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message 1: by Deena (new)

Deena | 4 comments Hey everyone! I was wondering if there was anyone in the Des Moines metro that would either like to meet up and have our own "vaginal fantasy" discussion. Afterwards we can participate or watch the monthly discussion if we would like, or meet up the week of or week before or something. I'm very flexible on the whole time thing.
Anyways, please tell me I am not the only one in Iowa that watches and actually reads the books along with the gals.

If there isn't anyone in Iowa or wanting to do such a thing, I am willing to do a mid-western online meet up to discuss and have some fun.

Thanks! I'll be looking forward to hearing.. from anyone!

message 2: by Deena (new)

Deena | 4 comments So, noone. Greaaat...

message 3: by Joanne (new)

Joanne (Signy) | 11 comments Hey Deena... I'm an Iowa girl too, just don't get on here much. Work work and more work. head/desk

message 4: by Deena (new)

Deena | 4 comments Deena wrote: "So, noone. Greaaat..."

Oh I know how that is. :D Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one in Iowa. haha. Nice to meet you Joanne.

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 89 comments Lisa and I are over in Iowa city! It's a bit of a drive, but I wouldn't mind having a midwestern get together some time. :)

message 6: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Marsh | 22 comments Hello!! I'm the Lisa from above. It is nice to know other Iowans are here :)

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey Iowa! There's not a lot of activity for South Dakota hereish. I know we love to hate each other but if your guys run an online thing for midwest hit me up!

message 8: by Ginger (new)

Ginger | 1 comments Hiya Deena! I'll be moving to area in a few days from southeast Iowa and would be totally up for some kind of group meetup! My friend and I both just recently discovered this group through Felicia, so you can add two more to you potential list of people :)

message 9: by Kate (new)

Kate | 3 comments Hey! I'm late to this thread but would love to join in the fun. I'm in Iowa City but would be glad to meet mid-state somewhere or online.
I'm super excited to see other Iowans and even Iowa City-ans on here :)

message 10: by Tory (new)

Tory | 1 comments Hi! Right now I'm in WDSM and moving to Newton in February. I would love to have a local group! Willing to travel if it's during the week - I'm a weekend package RN and can't do Fri-Sunday.

message 11: by Kate (new)

Kate | 3 comments I'd love to revitalize this thread and see if we can get a meet up together for Iowa/Iowa-ish people. Is there one already happening? If not, are people interested?

I'm in iowa city, but would be willing to drive a bit if needed and could do a weekend or evening meeting time.

message 12: by Deena (new)

Deena | 4 comments Hi everyone. I am still very interested!! I will star gathering emails as soon as I am back from travelIng. I am so thrilled that there are responses! Please let me know if you all are still interested! :) I'll be on again here soon!

message 13: by Chrissy (new)

Chrissy (Delerium0ne) | 1 comments I'd be interested. I'm in Cedar Rapids... if we do an actual meet up it would make most sense to meet somewhere half way, or where the majority resides. Hopefully we can get more people to chime in. I am willing to travel though.

message 14: by Anna (new)

Anna (cheeruppirate) | 1 comments I'm new to the game but I'd be interested. I'm in the NW corner near Sioux Falls, SD so I'm probably best off for an online meetup or if Shea finds some more SD people for a live meet up.

message 15: by Julie (new)

Julie (Hawkeyegirl) | 3 comments Yes! I'm in Grimes, would love to meet up! Online is fine, but if in person is possible, I actually work for Beaverdale Books and can easily set something up to meet there or am happy to travel somewhere else. Just found the group through Geek and Sundry, super glad there are others in Iowa!

message 16: by Elisabeth (new)

Elisabeth (regina_romana) | 1 comments Hi all, I'm late to this thread, but I'm also in Iowa City and would love to do a meet-up or something. I am super excited to see so many Iowa City-zens on here!

message 17: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Hemp | 6 comments Yet another person late to the party! I'm in Des Moines. I think a VF book club would be a blast. I'm not up for organizing but I would completely attend!

message 18: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Hemp | 6 comments Okay, I lied. I am up for organizing. I have the buy-in of 3 interested women besides myself. 1 Friday per month. Start date and location tbd.

message 19: by Brigid (new)

Brigid  | 22 comments Julie wrote: "Yes! I'm in Grimes, would love to meet up! Online is fine, but if in person is possible, I actually work for Beaverdale Books and can easily set something up to meet there or am happy to travel som..."

Lol, Beaverdale Books. That's a fun name for a bookstore. Yeah, I'm from Iowa too. Not really sure how that would work out since I'm so busy with school. U of I student, so not much time.

message 20: by Kate (new)

Kate | 3 comments I'd love to join! I'm in Iowa City, but can certainly drive a bit depending ont he day of the week!

message 21: by Rachael (new)

Rachael Hemp | 6 comments So, we are meeting on the last Friday of the month. 6:30 p.m. Smokey Row on Cottage Grove. I'll have a copy of the month's book on the table so you can find us! Yes, this month's is Black Friday. Join us if you can to discuss The Other Boleyn Girl.

message 22: by Dani (new)

Dani | 2 comments Is there anyone still active in this group? I haven't lived in Iowa long and am looking for some book nerds to befriend in the Des Moines area. Been a fan of Felicia forever and am trying to get into reading a few books from this group this year. Expand my horizons and all.

message 23: by Maddie (new)

Maddie Kain | 1 comments Hi Dani! I'm late to the party! I'm also in Des Moines and looking for other VagFan fans in the area. I'd love to join a meet up, or start a new one, or just find someone to talk about books with.

message 24: by Dani (new)

Dani | 2 comments This is amazing! I'd love to hang out and talk books. BTW I'd recommend listening to the St Mary's chronicles books. It really adds to story.

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