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Adrianna (Adriannas) | 514 comments Mod
Members of Lunch Cafe Libri, , Yahoo Cafe Libri and Shelfari Cafe Libri wanted a side-read of Fifty Shades Darker (532 pages) for July-August 2012. This thread is for discussions pertaining to that erotic romance. Members can also discuss this book at the Cafe Libri Shelfari Discussion Thread.

Amanda (polishsweetheart0911) | 61 comments My boyfriend is totally addicted to these books. I have to give him credit that he is trying to read everything i am or at least try and get a feeling for why i may read so much. He said now i understand why people are in book clubs to really discuss things in these books. I will have to say he is further into the series then I am haha.

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Cari (carikinney) | 145 comments Mod
Definitely give him credit for trying, Amanda! LOL I think that's great that he's taking an interest in what you read and wanting to know why you read as much as you do. It's wonderful when you can discuss in book clubs, but also when you can talk with your partner at home about the same book, too.

Amanda (polishsweetheart0911) | 61 comments Especially with a series like this one. I think he was really interested in the whole sex and bondage stuff lol idk maybe to get ideas but he reads while im in the shower or when he goes out for a smoke. I have to say it really surprised me. Yes i will have to say it does give us something to talk about. He is actually going to pick up the howard stern book i have laying around. So something else we can discuss. I think the next book i will have him read is the hunger games since the movie is coming out really soon and i already preordered it and want him to know what its about lol.

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Adrianna (Adriannas) | 514 comments Mod
It's great that your boyfriend is sharing your interest in reading, Amanda, especially with this series! I can't imagine my SO reading this series at all!!

Amanda (polishsweetheart0911) | 61 comments Yeah i was shocked that he picked up the book. He just cant put the book down. So i wonder what other buddy reads him and i will do.

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Shelli | 110 comments Mod
Sorry everyone, I posted the questions for the first book. Here are the correct questions!


*** May contain spoilers***
1) How did “Fifty Shades Darker” measure up to the first book? Did it meet your expectations?

2) What is your favorite Christianism? Such as lip biting, twitchy palm, favorite phrase etc.?

3) Do you find Christian attractive? Why or why not? Do you think fifty shades is an accurate description for him?

4) How do you feel about Christian’s control issues? What affect do you think this has on a young woman Ana’s age? Do you feel she’s ready for such a big commitment?

5) Both characters seem to be flawed in some way. What needs to you think Christian and Ana fill for each other? How realistic do you feel the flaws were?

6) As Christian and Ana grow, where do you see the relationship going? How much of the relationship do you feel is based on sex?

7) Ana mentioned Christian doesn’t have many friends, how do you think this affects the intensity of their relationship. As they venture into the outside world as a couple, how will it affect them?

8) Christian seems to elude such a strong exterior. Were you surprised by his self -doubt? How common a feeling amongst powerful men do you think this is? What about people in general?

9) A large portion of this book deals with BDSM. Did this change your prospective on that type sex in any way? Have your re-examined your own sex life?

10) The book revolves around a very wealthy lifestyle. How do you think this influenced the attraction between Christian and Ana? Does Christian extreme wealth make him more attractive?

11) Did the ending leave you wanting more of the Greys? Why or why not?

Courtesy of Princeton Book Review

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