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Clara pulled into the drive way her trucks engine rumbling until she took out the key, grabbed her books from the back and headed to the door. She knocked on the door and waited for an answer, her dark her falling in loose waves to the waist of her shorts.

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Jasmine opened the door. "Hey Clara, Jordan's in the kitchen, as always."

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"thanks" she smiled and headed in the plopped down on a bar stool "hey" she said

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"Hey Clara." Jordan said with a smile. "Wanna go outside or stay inside?"

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"stay inside, its too hot" Clara answered and spun around on the seat

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He laughed "What ever you say." He sat down next to her.

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"can i lay on the counter?" she asked randomly and looked at him

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"If my mom or sister don't see you doing it and get tick, feel free." He laughed.

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Clara grinned ''yay!" she laughed and laid on her stomach facing him

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"And this is why we get along." He said.

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"well it is hard for me to find someone who puts up with my craziness, so ill take what i can get" she joked and smiled

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He laughed. "Welcome to the club, I come from a family of anti-craziness."

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Clara laughed "i really dont feel like studying" she sighed and laid her head on the book an dlooked up at him, resembling a little puppy

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"I don't either. Homework is lame." he said.

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"I don't either. Homework is lame." he said.

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Clara groaned and pushed the book aside "lets do something" she said

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"Like?" He asked.

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"i dont know, we just should" she said and shrugged

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He shrugged, "I don't know."

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Clara got up and pulled him with her "we my dear" she laughed "are going to play tag"

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"Okay." He laughed.

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she headed out to the back yard then poked his side "your it!" she laughed

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"Ow!" He said sarcastically. He chased after her. He poked her stomach "You're it."
Jaz watched them through the kitchen window. "How am I young than him?" She asked quietly.

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she giggled and took out after him

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He laughed as they chased each other around the yard.

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she ran up to him and jumped on his back softly "gotcha!" she exclaimed happily

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He laughed "Are we giving piggy-back rides now?"

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"i guess so" she laughed and laid her head on his

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He laughed "Sure whatever you say."

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Clara smled and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist "walk me!" she said grinning

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"Okay puppy!" He said patting her head "Where do you wanna go?"

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she grinned at the name "i dont care, just anywhere..pony" she replied

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He laughed "Okay, I deserve that one."

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ahe smiled "giddee up"

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He laughed "Wanna go to the park?"

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she nodded enthusiastically "yeah!"

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He laughed "Okay."
((Meet you at the park, I'll post first?))

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Clara giggled and held on

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((Can Jaz be sitting outside?))

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((Sure, here, I'll just post first.))
Jaz sat on the the swing on the porch and stared at the apple tree.

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once they were there Clara hopped off his shoulders

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He poked her in the stomach.

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she giggled and grinned up at him "dont think im above tackling you"

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"Oh no!" He said sarcasticly.

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Clara rolled her eyes and tackled him playfully

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He laughed fight back, playfully.

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she tickled his side and grinned

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He tickled her back laughing.

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sh laughed so hard she snorted and fell into his arms

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