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Kate Mathias | 16 comments Worlds Apart by Kate Mathias

Hi! I am new to this site and am having trouble pulling my book by using the ISBN number. Also, the book cover is not pulling up either.

The title is Worlds Apart by Kate Mathias. Can you please add my ISBN number to the book that is already on the site? ISBN 978-1-4771-3210-4

Thank you for your help!
Kate Mathias

message 2: by rivka, Volunteer Mod (last edited Aug 02, 2012 11:34PM) (new)

rivka | 20958 comments Mod
Either the ISBN10 you have already added to that edition is wrong or 9781477132104 is; they don't match.

Also, is B008GRDZWE the ASIN for a Kindle edition of this book?

Edit: I take that back. Looks like they don't match because one is for one edition and one for the other.

Please provide all the information for each of the editions of your book, and we can straighten it out.

Kate Mathias | 16 comments Yes, Boo8GRDZWE is the ASIN for the Kindle edition of this book. Can you please help me get the book on this site to match? How do I go about fixing this?

Kate Mathias | 16 comments Here is what I found about the ISBN. It says this--1477132112 (ISBN13: 9781477132104) I don't know where the first number came from, but the second number that says ISBN13 is correct.

message 5: by Paula (last edited Aug 02, 2012 11:48PM) (new)

Paula (Paulaan) | 4242 comments I have the ISBNs sorted. You need to provide the format for each I.e. paperback or hardback.

Edit found those on your website

You need to provide a non bookseller link to the cover or upload to your additional photo section

Publication date for each edition if different would help

message 6: by Kate (last edited Aug 02, 2012 11:51PM) (new)

Kate Mathias | 16 comments Hardcover-
ISBN-10 1477132112
ISBN-13 978-1477132111

ISBN-10 1477132104
ISBN-13 978-1477132104


Edit--Publication is June 28, 2012
Where do I upload the picture to?

Kate Mathias | 16 comments Thank you for your help!

Kate Mathias | 16 comments Paula wrote: "I have the ISBNs sorted. You need to provide the format for each I.e. paperback or hardback.

Edit found those on your website

You need to provide a non bookseller link to the cover or upload to ..."

Paula-I just uploaded the cover pic to my page. Can you pull it from there? All of the editions were published on June 28, 2012.

Kate Mathias | 16 comments I think that the ISBNs have been changed because I am now able to do a giveaway, but the cover picture is still not there. Can that be fixed?

Paula (Paulaan) | 4242 comments Someone else will have to pick up the cover IPads do not allow me to upload if no one else picks it up I'll do it later when at a pc.

Kate Mathias | 16 comments Thank you, Paula! I appreciate your help! Do you think the pic will be uploaded tomorrow?

lafon حمزة نوفل (lafon) | 3514 comments Uploaded.

Kate Mathias | 16 comments Thank you!

Maria Grazia (MariaGrazia) | 4 comments Could you please add
Author : Chrissie Elmore
Title : Unmapped Country. The story of North and South contines
Kindle Edition
Publication date: July 16, 2012

lafon حمزة نوفل (lafon) | 3514 comments We unfortunately cannot use Amazon data. If you post the following one of us would be happy to help you.

* Title
* Author(s) name(s)
* ISBN (or ASIN)
* Publisher
* Publication date
* Format
* Description
* Link to cover on a NON-BOOKSELLER site, such as a publisher site, an author site, etc. No Amazon, B&N, or other bookseller links can be used as sources for covers or other book data.

Joanne Quick (JoMum) | 3 comments Add to goodreads, please, I want to include these as books I have read.

Split, by Tara Moss
ISBN 0-7322-6813-3
Harper Collins
Crime Fiction

Caesar the War Dog, by Stephen Dando-Collins
ISBN 978-1-74275-631-8
Random House Australia

message 17: by rivka, Volunteer Mod (new)

rivka | 20958 comments Mod
The first is already listed:

message 18: by rivka, Volunteer Mod (new)

Joanne Quick (JoMum) | 3 comments Thanks

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