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message 1: by Hermine (new)

Hermine Strand (herminestrand) | 4 comments I searched for "Creative Writing" and found only a group for a single chain story; the group has only seven members. If that's the right group, please let me know.

message 2: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Jason Charles (TommyJCharles) | 72 comments Mod
Hey Hermine,

If you look up at the top of the screen, you will see an "Explore" drop-down menu. Click that, and then click "Creative Writing."

You'll then see a bunch of categories. Those are all of the Creative Writing posts that Goodreads authors have posted.

That's what this group refers to :).

Once on that page, click the green "My Writing" link to see any works that you've posted, or to add your first. Then come back here and post the ULR and we'll critique it.

message 3: by Hermine (last edited Aug 03, 2012 12:43PM) (new)

Hermine Strand (herminestrand) | 4 comments Found it. Thanks. :) My first story will be posted in a minute--or the beginning of it.

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