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Name:(first & Last)
Personality(2 full sentences)
?:(Are they Advanced Hunters or newbies)

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Name: Jonny Camphry
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearence: Joey is only 4’10” and has reasonably tan skin. He has crazy light red-brown hair that he never attempts to tame. He has bright green eyes and one piercing in his right ear and on his lip.
Personality: Jonny is hyper-active 13 year old and is always smiling. He loves to laugh and joke around and is full of energy. He can’t stand being in the same place for more than 5 minutes and is always moving. It is impossible for him to sit still. Jonny is really nice and kind and sincere.
Family: his twin brother Jakey

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Name:Ashton Death
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ashton has thin black hair that goes just passed his ears. It falls in his face unless he wears a baseball hat. He is very pale all over and he had sea blue eyes. He often wears dark grey or black clothing and hiking boots.
Personality: Ashton was always second best. He is very skilled but Ashley has always been better. He has always wanted to prove that he could be better than her. Then she was supposedly killed by a werewolf. He is now determined to destroy every werewolf. Aside from that he is the kinda person who is friends with everyone and if he likes you as more than a friend he gets shy and tends to mess up his speech.
Family: Ashley Death (twin sister)
Status: Advanced
Other: His sister was supposedly killed by a werewolf and he wants revenge he wield what was once her weapon. Ash's Weapon Not my best but I have writers block so I'll update it when I have more ideas....

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Name:Lisa Dimes
Personality:Lisa almost acts like she has mutiple personalities. She gets into an uproar whenever she is angry, known to strike out at not only werewolves but other Hunters as well. She wants everything to be perfectly how she wants it, and she is not afraid to threaten people if things go sour. One minute she;s sweet then she turns into a mad killer.

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Hunter Nerd XD Awesome

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 █║ ✕ Aesthetic Indelible  ‟Aɴɢeʟ‟  (sirsly) Name: Isabeth Ross
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Female
Personality: Isabeth is the girl who'd take a bullet for anyone, she knows the truth in werewolves. She's a nerd, or you could say she does her homework. She loves going ahead, and thinking the unexpected. She isn't as bad as she comes off as, but she'll kill if it needs to be done to save lives.
Family: A mother, and father. And a young brother. Her father and mother are still hunters.
Status: In the middle.
Other: She works best with bow and arrows. She mostly has those mechanical kinds.

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ Name:Emily Cole
Personality:Emily can come off as a serious,no fun girl.And sometimes,she can be.Usually when shes doing her job.But when shes around people she actually enjoys being around,shes actually really funny and cool.Shes usually laid back and laughing or smiling.Emily can also be a huge flirt.When shes flirting with you,trust me,you'll know.At times,if you talk about or get to one of her touchy subjects,she can be really sensitive and teary.Shes overall a pretty cool girl and is honestly really chill.
Family:She doesnt have any that she knows of.Her parents and brother were killed one day when they were out hunting.A whole pack attacked them and Emily was the only one who got away.She had seen her family get ripped to pieces by werewolves and she swore she would get revenge for her familys death.
Status:Around the middle,not yet advanced.
Other:Works with either a crossbow or a knife.

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Name: Brenden Gampter
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearence: Brenden isn't too tall, but he isn't short either. He stands at 5'10". He has extremely tan skin and dark brown hair that people often mistake for black. His eyes are a light gray-blue and they hide behind silver-framed glasses.
Personality: Brenden is a very nice, kind, caring, and a bit protective person. He's extremely shy and a bit clutzy but once you get to know him he's funny, more sure of himself and an idiot. He gets emberrased easily so he blushes a lot. He rambles when he's nervous and he really doesn't like being around people. He loves music so if he's not listening to his ipod, he's strumming on his guitar. Of course, he only plays his guitar when he's alone.
Family: mom, dad, older brother.
?: he's been a hunter for his entire life, except he doesn't have the guts to kill people(or wolves) and he can't use any weapon due to the fact that they are dangerous objects and he doesn't want to hurt anyone. Or himself. So his skill level is newbie but he isn't new... That make sense?
Other: he's been playing the guitar ever since he could hold one. His family isn't exactly proud of him either. If anything, they're a bit emberrased he's part of the family and Brenden knows this.

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