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message 1: by C.M. (new)

C.M. Fick (CM_Fick) | 12 comments * Title - Mark of Fate
* Author name - C.M. Fick
* ISBN - 978-0-9810419-5-7
* Publisher - Bad Caveman Publishing
* Publication date - Oct 31, 2011
* Format - ebook/ soft cover

* Description:
A love born of fate
A life lived by choice
A future carved by destiny

Madison Samuels has, unknownly, fallen madly in love with the vampire who made a deal with her mother nineteen years ago. When she finds herself in a whirlwind romance with Xander Crane, her loved ones start to question his secretive nature forcing Madison to face the biggest crossroads of her life.

Will she choose the path of love or the path of reason?

Is the choice really hers?

* Link to cover -

message 2: by lafon حمزة (last edited Jul 29, 2012 02:37PM) (new)

lafon حمزة نوفل (lafon) | 3557 comments Your book is here.

And you can claim your author profile here.

I noticed that you wrote "ebook/softcover" as the format. Is it a paperback edition of your book? If so does it have an ISBN of it's own?

message 3: by C.M. (new)

C.M. Fick (CM_Fick) | 12 comments the paperback edition does not have a different ISBN from the ebook format - thank you!

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