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Asma Fedosia | 2775 comments Safflower

Have you read the UNESCO Genji site?

Wiki note on this Chapter

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Asma Fedosia | 2775 comments Chapter 6 "The Safflower", or "Suetsumuhana".

After remembering his former love affairs, eighteen-year-old Genji starts fresh with timid, reticent, un-beautiful, unfashionable Princess Hitachi (Suetsumuhana). She does have good points: her rank, head's shape, and longer-than-hem hair. He nevertheless feels frustrated because of their lack of "normal give-and-take" social conversation. They eventually exchange tanka poems and gifts, which bemuse Genji because the Princess lacks competence in poetic composition, in courtly style, and in personal taste. He finally realizes that his and Murasaki's playing dolls, drawing, and coloring hold more pleasure than his gallivanting.

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Cliff Davis | 8 comments The poor Princess of the long, red nose!

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Asma Fedosia | 2775 comments Clifford, you're enjoying "The Tale of Genji", I see! The story is one of my favorite.

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