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Melissa | 205 comments I just finished reading this book. I can't say that I liked this book but it did bring up some interesting philosophical thoughts and topics that would be fun to discuss in a book club.

I had a hard time really getting into this book and had the feeling of waiting for it to get started throughout most of the book. There wasn't really any character that I felt for or connected with.

There were parts that I found creepy, namely the kids being sent to "erotic" and "death" training but that is part of the way that the "New World" was set up. I am quite thankful that its not the world I live in now.

Varla Fiona (Trogs) I have a third left... Will finish today and then come chat!

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Tima (tsunanisaurus) I am waiting for this from the library! I've been wanting to read it for quite some time! Look forward to seeing the discussion on here :)

Varla Fiona (Trogs) Here are my thoughts, in 6 chapter sections... (I posted in another group and have just cut and pasted to here!)

Based on the first 6 chapters, my initial thoughts are:

(view spoiler)

Basically, I am enjoying the read so far, but very glad I don't live in that society. Next 6 chapters coming up soon...

Thoughts on Chapters 7-12:

(view spoiler)

The final 6 chapters...

(view spoiler)

Melissa | 205 comments I had the same thing as you going on with trying to figure why they were making so many people until I reminded myself that the book was published when population size wasn't really a big issue.

They kept saying Ford, ford and turning everything into T's and they talked about Ford's assembly line but then there was also a line about how he like to be called Freud, so was there Ford Henry Ford with the model T or Sigmund Frued? I was confused on this.

Henry Ford made sence with the economy and assembly line set up with making people but Freud made sense because of the phsychological training and erotic play and feelies that they had to go through.

Varla Fiona (Trogs) I thought it was Henry Ford. He possibly pretended to be Freud, as no one would know due to the ban of all literature etc.

Melissa | 205 comments I was a bit suprised that they didn't allow John to go to the island with others that thought differently. One would think that they would have been worried about him spreading discord like the others. I did not like the ending of this book at all.

Jana (jana_marie) | 26 comments I was also not thrilled with the ending, but I thought the book overall was extremely interesting and unique. The idea of banning traditional literature, art, music, religion, and even meaningful relationships in order to remove emotional feelings and passionate reactions and therefore create a universally "happy society" was a powerful statement (how much more so present day?) I've seen recent movies and read other books with a hint of this premise and it's exciting to now see what was very likely the basis. It's definitely not going on my "re-read" list, but I'm glad I finally got around to it.

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