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Marcy Stearns | 19 comments Mod
Here is where I will post questions for discussion. You may start reading this book/play at any time.Macbeth

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Marcy Stearns | 19 comments Mod
The questions in this folder are labeled "TP" for "Thought Provoking". Each is a quote from the Shmoop site. PLEASE feel free to use the site to help you answer the question, find appropriate quotes, etc.

Respond to the quote: Agree or Disagree?; Relevant to the story or Irrelevant?; etc. Responses must be thoughtful and organized.

You will not get full credit for these questions if you do not provide biblical basis for your response. How does the Word compare with the thoughts and writings of Shakespeare? Would the Word agree or disagree with author?

And OF COURSE grammar and spelling count! This is English class after all.

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