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Abnegation OR Dauntless?

Avani Dauntless.

Divergence between Erudite and Candor or Amity and Abnegation?

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Amity & Abnegation

Tris or Tobias(a.k.a four)

∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ Four!

Erudite or Amity

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pink Or purple

Talisha pink
Tris mom or DAD

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Lynn OR Marlene

Avani Will.

Candor or Dauntless?

∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ Dauntless

Caleb or Jeanine

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Lexi Jeanine- At least she was open about it all to some extent.

Factionless OR Dauntless Traitor

Ellie Dauntless Traitor - Ilove Dauntless so much, so would never betray them, But I would find love elsewhere...

Talisha Factionless
tris or beatrice

∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ Tris

Caleb or Peter

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Caleb(Peter Aggravates me)

The Hunger Games OR Divergent

Chelsea DIVERGENT!!!!!

Amity or Candor?

∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ Amity

have Four or be divergent

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be divergent

Uriah OR Zeke

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black or blue?

Suzanna Hoang Black (Dauntless colors all the way)

Divergent or Insurgent?

Kyrah Divergent, because the title relates more to the story.

Four or Tobias?

∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ Four!!

Uriah or Marlene

Chelsea Uriah

Erik or Jeanine?

∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ Erik?

Divergent Tratior or be apart of Eruidite

Ellie Divergent traitor - atleast I could go back ..?
Have Tobias as your lover... ;D , or Will alive again?

∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ Tobias as my lover!

Divergent or Hugner games

Ellie DIVERGENT!!!!!!
In the 3rd book,
Tris and Tobias break up,
Tobias dies?

Leela Break up

Bring back Tris's Mum or Will?

Ellie Will..
It will help chirsitna, and Ttis has her friend back, and hopefully Tobias to support her..
Kill off Peter or Marcus?

∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ Marcus

Have the factionless take over or have life go as the Eruidite wanted

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Esme fractionless take over

live inside the walls in fractions/fractionless
discover the world outside

Lauren Discover the world outside.

Would you rather have had Will or Al live?

∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ Will for sure, Al chose to die

Christina or Will?

Lauren Will, he was super nice :)

Peter or Eric?

Vicky Vanraalte Peter

divergent or faction-less?

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Justice MTV... XD
Urlene or Marlynn?

Sandy Urlene
Four (Tobias's) Mom or Dad

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mom i guess

blond or brunette

∷〚 Mα∂∂у◦ 〛∷ Blonde

Divergent or insurgent

Gemma Fennessy Lexi wrote: "Jeanine- At least she was open about it all to some extent.

Factionless OR Dauntless Traitor"

Factionless :)

Gemma Fennessy Maddy wrote: "Dauntless

Caleb or Jeanine"

Jeanine, towards the end, never tried to hide any of her plans from Tris. Caleb totally stabbed her in the back, so that is why I go Jeanine.

Ellie Divergent - Its starts it all off!!!!
Tobias or Will?

Blujeanbooks96 Will

Christina or Lynn?

Ellie Chrisitna.
Dauntless or Abnegation?

Charlotte Dauntless

Uriah or Will?

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thats a hard 1 cuz i love them both

Tris OR Katniss

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Four or Peeta?

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TV or movies

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