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Rex Pickett

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John I find the novel quite brilliant and moving. It seems foolish to me that some want to compare it to the movie made from it, as if that were possible. The movie is an homage to the novel, of course. Theres a lot going on in the book that the movie couldnt capture in 2 hours, but Paul Giamatta and the other actors, the director, and the screenwriter did an incredible job of bringing it to life. The movie is on many of my friends fave lists. I find it a shame that more of them don't have time to read. Pickett's novel is filled with beautiful, inspired prose. I am a humble fan of Mr Pickett and hope to find more of his work in the near future...

Heath read the follow on book Vertical.
An excellent read.

Alfred Heath wrote: "read the follow on book Vertical.
An excellent read."


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