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Lily Potter's Life Story

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message 1: by Weiting (last edited Aug 10, 2012 08:11AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Weiting Well, I guess people been saying they want a Prologue, about Harry's dad.
So I've got this idea that we can do a story in Lily Evan's point of view, or Harry's mum, so you just continue the story by adding as much as you want.

Hey people! New rule!
You can now write something from someone else's point of view by starting and ending with *
I start:
I woke up with the best start ever!
"LILY BREAKFAST!" shouted mum.
I was jumping up and down.
"Happy Birthday Lily!" said my sister Petunia while I finished dressing.
"Thanks Pet" I said. My name is Lily Evans and yes.
Today was my 11th birthday!

message 2: by Avani (last edited Aug 02, 2012 07:53PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Avani I was in the middle of a slice of scrumptious chocolate cake when there was a knock on the door. I glanced at Mum. "Visitors?" I said excitedly. She shook her head briefly. "Er, I don't know, Lily, why don't you answer the door?"
Oh no. I knew what this was. Severus had told me all about it. Was this it? The person who was going to explain everything to Mum and Dad on my birthday? About... about Hogwarts?
I opened the door.

message 3: by Weiting (last edited Aug 02, 2012 08:04PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Weiting And there stood a big man (pretty old too) with a long beard. "Ah Ms.Evans I was just looking for you" said the man. "Who are you?" I asked.
"I am the Headmaster of Hogwarts young lady, my name is Albus Dumbledore."
Me and my whole family were shocked.
Me a witch? Who knew it?
After explaining everything he finally said "Let's go young lady, we need to buy your supplies."
"My supplies?" I said dumbfounded,
"Wait-! Old bearded man! Take me with you! Please I want to be a witch!" screamed my sister Petunia.
"Sorry young lady, only your sister has the blood", Petunia glared at me and started crying so hard I felt so sorry for her.
Then me and the Headmaster went to my fireplace.
I said good bye to mum and dad. And to Petunia who cried so hard.
Then the Headmaster mumbled a few spells and we went through the fireplace to some place where the Headmaster said:
"Lily Evans, welcome to Hogsmeade!"

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ (Wow! Your an excellent writer!)

I gasped, it was like nothing i had ever seen before! There were peopl- er, Witches and Wizards, wearing odd clothes, robes. I felt embarrassed dressed like this but he promised that he'd buy me some robes so that i didn't look so odd.

Weiting (Thanks!)
After buying all of my supplies, including my robe.
He said he was going to meet me at King Cross Station and he passed me some galeons.
"Buy anything you want, maybe an animal perhaps" the Headmaster said.
I nodded, and I gladly walked around Hogsmeade to explore. I got an owl, all the wizards did.
So with the change I didn't know what to do.
Then someone screamed "Candy! Candy!"
I went over.
"Snickers?"I asked, the woman shook.
Anyways she told me she sold all flavor jelly beans and choclate frogs. I bought as much as I could and popped a jelly bean in my mouth. And from there I turned green. There was a laugh and I turned.

message 6: by Lauren (last edited Aug 03, 2012 08:37PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lauren There was a young boy, probably my age, standing a few metres behind me.
"Careful, you never know what flavour you'll get with the jelly beans." He explained.

I managed a smile. The boy had shaggy brown hair, and a little nose.

"Hi, my name's Lily Evans." I said.

Weiting "What did you get?" he asked getting closer.
I licked my mouth and spit out something green.
"Hmm..looks like grass"he examined it.
"Are the chocolate frogs bad?" I asked.
"Nah, they are just chocolate in forms of frogs" he said. I opened my frog and a piece of paper saying
ALBUS DUMBLEDORE, I read it and threw it away.
"Are you good at Quidditch?" asked the boy.
"It's a game" he said and explained to me everything he knew about Hogwarts.

Lauren "Oh, my name is James, by the way." He told me.

"Wow, Hogwarts sounds brilliant! Is this year your first year?" I asked.

"Yes, it is. I am very excited though, I can't wait to fly on a broom!" He said, smiling.

"My best friend Severus is a wizard too, he'll be joining us at Hogwarts!" I explained.

Weiting He frowned, "Severus is your friend?" he asked.
"Yeah why?" I asked.
"Oh, nothing" said James. I was suspicious but before I could ask him anything he asked:
"Are you Muggled Borned?"
"We could say so" I said and he smiled.
"I'll see you at King Cross! You have to meet Sirius, you'll like him" James said and went away.
Then I met with Dumbledore and we prepared my baggage and other things to go to King Cross Station.
Or Hogwarts.

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Jeni (Why did she get her things in Hogsmeade instead of Diagon Alley in London?)

I put the last of my new belongings in my trunk and snapped the lid shut. My owl, Pidge, flapped her wings, looking for a treat. I looked around my room, realizing I wouldn't see it until the Christmas holidays and my nervousness came back full force.

What if nobody liked me? What if I was put into the wrong house? What if I was the only one with non-magical parents?

"Lily!" My mother shouted from downstairs. "Time to go, darling!" I smiled, nervousness forgotten in the excitement of the moment. I hauled my trunk off my bed and picked up Pidge's cage. "Ready to go, wee Pidge?" I said, smiling. Pidge hooted and I decided she was happy to go, too.

message 11: by Avani (last edited Aug 09, 2012 06:41AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Avani -an hour later-
I stood in front of a wall. Platform 9, this way. Platform 10, the other way. Petunia was standing behind me with my parents, and I could practically feel her seething anger emanating off her in waves.
"Severus said you just walk through the wall," I explained nervously to my parents, turning. Petunia rolled her eyes. "Well of course if dear Severus said it, it must be true."
I frowned. "Tuney..."

message 12: by Jeni (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jeni "Don't talk to me, you freak!" Tuney screamed and ran from me. Mother looked at me sadly and hugged me tight.

"Do well, darling. We'll see you at Christmas."
"Love you, Mum." I said. She turned and hurried out the way Tuney had run.

"Love you, too, Dad." I said with a smile and I hugged him as tight as I could.

"Lily," He began, clearly pausing to think of what he wanted to say. "Don't mind Tuney. We'll sort it out." He smiled and nodded. "Your Mum and I are very proud of you, sweetheart."

I smiled and hugged him again and he turned to join the rest of the family.

I waved until he was out of sight then took a deep breath and pushed my trolley straight at the barrier between Platform 9 and 10. Eyes closed, I ran and just when I thought I would crash in a spectacular fashion, I heard a train whistle.

Opening my eyes, I glimpsed the Hogwart's Express for the first time. Shining and pumping steam noisily. And there were witches and wizards everywhere!

"Lily!" I looked up and saw Severus. I smiled and worked my way to his side. He helped me with my belongings and we boarded the train together, settling down in an empty compartment as the train left the station.

"Here we go, Lily. Just as I said!" He was beaming and I don't recall ever seeing him so happy. "Just like you said, Sev." I agreed, smiling with him as we watched the scenery go by.

message 13: by Weiting (last edited Aug 12, 2012 08:25AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Weiting "Every flavor jelly beans! Every flavor, every taste!" said the old woman who sold candy.
I gulped, disgusted by my own candy experience.
But Severus, gladly bought 5.
"It's fun, to see what flavor you get!" he exclaimed smiling.
"But some are disgusting" I said.
"I know-Wait! How'd you know that?" he asked suddenly curious.
"James told me" I said innocently, he panicked.
"No! Not James! James Potter? Don't tell me it was him!"
"Well he didn't tell me his last name" I said.
What was between James and Sev?
"Okay, he looks tall, with glasses, little nose, messy hair?" he asked nervous.
"Yup!" I replied, he panicked but then smiled, switching the subject to the bean he just ate, which flavor was chili. Then I, decided I wanted to explore the rest of the train.
"Sure!" replied Severus, eating the rest of the beans.
I walked through the cabin, saw glaring girls and smiling boys until I reached a cabin where a familiar voice said "Hey Lily! Over here!"
James and 3 other boys were over there.
I walked there.
"Hey Lily! This is Sirius!" he said presenting a black haired boy. "Hi I'm Lily" I said.
"The name's Sirius" he said.
"Are you serious, Sirius?" I asked, making the whole lot laugh. James introduced me to the whole lot.
"So why didn't you greet me at the station?" I asked.
"Uhm..you were with that friend of yours..uhm Severus" James grumbled nervously.
"Oh, that squid" said Sirius before James could put his hand on his mouth.
"A Squid?" I asked, James had never told me what a Squid was.

Maureen James looked uneasy.I immediately guessed that a Squid,whatever it was, was not a very pleasant thing.

"Never mind that.Its...not necessary." James said, giving Sirius a warning look.There was an awkward moment of silence.

"Uhm.I should be getting back now." I said, preparing to leave. "Don't go yet!" James said."Stay a little longer?" "Thank you,but I really should be leaving. Besides,Severus is bound to be looking for me by now. I've been gone for a while."

"Well,in that case then,we'll see you later on when we arrive at school." Sirius said smiling. "Of course.And it was nice meeting you all." I said opening the door. "You too." Sirius and the other boys said together.

I stepped out of the cabin and saying goodbye once more,closed the door and walked away, in the direction I came from.

Weiting Then the train came to a halt and I could not believe it. I was in Hogwarts!
I met with Severus and we both went through a big hall to a dining room, were I guessed the feasting was to start. Me and Severus sat down.
Albus Dumbledore was in the middle of the room.
He said a whole speech about welcoming the first years.
And the most exciting thing was going to happen!
The sorting. After James's turn, he was Gryffindor.
He had told me it was the best. Severus who had been called a few minutes before was now in Slytherin.
Of course James and his "lot" were all grinning each other in Gryffindor.
"LILY EVANS!" someone shouted. And I got up and put the hat.
"Hello! Muggle Borned?" asked the hat in my head.
"Yes, uhm..I heard you can read anything I hear, is that true?" I said timidly, but I was pretty scared too. I guessed the hat sensed that because it said:
"You bet! And don't worry missy, someone as pretty as you musn't be in a bad house!"
I blushed.
"So can you tell me about each house?" I asked.
"Of course! Gryffindor are for those who are great and adventerous, Ravenclaw are for those who are smart and clever, Hufflepuff are for those with the kindest hearts and Slytherin are those who have a power with dark magic, what house do you want?" it said.
I think Ravenclaw or Gryffindor suited me, because of the description, but the hat finally said:
"I think I know where you belong!"
"Really?" I was excited.
"Uh-huh.." it said then shouted:
I was glad, I mean it was good.
I went over to the grinning Gryffindors were James and his lot greeted me the warmest. But Severus was never sadder than now. With his face on the floor, it looked like he was going to cry.
I walked over to him.
"Don't worry Sev! We'll hangout between classes!" I said. "Thanks Lil, that's nice of you" he replied with a weak grin but the same tone.
So really, then I went to the Gryffindors to celebrate my arrival and many others.

Weiting (I'll continue)
After we went to our rooms and rested.
There was a very nice girl at my side.
"Hey my name is Alice! What's yours?" she asked smiling.
"Lily, nice to meet you" I shook her hand.
"Here, let me guide you around!" she held my hand and pulled me. We walked through halls and everything.
"Alice? What is a Squid?" I said curiously.
She gladly answered, "A Squid is sort of a wizard but with some magical difficulties, I don't understand that clearly."
Oh, so THAT was a Squid.
"There, beware of him, that's Lucius Malfoy, he's an awful bad prankster!" Alice exclaimed.
I examined it, his hair was almost white, but a bit blonde. He looked evil, his ambitous smile made it clear. "Let's get out of here!" I pulled Alice sensing danger. Me and Alice talked for a long time until I decided to explore the grounds myself.
I walked through the school, struck by all the sparkle and pretty until I heard a big crowd.
"What's going on?" I said, pushing thorught the crowd.
There was the most horrifying sight.
James and his lot, mainly James, were surrounding Sev making spells.
Sev's backpack was in the floor and he himself was scared. James laughed and he struck Sev another trick which turned him blue, he turned him around.
I was angry, but suprised too.
"What do you think you are doing?" I screamed.
He turned around, quite suprised.
Sev turned normal.
"Lily I-" started James.
"I don't want to hear it" I screamed at him.
I grabbed Sev's pack and said "Come on Sev, get away from these jerks" He followed me, and James stood dumbfounded there.
"Thank you Lily!" he cried.
"I was afraid to tell you, but I am his favorite victim..because I'm a Squid" Sev said ashamed.
"Don't worry Sev, just ignore them" I said.
And we each went to our rooms in our different houses.

Maureen (This Is sooooooooooo cool!)
The rest of the day, I thought about Severus and James.I couldn't help but wonder why they didn't get along.

Weiting (Thanks :) )
I mean, where they Squid racist here or something?
I met with Sev.

Elizabeth Day "Hey...." I said. "Why do you and James hate each other?"

Jasmine J isnt it squib not squid
squids are an underwater creature

Lauren "It's because he seems to think Gryffindor is the superior house." Severus explained.


Weiting "Well, who knows what he thinks" shrugged Severus.
Today was our first class, and luckily, I was with Sev.
It was Potions.

Weiting It turned, I was pretty good at Potions!
I took notes furiously and concentrated hard, and as dad would say, it always bought fruits!
I loved the combinations and the outcomes and then the teacher made us make a potion.
I was enjoying it while the rest were still stuck on step 3. I was the top in potions now, until the teacher got tired and made us do it by ourselves.
James got this opportunity to talk to me.
"Psstt Lily" he said, I ignored him.
"Lily" he said, he continued, "I'm really sorry about Severus and everything, sorry."
Were my ears full of wax or was he saying sorry?
Still I ignored him, I'd never forgive him again.
He was getting annoying, so I put a bit of the potion in another jar and poured it in James's head.
Which caused...

Emily Colby Sadaf wrote: "isnt it squib not squid
squids are an underwater creature"

(I was wondering why everyone was writing 'squid'.)

message 26: by Jeni (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jeni (Not to mention, a squib is a non-magical child of magical parents, not someone with anger issues.)

Micaela (and snape most definetly is magical)

Maureen OOOOOPSY!Turned out we made a mistake there.But it's a story, so could't we overlook that teeenie error?We could make him a squid and define it differently to suit the story.

Weiting (Fine, I'll continue it)

His hair to turn green.

Lauren I wan't expecting it to do that. The whole class erupted into laughter, and I didn't want to deal with our professor, or James, so I just stormed out of class, leaving him looking humiliated.

Weiting Later at the Gryffindor common room I sat there looking guilty. What if his hair was never going to be normal again?
"Hey I heard about James, he's fine now" said Alice.
I sighed.
"He says it really dosen't matter, so you want me to present you my friend?" asked Alice.
"Who?" I asked.
"She's called Molly, she's in Hufflepuff, come!" she tugged me out.

Elizabeth Day Emily wrote: "Sadaf wrote: "isnt it squib not squid
squids are an underwater creature"

(I was wondering why everyone was writing 'squid'.)"


Elizabeth Day We went, and in front of us was who I guessed was her friend Molly.

Wingman She was red-headed, and was friendly too! Therefore, we became close friends.

message 35: by Lauren (last edited Aug 17, 2012 11:14PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lauren ((I'm not sure if you guys are talking about Molly Weasley/Prewett, but if you are, she was actually in Gryffindor, and would have already left Hogwarts.)).

Wingman I think it's molly prewett as it is said above that she's alice's friend.

Weiting (Easy question, easy solution, change it)

"So Molly?" I asked.
"Yeah?" she asked back.
"What is a SQUIB?" I asked.
"I thought you already asked me" said Alice.
"Well, yeah. But I wasn't that clear" I responded nervously.
Molly could be nice, but she was an investigator.
"Why do you want to know?" she told me.
I shrugged casually, "Curiosity" I responded.
"Mmm.." said Alice suspicious, Molly simply smiled.
"Well.." she started her explanation.

Elizabeth Day "It means that someone was born into a wizarding family but their magical powers don't work that well," Molly explained. "Like the opposite of a Muggle-born. It's really kind of sad, actually."

message 39: by Weiting (last edited Aug 18, 2012 12:48PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Weiting "And I couldn't have said that better" said Alice concluding.
So that's why James hates Severus.
"So..you want to walk around? My mum always says 'Fresh air is always good for a rotten soul!'"
said Molly nudging me.
Alice agreed, "But my mum says 'A good laugh is good for a rotten soul!' instead!" she laughed.
Then we went through the Hogwart grounds.
And I saw someone that made me panick.
It was James and his gang.
But the worse, was they were coming my direction.

message 40: by ari (new) - rated it 5 stars

ari kim (Before I start http://jamespotterproject.com This guy is amazing, writes about James and his friends, with adventures and stuff. Book one is out, book 2 is coming soon :)

"Sure, but let's walk over her, I don't-"
"Hey Lily!" James called. I cringed, and sighed.
Molly and Alice grinned at each other, obviously under the impression that I had a crush on him. But before I could correct them, James was walking my way, and they vanished, with a whisper of 'tell us everything back at the common room!"
"Hi," I said turning around.
"Don't you want to apologize?" he asked with a bit of a grin on his face.
I scoffed. "Well certainly not now! Why would you call Snape a Squib? He can certainly do magic! Much better than you I would imagine!"
And I walked away, forcing the redness of my cheeks to stay as mute as possible.

Weiting After I reported them with everything thta happened.
"That was kind of harsh Lily" said Molly in the common room.
"Yeah, and we thought you had a crush on him!" said Alice following from behind.
"Girls, first I don't have a crush on him! Second, he deserved it" I said.
"What a lady" said Alice, we laughed.

-Next day-

It was a nice day, ncie weather.
When Sirius came.
"Hey Lily!" he said.
"Hi Sirius" I mumbled.
"Hey, so I guess you were kind of angry with James so I-"
"Here to be the messenger?" I asked.
"Well yeah, James said.." he trailed off, trying to remember what to say.

Weiting (Hey guys! Since you are all so good writers, I'm putting this together to make a story on Goodreads!
You will all get a credit! Meanwhile, keep writing, or I'll stop writing here too! Thanks! ;)

Weiting [ Guys! Here's the link for the story!
http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/3... )

Melody "Oh that's right. He said that he was sorry.. no wait did he say he wasn't sorry... maybe it was.... dammit James is going to kill me."

"Oh shut up Sirius!" James comes storming towards me from his hiding spot.

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

"You know what just tell James i couldn't care less about what he wants to say i will never forgive him for being so mean to Severus. I mean what kind of person would be so mean, to a person who is a squib what difference does it make we all have magical blood? I just don't want to be friends with a person who makes fun of people and gets joy out of it." Sirius just stood there shocked and unable to talk. I walked away after I finally got all i wanted to say out and went to my next class.

Weiting Which was Muggle Studies, it was a breeze, since I am sort of a Muggle, I pretty much know everything.
I walked towards Molly and Alice when a boy stopped me.
Not again, I thought.
It must've been one of James's friends.
"Hi, my name is Remus Lupin and I-" he started.
Remus looked pale, too pale.
"You are one of Potter's friends right?" I asked.
I'll start calling him Potter, he dosen't deserve being called his name.
"Yes, he says..." he trailed off nervously like Sirius.
Did his friends have to be the same?

Melody "Look would you please tell him I will never forgive him so stop trying!" I yelled. He looked stunned as I stormed off.

Weiting Boys.
"What was that about?" asked Alice as I sat down next to her.
"Another of Potter's annoyng friends" I grumbled.
She was silent.
"Hey Molly" I said. She was looking at something.
"Hey MOLLY?!" screamed Alice.
"MOLLY!" we screamed. She was smiling.
Alice shook her.
"Molly! Earth to Molly!"
Finally she came back.
"Uh? What?"
"What happened Molly?" I asked.
"Ar-Ar" she kept saying.
"Who? what?!" asked Alice.
"Arthur Weasley" she said and pointed.
We looked at where she was pointing.

Elizabeth Day He was a redheaded boy and wasn't really what I wanted in a guy, but Moly was smiling as if she had never seen anything more beautiful.

Weiting Alice rolled her eyes.

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