain clickable. Just my 2-cents.

Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) To add my 2-cents -- I agree with Dionista. Anywhere you can see your star rating, useful to have it be clickable.

message 5: by mlady_rebecca (new)

mlady_rebecca | 2037 comments I agree. Once I add a book to my shelves, I (try to) ignore the new button and do everything in the My Review area of the book page.

Please don't make it harder to use the functionality in the My Review area. It's already harder to deal with the new green button.

message 6: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (Jyl22075) | 13 comments Just to add in my opinion, I prefer the star rating in the my review to be clickable. I always use that when I'm rating books.

message 7: by ❂ Jennifer (new)

❂ Jennifer  (jennevans) | 978 comments William thanks for the update - I've been using the new green button, but didn't connect it with the stars not working. :)

message 8: by Dree (new)

Dree I posted about this on 8/15 and never got an answer--I get a red "trouble saving!" box. Very odd, it doesn't look like anything else on gr, graphically speaking.

I too always do everything from the "my review" window after clicking "I'm finished". Having to go to another place is very annoying.

message 9: by Travis (new)

 Travis Ford | 1 comments I wanted to rate a book I've read and the stars are not indicating on the book.

message 10: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl William wrote: "We're still trying different designs to address this redundancy, and one of the changes we tried was making the rating stars under "My Review" non-clickable."

Why was that "redundancy" a bad thing? It's strange and irritating to have some stars be clickable, and other stars not clickable.

message 11: by Shomeret (new)

Shomeret | 93 comments Lately, I've been adding and reviewing books simultaneously. I usually don't have time to add books when I'm currently reading them or do status updates. This means that I need the stars on My Review to be functional. If not, I suppose I'll just stop rating. I think reviews are more important anyway.

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