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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Jacqueline sat at one of the small booths across from her brother in the quaint cafe. She had her legs crossed in a lady-like manor as she sipped her coffee and eyed her brother who was smiling like usual "How can you be smiling on such a dreary morning?" she asked him shaking her head as she reached back and pulled her red, wavy hair over one shoulder. She had a blank expression like she did most mornings but today she looked unusually tense, today was the day, the day they had escaped from being given those awful barcodes.

Xavier was smiling like a madman at his sister as his eyes shined "you look at today as if it's awful and depressing but I think of it as the day something great happened" he told her as if that explained everything.

Jacqueline waited a moment for her brother to elaborate on what he had just said but when he didn't she sighed "what is so great about this day?" she asked him as she took a large gulp of her scorching hot coffee, causing her throat to burn but she hardly noticed.

"Today is the day we escaped" he said in a much softer voice than he had spoken in earlier.

"Yeah, escaped from out psychotic aunt who tried to do something awful to us and betrayed our trust" she hissed in a soft voice so nobody but someone is close proximity could hear her.

"True but you can also see it as the day are uncle turned on everything he had once believed in to save us" he said as he leaned back in his seat.

Jacqueline opened her mouth to say something but her brother gave her a look saying try challenging me simply causing her to let out a groan and lean back in her own seat. She placed a hand to her head-which felt as if it was going to explode- and let her eyes close for a moment.

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 109 comments Chandler walked into the café and ordered a black coffee.He walked over to a table and sat down,talking a swig of his coffee and opening up his book.He adjusted his beanie that was upon his head,flipping the page with his other hand .

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) "Headache?" Xavier asked when he saw his sister close her eyes. He sighed softly "you're too stressed out, you need to calm down and not worry so much" he said in a soft, concerned tone.

Jacqueline's grey eyes fluttered open reflecting the sunlight from outside in a way to give it a bluish tinge. "I can't help it, all I've been able to think about since that night is all the ways we could be found and dragged to one of those dreadful laboratories" she said, her French accent evident in her voice as her frustration grew.

Xavier sighed shaking his head "have you ever tried to think about the present, think about how we're safe and together?" he said looking at her with a soft brotherly eyes.

"I don't see the present, all I see is the past and what our futures may hold" she said as she slid out of the booth "I need another coffee" she muttered as she walked over to the counter, her boots clicking against the ground as she walked.

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 109 comments Chandlers eyes flickered up as he heard foot steps coming his way,but noticed that it was just another person ordering coffee.His eyes turned back to his book as he drank another swig of coffee.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) Jacqueline ordered a plain black coffee and leaned her back against the counter with her arms crossed over her chest as she waited for her order. Her grey eyes flickering from person to person, the people in there were't interesting to her in the slightest so her gaze didn't stay on one person for very long. She sighed and turned back around when her coffee was ready, she payed and took long strides back to her booth. She slid back into her seat across from her brother and set the coffee down in front of her, she leaned back in her seat as she waited for the drink to cool.

Xavier chuckled "You do realize that the caffeine in that coffee is just going to make your headache worse, right?" he told her as he stifled a laugh.

"Well I doubt it's going away anyway so I'm not going to let this damn thing" she said as she pointed to her head "stop me from drinking my coffee" she said finishing her statement. As if to prove her point she picked up the still hot drink and took a sip that she immediately regretted, she felt the burning liquid make it's way down her throat and to her stomach, burning everything it touched. She set the coffee back down and plastered a smile on her face as she looked at her brother.

"You burned yourself didn't you" Xavier said shaking his head as a sigh mixed with a laugh escaped his lips "I swear, you're impossible" he said with a lop sided smile.

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 109 comments Chandler finished his coffee and got up,closing the book and taking his now empty coffee cup to the garbage.He ruffled his hair a bit before walking across the coffee shop and out the door.

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Vasantha (InsanityIsaVirtue) "Come one, I want to go somewhere" Xavier said as he slid out of the booth.

Jacqueline eyed him suspiciously as she slid out of the booth with her coffee in her hand "library?" she asked with a raised eyebrow as they walked out the door.

"Library" Xavier repeated, confirming her guess. "I want to do some more research on the whole barcode thing" he lowered his voice significantly when he said barcode. Xavier had recently been looking up anything that could give him more information on the barcodes.

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