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What Are Vampires To You?
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Hey guys! So I am an aspiring writer and for years I have been trying to write a story about vampires, but it's tricky. So I had an idea:) Ask the people!!!lol
In 25 words or less tell me what you're favorite thing about vampires is. Or what your least favorite thing about vampires is. I think this could be fun and I have always wondered what the draw is for this mythical creature. So tell me your thoughts! What makes you WANT vampires??Think outside the fangs;)
(lol see what I did there?)
Your thoughts are greatly appreciated, this is a brainstorming session!!!So have fun and don't be shy;)

Alright! Thanks to all your suggestions I wrote a little vampire story. Not sure where it's going yet, so this is just a prototype so to speak. Now this is pretty PG13 so heads up on that. Check this out if you want:)

To me, vampires are hungry, feral creatures of the night that will do anything they can to get a meal. They are crafty and wild, sly and careful, predatory and enthralling.

They will seduce you, enthrall you, and feed on you with no remorse, second thought, or pity. You are a meal.

That's what I want my vampires to be.

To me, it's not so much about vampires as it is characters, prose, and plot, in that order. If the characters are unique and have interesting perspectives, and the prose is clear and imaginative, and the plot is interesting, then you will have yourself a successful story.

I don't like the idea of 'friendly vampires'. Vampires just...aren't friendly.

Don't make your vampires anything like Twilight and you'll be fine

I just want a world that enthralls me...a world that I get so lost in that I don't want to put the book down.

I think one of the great things about vampires is that since they don't exist, a lot of what happens is up to the author. There are some things I wouldn't want to see messed with, such as they need blood to survive (although, I must admit...True Blood has done a good job sidestepping that issue) and they can't go out in the daylight. Although...again, I found SM's book so engrossing that this didn't bother me.

But all in all, I'd PREFER a blood-sucking vampire who roams the night. I think it 'feeds' the mystery that I have always associated with vampires.

What I find to be fascinating about vampires is the idea of eternal life. What does it mean to live forever? What does it do to your mind and personality to be frozen as you were when you died while the rest of the world is constantly changing around you? How do you come to terms with being a killer? I dont agree with superspeed because I dont see how it would be possible, even for the undead. But I like the idea of their senses being heightened because they are predators. Their sense of sight at night, their sense of smell, and their hearing would be much more advanced than a humans. I like the idea that humans have a predator, we are not the top of the food chain. And I love the idea of having eons of time to travel the world, to gain knowledge and experience that wouldnt normally be possible.

I liked the Dresden Files take on Vampires; in that that's there isn't just one kind of vampire. There are 4 types of vampires, and they are classified by "courts" - which are white, black, red and jade. The vampires don't often interect with others outside of thier courts, they mostly stay with thier own. And by court they feed on humans differently and have different strengths and weaknesses. (sorry I went over)

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If I read a vampire book, I want the vampires to be ruthless, inhuman, cruel, Machiavellian and predatory. Them being obsessive is ok too. In my personal opinion, they should not really be able to feel love, but should be able to feel lust, and have a wish to possess beautiful things, not to be nice, but to control and keep. But like Will said, it is also good to see well thought out and structured characterisation and scenarios, and this is often more important than the species of the character. also, vampires don't sparkle, only fairies sparkle, and the other fae are disgusted about that fact...

For me, vampires are not "dead"/undead creatures. They don't have to look pasty, and doesn't have to be cold. Of course there are still the usuals, speed, strength, hotness and badassness. It's a plus for me if they could stand sunlight. So yeah, my ideal vampire is a mix between Night Huntress Vampires and Black Dagger Brotherhood Vampires.

Vampires are a contradiction. They are bloodless, yet survive (I know it's because they feast on the blood of others, and that's their biggest feature, but I still think that's fascinating). They are normally considered intelligent and cunning, yet give in to their basest instincts like a common animal (I would love to read how this is affected by blood exchange. Like, if you make your vampires eloquent once they've feasted but the longer they go without blood, the more feral they are). They always appear debonair, well-put together, polite and yet they take and are savage and without empathy. They are frozen in death and yet the need for blood can change them physically (eyes might dilate, heavy breathing, flexibility in hunting etc).

That's what I've gotten anyway, from vampires like Dracula, or Edward, or even Angel in Buffy. Whatever other canon you use, those contradictions seem to be the common theme.

I love that vampires can be from any period of time in the world and the thought that they could be from the 1800's is really cool because they would be very old fashioned. Also I agree with JazzyJams that vampires seem very mysterious that's always how I picture them.

The vampire history is reversible because myth and all a but a sponge since the beginning of time people have had to twist to the vampire myth so to I, it what you cloud come up with because the myth is forever changing. Look in the oddest place that my vise to you. and what will had said

Vampires are wild,and hungry. They don't have mercy with their prey and they are powerful. They are seductive and sexy. They do whatever they want with the human to satisfy themselfs (torture,pleasure) before killing them. They're careless and enjoy themselfs and their nature every single day of eternity!

when i read vampire novels i liked how they had a little bit of dracula in them but thennnn.....they fall in love with this fragil girl who they see as the most breakable thing to them butt oh whait the vampire loves her and so poofff TRUE LOVE !!! good plot but , that has been the same plot for almost every vampire book ! so to make your story successful you need to think of a new twist to vampires your story can be distinguished from other vampire novels. wish you luck :)

im not so much of a vampire lover but one thing i wouln't mind is the ability to never sleep! plus superspeed!

sexy & mysterious:)

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Not to sound like a teenage fangirl, but Damon Salvatore and the Originals from The Vampire Diaries, basically.

I love the superspeed, strength and never having to sleep ideas. Also, I don't mind the SM's version of how they are the perfect hunters because they draw in their prey in literally every way. But I would also enjoy the mysterious/unknown to humans; not that they are living in society and pretending, but actually not interacting with humans except to feed.

I'm happy for your vampires to be whatever but sell them to me with a good story and interesting characters, because if I'm not "sucked" into the story (see what I did there) what "type" of vampires you write won't matter.

For me, vampires are seductive and lethal, they don't have a soul, therefore they feel nothing but the pleasure of death and blood.

they are very white and they are undead.

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My earliest vampire memory is Count Chocula and the count from Sesame Street. Vampires can most certainly be friendly.

when i read vampire novels i liked how they had a little bit of dracula in them but thennnn.....they fall in love with this fragil girl who they see as the most breakable thing to them butt oh whait the vampire loves her and so poofff TRUE LOVE !!! good plot but , that has been the same plot for almost every vampire book ! so to make your story successful you need to think of a new twist to vampires your story can be distinguished from other vampire novels. wish you luck :)

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Well I think if you were Bella you would think vampires are glittery

The right vampire can be a killer, look up some mythology, and try to combine different myths into one horrible creature. If you have ever read Spook's Blood by Joseph Delaney you can see how versatile people's images of vampires are.

Favorite thing- My favorite thing from vampires is their sheer demonic-ness. I like vampires that are horrible monsters who brutally kill (Many ways to flip the way they kill, so you can make it original!)

Least Favorite thing- The way they are put into human romances. I don't mind if a vampire possessed someone who you loved, but getting into a relationship, that isn't just a trick for blood, is very annoying.

They are people who drink blood. :) But I like the things Stephenie Meyer did with them though. I think something to think about if you want to write a vampire novel then you should stick with the basic myths but still make it your own, kind of like Stephenie Meyer did. They drink blood, and you can't help but fall for them they're so charming, but still she added her own stuff to it. I think that worked out really well. Good luck!

Three things: power, mystery and history.

Discussion done and dusted. (Sorry!)

Mysterious, alluring, nocturnal, super strong/fast, human blood drinkers (though that doesn't always have to mean death for the human, see True Blood, Buffy...), and I personally like my vamps to have fangs. I like a variety of personalities just like with people (some deliciously evil, others simply nice, others reluctantly heroic, etc...).

Sorry, over 25 words.

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To me vampires a dangerous. They have no soul, feel no human emotions whatsoever and are only out to kill. They are not the slightest bit sexy or cool.

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Vampires um i'm not completely into them but i think it would be interesting if it were a certain mental or physical condition that you must drink blood that brought the whole mythical world of vampires. :)
But if it must be a vampire story i want it to be like completely bad. like having no morals because they aren't human they completely give up on being good because they will always live forever and they know that they will like go to hell anyway sort of thing. Also as someone before me mentioned they shouldn't feel love or anything they don't care a song that would describe this is "bad to the bone" hahhaha lol jk

Kyle There actually is a disease/mental condition that causes "vampire" symptoms and could very well be the origin of both vampire and werewolf myths. look ...more
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I always pictured vampires as the mysterious, keep to small talk types... I like the idea of superspeed and not being able to stand in the daylight, keeping to traditional vampires... Although that doesn't work very well with a vampire novel, since the vampire has to somehow interact with the characters...

Hello people. Vampires are getting HOTTER and SEXIER. They may not be friendly, but they have improved through the years.

they are sexy and i love me a good vampire story

Hazel Been done, please see the roleplaying game, Vampire the Masquerade. Write that book, prepare to be sued.
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