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message 1: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Get a refreshing smoothie or chat with friends. It's for whatever!

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Melborne sat himself on one of the colorful stools at the smoothie shack. Her ordered a strawberry-banana smootie.

message 3: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
Casey saw Melbourne and grabbed her chance to tell him what she had done. She sat down next to him and ordered a mango pineapple smoothie.
"Hi, I'm Casey."

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) "Melborne," he said with a grin, "Nice to meet you Casey.

message 5: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
"Nice to meet you too," Casey smiled back, "Alpha Acadamy is amazing, isn't it? There's so much to do here."

message 6: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) "Yeah it's almost like a vacation," Melborne answered agreeing with her.

message 7: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
Casey started to get nervous. When was she supposed to tell Melbourne? She sipped her smoothie.
"So do you have a talent like the rest of us?" she batted her eye lashes a few times.

message 8: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) "Why yes I do," Melborne said matter of fact like, also taking a sip from his smoothie, "I'm an actor and a model." he offered her a charming smile.

message 9: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
"Cool," Casey said enthusiastically, returning his smile, "I'm a musician."

message 10: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Melborne nodded, "What do you play?" he asked curiously.

message 11: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
"Pretty much everything... except acoustic guitar. I've always been too busy with other lessons and performances," Casey sighed.

message 12: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
"Have you done a lot of modeling?"

message 13: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Melborne laughed, "Yeah I have. It's brought me just about everywhere..."

((I will be off for a while but I'll get back on as soon as I can!))

message 14: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
((k thx for telling me (:))

"That's awesome! I've always wanted to travel."

message 15: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Melborne's smile brightened, "Yeah it let's you see new things and meet new people a lot."

message 16: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
Casey sighed, "You are so lucky."

message 17: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
She turned and sipped her smoothie, deep im thought. Why was she wasting time? She should just come out with it.

message 18: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Melborne nodded, "Yeah I love my life..." he said. He noticed her blank look, "Sonething on your mind?" he asked. Taking another sip.

message 19: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
"Yeah... I... look, Melbourne, I have to be honest with you. I told Shira about you and your secret admirers." Casey looked away from Melbourne, embarrassed, "I'm really sorry."

message 20: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Melborne was surprised, "You did what?" his eyes grew wide.

message 21: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
Casey hung her head, "I don't know who you like, just who likes you. I know I did a terrible thing. But I can't take it back."

message 22: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Melborne got over it quickly, he was never one to worry so much, he smiled lightly, "No worries." he patted her back once.

message 23: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
Now Casey's eyes were wide, "Really?"

message 24: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
After a moment, Casey came to her senses, "Thanks. I think it's about time for dinner. Wanna head over there?"

message 25: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Melborne nodded, "Oh sure." he got up and smiled at her, "Where to?"

message 26: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
"I don't know. We could at the dining hall, the pavilion... or we could grab some food and have a picnic here on the beach."

message 27: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) "Dining hall is good," Melborne murmured.

message 28: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) | 460 comments Mod
"K, shall we go?" Casey smiled once more.

message 29: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Melborne laughed, "We shall." he left with Casey.

message 30: by Maddy (new)

Maddy | 656 comments Dingo sat at the counter in the smoothie shack, waiting for Alyssa.

message 31: by Kiersten (new)

Kiersten  (kie_elyce) Alyssa entered the smoothie shack and noticed Dingo sitting at the counter. She smiled and walked over to him, hugging him when she reached him. "Hey! Sorry I'm a little late," she said, sitting down at the counter next to Dingo.

message 32: by Maddy (new)

Maddy | 656 comments "Oh it's alright," Dingo replied, smiling. "You look beautiful as always, so it was worth the wait." He winked at her, then turned to the person making the smoothies. "We'll have the special please." He emphasized the word special with a wink.

((There's no special on the menu(;))

message 33: by Kiersten (new)

Kiersten  (kie_elyce) ((Hahaha(:))

Alyssa looked down at her menu and then over at Dingo with a grin, "Um, Dingo, there's no special on the menu," she pointed out with a quizzical expression.

message 34: by Maddy (new)

Maddy | 656 comments "Exactly. They made it just for the special girl in my life." He kissed her lightly on the cheek then looked back toward the man. "Blindfold please!" he said, grinning and wrapping the fabric around her eyes. "And here's the first course- Strawberry Banana!"

message 35: by Kiersten (new)

Kiersten  (kie_elyce) Alyssa laughed, "Dingo, you didn't have to do this for me," she said with a smile.

message 36: by Maddy (new)

Maddy | 656 comments "Oh but I did," Dingo replied. "It's what good boyfriends do for their amazing girlfriends." He took her hand and wrapped it around the tiny paper cup. "Now drink!"

message 37: by Kiersten (new)

Kiersten  (kie_elyce) Alyssa picked up the cup and tasted it, "Tastes delicious," she said, finishing the last of the smoothie quickly and grinning.

message 38: by Maddy (new)

Maddy | 656 comments "Now try this one," Dingo said, picking up the next cup. "It's pineapple mango, with a hint of kiwi." This was his favorite and he couldn't wait to see her reaction. Most people hated this wacky flavor and he expected her to be no different.

message 39: by Kiersten (new)

Kiersten  (kie_elyce) Alyssa took a sip of the new smoothie and instantly downed it in one gulp, it was delicious, but in a weird, different way. "This tastes amazing," she said finally, smiling slightly.

message 40: by Maddy (new)

Maddy | 656 comments "Really?" Dingo asked, shocked. "Most people hate it! It's my favorite though." He smiled at the sight of her, sitting there in her blindfold, so unaware. "The next one is. . . broccoli!" he announced, handing her what was really tangerine twist.

message 41: by Kiersten (new)

Kiersten  (kie_elyce) "I'm so sure. But hey, even if it was broccoli, I'd probably give it a try," Alyssa said with a grin, before picking up the cup and taking a sip. This time, she didn't quite like the flavor of it, "Eew, I hate orange," she said, puckering her lips.

message 42: by Maddy (new)

Maddy | 656 comments "Yeah well it's only for the best of us," he joked picking up the final cup. "And here is the final smoothie, which will hopefully also be the best. It's called 'Alyssa's Mix' and was just created today. I hope you love it," he said handing over the cup nervously.

message 43: by Maddy (new)

Maddy | 656 comments ((Kiersten???))

message 44: by Kiersten (new)

Kiersten  (kie_elyce) Alyssa smiled and picked up the final cup before bringing it to her lips and taking a sip of it. She was instantly speechless, it tasted amazing; like a mixture of strawberries, blueberries, and every other favorite fruit of hers, mashed into one amazing smoothie. When she finished it she smiled widely, "That was the most amazing smoothie I've ever tasted," she gushed, unable to wipe the smile from her face.

message 45: by Maddy (new)

Maddy | 656 comments "And you're the most amazing girl I've ever met," Dingo whispered in her ear, untying the blindfold and tossing it behind him. He kissed her slowly, remembering all they had been through and all that was to come.

message 46: by Kiersten (new)

Kiersten  (kie_elyce) Alyssa smiled against Dingo's lips as she looped her arms around his neck, her fingers entangling in his hair. She kissed him back slowly and sweetly, savoring the moment and holding Dingo tightly to her.

message 47: by Maddy (new)

Maddy | 656 comments "We should go somewhere a little more. . . private," Dingo whispered, thinking of the man working the shack.

((IDK where but I have to go for the night. . . continue tomorrow!!!))

message 48: by Kiersten (new)

Kiersten  (kie_elyce) "Alright," Alyssa whispered back, pulling away hesitantly from Dingo and hopping off of her chair with her hand in his, "Where to?" she asked once they were on their feet.

message 49: by Kiersten (new)

Kiersten  (kie_elyce) ((Maddy?))

message 50: by Maddy (new)

Maddy | 656 comments "How about we go rent some surfboards?" he asked, grinning at the memory of their last time surfing.

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