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Marco and Celia
Nadia Nadia Jul 28, 2012 03:10PM
Did anyone buy into their love for each other? I felt that there wasn't enough reasoning behind besides the fact that they had magic in common. I wished there were more scenes of how they fell in love. Or is it that they fell in love through the things they created and is that enough? What do you think?

Being opponants connected them together. All the opponents fell in love with each other everytime, that was part of the challennge and cruelty of the competition. It was about who could handle the heartbreak of beating someone they cared about.

I think a lot of it was that they were adding to each others' tents. The magic was so powerful, they could feel each other in each tent, and with each addition that was made. they had a much deeper connection, even when Celia didn't know who it was that she had this connection with.
That's my take on it, anyway :)

I liked their romance.
I suppose that there could have been more substance to Marco and Celia's relationship, but then again...

I'd like to think of Marco and Celia as artists, because they create beautiful things with their magic. And the art that they create for the circus portrays their character and personality.

By adding more to the Circus, Marco and Celia reveal bits and pieces of themselves to the other. The Circus itself is their correspondence to each other; the best example is probably the labyrinth. And they realized that they like the things their opponent made, and by appreciating the art they began to appreciate its creator, until they reach the point where they straight-out love the creator. And after they realized they loved each other, the creations that they added to the circus were what they thought the other would love.

The nature of the competition and the Circus forced Marco and Celia to be apart most of the time which probably accounts for most of the lack of Marco-Celia moments; this is an elegant story of a long-distance relationship. But I believe that as the Circus grew through the years, with new tents and whatnot, it provided a symbol of Marco and Celia's deepening love.

So yeah, the portrayal of Marco and Celia's relationship lacks in regards to the amount of moments that they share together, and even what happens in those moments when they are together, but the Circus holds the essence of who they are through the creations they've made, and that is what helped them fall in love with each other, and I guess Morgenstern deemed that it was enough to portray Marco and Celia's relationship through the Circus and the fleeting moments when they were together or thinking of each other.

Not entirely sure if that makes sense, but that's what I think.

i bought into the idea of them being in love - i think that there was more to the story than the link between them and that's why there were times when it seemed like it didn't take center stage w/ believability. i really enjoyed their relationship though and what they did for each other (i.e. creating tents that they knew the other would enjoy or find to be 'incredible'

I wish that more of their relationship was in the book. It was too brief. They didn't interact too much, did they? But I still believed it. The moments that we did see them together were nice.

I bought into the romance also. I, however, enjoyed the story more when she talked about the circus itself more than the "love". I found myself wondering if the love was actual or a "side-effect" of the game and being forced, in a way, to each other.

I wondered about this, too. Then I realized this: What if I were the only person I knew who could do something. Something kind of strange, something I need to (sort of...) keep secret. One day, I suddently meet a handsome person who can also do that same thing. He has had the same trials and tribulations as I have because of my special "gift". How could we not be in love, at least in an artificial sense.

Nadia, I agree with you. There was not enough to pull the reader in to this romance. I felt no chemistry between the two characters.

i thought it was really sweet. It was so sudden when they met. Kinda like "magic".
;) ;)
see what i did there? ;) :)

I liked the romance but it was not that great. they fell in love all too sudden. but having read reasonable amount of YA I did not bother. all i cared about was the magic they created.

I bought the love story hook, line and sinker! I thought it was brilliant. Marco couldn't be with her as often as he wanted because he had to stay in London with Chandresh, and work on new projects for Celia.

Celia, on the other hand HAD to travel with the circus. And once Marco erected a new tent or attraction, Celia had to invent her own. It was actually very touching, the thought and care that they put in to their creations for one another.

Daffodil14 I agree. Poppet / Bailey was maybe a more obvious lovestory (waiting to happen), but I thought Marco and Celia's story was very touching. Love stories...more
Dec 08, 2012 12:17PM

I absolutely bought the love story, as well as the heartbreak both of them felt when they realized that they could never be (until they found their loophole).

I feel that the lack of back story for their relationship may have enhanced how I felt over-all about the book. The story is centered on the circus, not on the characters, and I think leaving a little bit of mystery about the lovers made it all the more enchanting. They were simply bound from the start- soulmates- and needed no extra "push" to encourage their relationship. Star-crossed lovers.

I did buy it, but like you said Erin Morgenstern should have put more reasoning behind their relationship and maybe even lengthening their liking for each other, it would have made their relationship more interesting since it was one of the major parts of the book.

I liked it, I think the fact that they were bound by magic and the game and also the fact that they got the chance to see and admire each other's work and even work together before they met let them already know each other in ways that they wouldn't otherwise; they got to see into each other's imagination and dreams made reality. So when they met, they already knew so much about each other. I liked it.

Remember how Tushika (the contortist woman) said she fell in love with her opponent? I think it was the actual competition that bound Celia and Marco, not their actual magical abilities.

Gaby Testa it was.
Jan 04, 2013 05:26AM

Maybe because they've both been in the same situations in life, cloistered within the circus by the magicians in their rivalry.
However I do think it Morgenstern was a bit vague about their relationship, even the final scene when they 'absorbed' themselves into the circus was vague

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