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S.j. | 4 comments My new book is now available on kindle. You can download it for purchase at $3.99. Once you purchase it you can lend it to friends and family. Amazon Prime members can borrow it for free. If you do not have a kindle you can download kindle software for free. Additional free content is available for download on my blog in kindle or pdf formats. Please stop by my blog and take a look. Thanks for all your support!

I wanted to take the opportunity to post additional free content for Aegis. Please visit my blog for information. http://aegisgreydawn.blogspot.com/
If there are requests for free content in other formats, I will try and provide it. Please send me an email with requests or any other feedback on Aegis to aegisgreydawn@gmail.com

Remember that if you are an Amazon Prime member you can download Aegis for free from Amazon's lending library.

Here is the link to the book on Amazon.com

Here is the description:
People driven insane by a technological wonder called the AEGIS move in packs searching for victims. Gwendolyn comes from a family of doomsday preparers, who never imagined the global crisis would be like this. After having built a new home for herself and her brothers, she takes in a mysterious runaway that may hold the answers to a worldwide disaster. Now she must risk everything to protect her family and the home that she built. Unfortunately for Gwendolyn, there might not be a way to protect everyone she cares about from a nefarious and pervasive foe behind the mystery of the AEGIS.

S.j. | 4 comments Thanks to those of you who have taaken a look at my post and my book. For today and tomorrow Aegis is free on Amazon. Thanks for reading!

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