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If there were an epilogue to the book, or a sequel, what would be the life of Gogol like?
Natasha Yadav Natasha Jul 18, 2012 04:46AM
I wonder if he gets love, or does he gets arranged married like his parents?

If there is a sequel I wish to see Sonia's marital life and the conflict that prop up for the 3rd generation with a mixture of cultures

HE'd have his life travelling and exploring and reading more of gogol..!!!

The questions will linger..!! Good that there is no sequel..!!

I think he'll go through more relationships till he finds the right person. He seemed pretty defiant to the thought of settling into his parents world so an arranged marriage would be out of question. Though I do wonder if he will maintain the good name / pet name tradition with his own children after all he went through...

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