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message 1: by Erin (new)

Erin W | 6 comments Starting this topic so I can mention a few of my favorite book podcasts.

KQED Writer's Block Podcast is a writer reading their own material, usually an excerpt of a longer piece. Lots of young writers, up-and-comers. I've discovered a lot of cool obscure authors here.

The New Yorker Fiction Podcast is cool because they have current authors read a story by an author they admire; all of the stories are from the New Yorker archives. They read the full story and then usually discuss it a little bit afterwards.

Vanity Fair Writers Reading seems to have stopped broadcasting, but the archives still have a lot of good stuff to choose from. Because it's VF, there are more political and celebrity figures reading from their work, but some literary stuff, too.

All of these can be streamed on the individual sites or downloaded through iTunes.

message 2: by Nan (new)

Nan Kizziah | 26 comments Thanks, Erin. The podcast universe is so vast, it's wonderful to have a destination. Definitely going to take a look!

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