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ku. [semi-hiatus] (s-t-o-k-e-d) I <3 the Avengers!!!

мєgαη ♥ღ❀ [ωє ∂ση’т нανє тσ тαкє тнιѕ, вα¢к αgαιηѕт тнє ωαℓℓ] ♥ღ❀ | 912 comments Mod
Aah, I didn't watch the film or read the comics, but I read through almost the entire Wikipedia article and I pretty much got it. Do you think I could still roleplay?

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I think you can. :) If you understand it well enough, and we could explain things that you don't know, I think... :)

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:) No problem, Megan!!

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is there any avenger positions left?

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I think could always make a supervillian.

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^^' im not very good at bad guys, I was just wondering if there were any superheroes left.

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 788 comments I made a baddie who secretly works with them! As in, something like a desk job. Not as an avenger, something like Nick Fury.

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