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Priscilla Hayes It has been a very "reading" summer, and I find myself motoring through the second of two books about teenage online revolution that I picked up by chance. This one, Little Brother, was a recommendation of an unknown wonderful bookseller at Bookies in Denver. I think he did tell me his name. Anyway, a few days later I hit a used book sale at a Colorado mountain tourist town library, and picked up Earthgirl (doing the title from memory).
Both are about teenagers using the web or some offshoot thereof for rebellion. Little Brother has the government creating a sort of police state after a San Francisco bridge is bombed by terrorists. Earthgirl has a Toronto girl being hit by fast food leftovers thrown from a car, and getting environmentalized in a hurry.
Makes me want to write a blog, but that is probably passe. Earthgirl has all sorts of links I will have to look up; Little Brother makes me want to learn to program. I hope there is teenage revolution like this out there.

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