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message 1: by Sky , Gone for the next two weeks. On vacation! (new)

Sky  (clear_sky) | 57 comments Mod
A few stores here and there, with two stoplights total in the entire town. Drive for two miles and you go right through the whole town. There are a few housing structures, and even a school and a park, but there can't be more than 400 people that live there. But that means everyone knows each other, so it's harder to blend in...or vanish without anyone noticing.

message 2: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) Rachel sat at home alone on her computer typing away. She could hear her mom in the kitchen cooking and her dad outside teaching her brother football.

message 3: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) Drake started walking down the street and looking at the shops.

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments Jaquylyn walked up behind him, "Hi there."

message 5: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) Drake turned around "Hi"

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments She smiled, "I'm Jaquylyn, who're you?"

message 7: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) "Drake." He said

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments "Nice to meet you," she smiled, "Are you looking for something certain?"

message 9: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) "Just a baseball. Do you know where they are?" He asked

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments She thought for a second, "Mm...oh yeah! Here, just follow me!" she started walking.

message 11: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) Drake followed her

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments She opened the door of an old store, "This place has a lot of them."
He will do perfectly, she thought to herself.

message 13: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) He walked inside

message 14: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) Rachel got up and walked over to the store. ugh. she needed food.

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments She walked in behind him, then shut the door, and padlocked it silently, then tucked the key in her pocket.

message 16: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) Drake turned around instintly concerned.

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments She smiled, "Something wrong?"

message 18: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) She walked down the street and saw a girl ushering another boy into an abandoned store. What the heck? she thought. no one goes there. but she turned around and started walking towards the door.

message 19: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) "Nothing" He now felt an elephant in the room.

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments "Just making sure," she walked around the store.

message 21: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) ((an elephant????))

the doors were locked. CREPPY she thought and quickly walked away.


message 22: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) ((something that you feel is totally wrong))

"So where are the baseballs?" He started looking around.

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments ((Lol, want Jaquyln to get you too?))

message 24: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) ((yah plz that wud be awesome))

message 25: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) Ceci (Sprinkles) wrote: "((something that you feel is totally wrong))

"So where are the baseballs?" He started looking around."

((oh ok.))

Rachel walked faster towards the grocery store. ok, veggies, yuck, milk, eh, fruits, okayyyy, and candy,AWWWW YEAH!!!!

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments ((Kk))

"Right over there," she pointed, still smiling.
She looked outside and saw someone. Her smile faltered slightly.
"Excuse me a moment," she quietly unlocked the padlock and snatched the girl, dragging her in, and locking the door again.

message 27: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) ((thanks))

"WHat the hell was that for??" Rachel yelled. and then she saw the boy and the girl. "what's going on?"

message 28: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) He looked where she pointed and saw her bring a girl into the room. Whats going on? He thought

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments She glared, "You've seen to much," she sighed, "Now I'll have to keep both of you here."

message 30: by Kiki (last edited Aug 15, 2012 11:03AM) (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) rachel spluttered "exceuse me? WHAT? U ARE MOST DEFINETLY +NOT+ KEEPING ME HERE."
and she turned and saw the boy. "omigod," she whispered, "oh my sweet lord... this cant be happening..."

message 31: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) Drake almost yelled "WHAT?!?!"

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments "I was only trying to get one," she muttered, "This wasn't supposed to happen. People need to learn to keep their noses in their own business."

message 33: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) Rachel turned to the boy, "u DO know what's happening right?"as she stepped further and further away from the other girl.

message 34: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) "Yeah. Im not stupid." He started to step away from the girl also.

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments She crossed her arms and looked at them both, "Oh well. I suppose it's just more fun. I'm guessing you would like to know why I'm doing this?"

message 36: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) "great. welcome aboard." She muttered.

((can they like like each other???))

she scanned the room for any kind of weapon, but this girl was smart, the room was bare. except for a counter.

message 37: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) "no sh*&* sherlock." rachel said.

message 38: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) Drake looked behind the counter. Nothing. Great

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments She leaned on the counter, glaring at Rachel, "I'd watch your tone. I can make it very uncomfortable for you here. Anyways...
"The reason that I've kidnappeed you is because I'm a very angry person. I need something to help," she smiled insanely, "Which is where you two will come in."

message 40: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) this girl is insane! What have I got into? he thought. "What are you gonna do to us?"

Maricrystal/Century (ImSlytherinAndDauntlessetc) ((Hey Kayla you want my character and your character to work together since their both kinappers?))

message 42: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) "What are you, my mother? im not going anywhere with you. and i'll talk however i want with you." Rachel said defiantly.

message 43: by Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (last edited Aug 15, 2012 11:18AM) (new)

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments ((Sure!!! *smiles wickedly*))

She smirked, "You'll find out," she glared at Rachel, "Then you're going to be in even more misery."

message 44: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) "Oh God, why do they all say that?" Rachel crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.

Maricrystal/Century (ImSlytherinAndDauntlessetc) ((*Laughed evily* So do they meet in the small town or the city?))

message 46: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia (DrCicle) Drake leaned on the wall acting like nothing happened

message 47: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) ((wait a minute, sorry, DOUBLE KIDNAPPERS!?! AWESOME! ok, im done))

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 368 comments ((Uh...small town? The store they're in could be like their base))

She glared even more, "Just wait until my partner gets here. Then you'll see."

Maricrystal/Century (ImSlytherinAndDauntlessetc) ((Hehe ok. @Kiki what do you mean your done?))

message 50: by Kiki (new)

Kiki (KikidaAwesome) ((i meant that im done saying that... ok, nvm. continuing on...))

"whoa, dude," she turned to the boy, "she's got a partner. this is crazy!"

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