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Kevan Dinn (KevanDinn) | 13 comments I would love to have my book reviewed by other epic fantasy authors/readers.

A bit about Book 1 (Dark Pursuit: The Lost Shinmahs):

Salin’s realm is immune to every physical threat, and his armies are unmatched. Now, the prodigious warlord Khomer – Salin’s indomitable nephew – seeks to expand the dark realm, and sets his sights on Liguanea as his gateway to subjugating the free world.

With no answer to Salin’s physical supremacy and sorcery, hope rests on a handful of men and women with uncommon mental prowess, who have not been seen for years – the Lost Shinmahs.

Unaware of his calling, young Adoy meanwhile sets out from exile with his Shinmah parents to train his mind at Liguanea. But he is unprepared for the journey, for Khomer has discovered him and seeks to convert him.

Or kill him

If you wish to read the first 40 pages or so before deciding, two chapters are available at

About the series:

The Shinmah Trilogy is a story of a small group of men and women with uncommon mental prowess (called Shinmahs), who come out of self-imposed exile to battle corruption and tyranny. What follows is an epic struggle that pitches an extraordinary few against the sheer might of entrenched powers.

I should perhaps clarify about the post title. Classic epic fantasy (like LOTR and Earthsea) create their own worlds and do not retell mythology. Some recent writing coming out of India (eg. Shiva Trilogy, Price of Ayodhya) that have been labeled "Epic Fantasy" retell Indian mythologyfor the modern reader, rather than create their own world. They are therefore Mythological Fiction rather than classic Epic Fantasy.


Michael Brookes (Technohippy) | 319 comments Looks interesting, if you want to take part in my guest author interview then drop me a line. The latest one can be seen at:

Kevan Dinn (KevanDinn) | 13 comments Sure. Do we pick up the discussion offline via email?

Michael Brookes (Technohippy) | 319 comments Send me a private message with your details and I'll get in touch.

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