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Saoirse (Saoirse_Redgrave) | 26 comments Mod
Today it was made public and super-official that my story, "13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale" was selected to be the Grand Prize Winner in's first-ever writing contest. The check for $1,000 also arrived in the mail today (my four year old son was hopping up and down about THAT) and I need to send stuff to the folks who are acting as my agency until the end of July.

I'm thrilled, my head is still spinning and if nothing else, I know even better now how much I'm thankful for my writers' group, readers and subscribers (and family and friends--of course). They are still pulling together to help me prep my manuscript. :-) They rock!

Any time any of you get good news--about writing or otherwise--I want you to please share it with all of us here. Don't be shy! Your success will help keep us inspired and learning (as I hope mine will).

Too many folks in writing think they have to go it alone. Yes, it can be a brutal business, but we need to support each other. So PLEASE--When you have great stuff to share (like getting into Barnwood *ahem* :-) or knowing about a contract on book 4 *ahem* ;-) PLEASE SHARE!

And don't freak--I want to know about your EVERY success... Did you manage to write that single page of a manuscript even when you thought there was no time? Did you finally break through your temporary block? Did a friend say your story or poem was cool? TELL US! :D No success is too small to be proud of and share with friends.

Wishing you much success in the New Year (hey, even if it's a New Year few of us truly celebrate, we can still working on resolving to be better or more active writers ;-)...

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