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Richard Due (RichardDue) | 26 comments ***AUTOGRAPHED COPY & T-Shirt*** (ends 8/23/12)

Written for fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, Lemony Snicket, Nicholas Flamel, Fablehaven, Leviathan, Narnia, Warriors, Hunger Games, and more.

Praise for THE MOON COIN:

“The Moon Coin is a beautifully written fantasy novel, perfect for middle graders to pore over themselves or as a bedtime story for younger kids. The descriptions of everything, from Uncle Ebb’s electronic fish-bird hybrids to the fanciful creatures Lily meets in the Moon Realm, are so rich that the action instantly comes alive for the reader. The story’s tension builds slowly but the excitement is constant, with Lily asking the same questions puzzling the reader. The Moon Coin has all the elements of a great fantasy: a unique, complex world, a battle between good and evil, and creatures that are a mix of comical and terrifying.”
—ForeWord Reviews

“Entrancing pictures, an engaging plot, and a great writing style combine to create a middle grade fantasy that readers of all ages will love.”
—Danica Page

“The world created by Mr. Due is a wonderful mix of fantasy that will have middle grade readers and teens wanting more. The writing is as magical as the Moon Realm, with nicely shaped phrases that don’t confuse the reader.”
—Carabosse’s Library

“So begins a beautifully descriptive, cleverly written, intricate story, full of adventure and captivating characters, who draw you into their very lives and worlds. The wider adult reading population will no doubt be entranced by the skill of the author, Richard Due. I just cannot believe that this maturity and skill with the written word comes from a debut author.”
—Fiction Books

“The Moon Coin is middle-grade fantasy at its best! When I was a kid I would have annihilated this book, slept with it under my pillow, and carried it with me at school.”
—Sizzling Reads

"Tales, unlike stories, never lie. You see, a tale is an account of things in their due order, often divulged secretly, or as gossip. Would you like to hear one?" —Lord Autumn

Uncle Ebb was so good at telling his tales of the Moon Realm that sometimes it sounded like he’d been there himself.

As children, Lily and Jasper listened raptly to his bedtime tales of a place where nine moons swirled around one another, each inhabited by strange and wondrous beings: magical lunamancers; undersea merfolk; wise birds; winged dragons; and Lily’s favorite, the heroic, leonine Rinn.

There was only one rule: don’t tell a soul.

But now, years later, Uncle Ebb is missing. Lily has learned the secret behind the tales, and soon Jasper will too. But there’s one big problem. You see, something terrible has happened in the Moon Realm. . . .

Featuring twenty-two stunning full-color illustrations by Carolyn Arcabascio. Volume One of the fantasy adventure series The Moon Realm.

Six Chapter Preview:

Take a visual tour of the book:

Dear winner: don't forget to let me know what size T-Shirt you'd like: S, M, L.

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