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Maricrystal (ImSlytherinAndDauntlessetc) | 163 comments Mod

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Maricrystal (ImSlytherinAndDauntlessetc) | 163 comments Mod
Name:Charles Sterwin
Birthday:January 1
Power:Graceling, deadly hunter
Personality:To be role played
History: will tell no one
Other:works for the kingdom, has one black eye color one silver eye color

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Whoa! I think it's Zack Efron!

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Maricrystal (ImSlytherinAndDauntlessetc) | 163 comments Mod
Nope! That dude is too ugly! Its Logan Lerman.

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No Way!! Logan's a lot cuter in the other pics then!

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Giulia Name: Caleb Lester
Age: 18
Birthday: 11th November
Power: Horse control and swords skill
Personality: Secretive and brooding most of the time. Doesn't say much. He knows his mission is hypocritical but he has no other choice and spent most of his life thinking himself normal so he thinks being a monster is bad. He is normal. That's what he tells himself although inside, he always is in personal turmoil.
Appearance: He has to keep hooded or dye his hair (with roots) to keep it his father's black but if he let it go, it would be a platinum blond with an iridescent, orange sheen. He is tall and handsome, as characteristic of monsters.
Kind of like that, not exactly.
History: Son of a powerful but corrupted Lord so is privy to the King's several rants and schemes. He was given command of a troop of soldiers and sent to hunt for monsters and gracelings.
Other: He is a monster secretly as he is an illegitimate child but his father's only son so he was kept. His mother was a monster, skilled in seduction.

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Fire(Based on the book By Kristin Cashore)

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