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Claire in the Nurse's Office

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Dominique After Claire (unknowingly) gets red paint on the back of her jeans, gets lost in the school hallways, and finally reaches the nurse's office, she' s told that she's gotten her period. Nurse Adele tells Claire that she'll get her some new clothes & pamphlets on menunstration. Claire is baffled by this, of course, but plays along with it.
However... there are never mentions of any pads/tampons to stop the "bleeding." If the nurse really believed that Claire got her period, why wouldn't she tell her about preventing it from further ruining her clothes? When girls start their menstrual cycle, I'm 100% positive that it doesn't just stop after you stain yourself, it continues to last for a day or two!
Not to mention how it seemed like Claire changed right in front of her with no privacy. No, when this happened to me, I remember the school nurse giving me a room to change myself in (and a pad)!

Sorry for the nitpicking, but I just felt like throwing that out there.

Michela I guess Nurse Adele thought she had tampons and/or pads, just that she wasn't aware of her period. The clothes were taken from an anex room to the nurse, so probably she changed there.

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