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which one among Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley is your favorite character and WHY?

Mr. Bingley is a sweet natured, very likable guy... but i somehow find him to be a pushover or easily influenced would be the right word to use. He gave everyone else's opinion way too more weightage than of his own. He took Mr. Darcy's opinion about the Bennet family and jane more than what he thought of them. and later on again when Mr. Darcy was there to clear the air he came to ask Jane's hand in marriage.

Mr. Darcy on the other hand, is a arrogant, mysterious, handsome and proud exterior with a really soft and caring persona inside. He expressed his love for Lizzie and put forth his views about her family and other prejudices he had about her birth etc. But he knew he loved her. He never let anyone else decide the fate of his love life than him and lizzie(the only people who mattered in that relationship).

He selflessly did so much for her and her family(The whole evil Mr. Wickham theatrics..)and the way he comes to her in the wee hours of morning again to ask if she feels any different about him, was so romantic..

So, i think Darcy is the perfect lover,Mystery man a real challenge and adroably handsome and easy to fall for.. He wins handsdown..

Srishti mr. bingley is very friendly and amiable but mr. darcy has a dsrk side to him, something unapproachable that generates curiosity. so mr. darcy it is!
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✞Ƙєℓℓу✧Sтєℓℓαя Scяυтιηу✞ Completely agree :)
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Bingley's very sweet and charming, and someone you can't help but like. But Darcy is a more interesting character, not so transparent and he seems to have a lot more depth. So, in all, I would have to pick Darcy because of how devoted he is to those he loves, his strength, and how sure he is about himself. Most of the time.

Darcy. While I like Bingley, I've always been more drawn to tall, dark, and brooding. Bingley is just too damn chipper.

Mr. Darcy, of course. He is the most powerful man in the room.

Seriously though, Bingley is so sweet natured and simple. I could call him boring, but that wouldn't be nice.

Darcy is interesting, you want to find out what makes him tick. plus underneath that steely exterior there is a lot of emotion. I like that.

He is the romance hero we've all been conditioned to love - the 'un-get-table' guy.

Mr. Darcy. Because I love me a pompous manly man! lol

Mr Darcy of course, and I recommend that you look for a Mr Darcy in real life as well it would be a very long boring life with Mr Bingley...

I love Mr. Bingley, I really do, but not in the way you might think. I see Mr. Bingley as someone you would want as your best friend, someone who is loyal and always there for you. On the other hand, I love Mr. Darcy more. He's someone whom you would see and want to know immediately, I think of him as someone you would be with and want to better yourself for. Not in a change yourself kind of way where you lose who you are, but where you would learn to accept your faults and the faults of others and become the person whom you were meant to be. He's also the better character in the sense that he's more filled out and detailed, while Mr. Bingley is filled out as a character but he's not very detailed, which is fine because he's not in the book for very long. Mr. Bingley reminds me of Mr. Whickham in that sense, he has a back story and is given all the thoughts and personality of a full character, enough to make you take notice, but not entirely there.

Mr. Darcy - I like a man who is quiet and almost uncomfortable in social settings, it makes them seem arrogant which I find appealing to a point because I know that he's really just shy so it's like this personal secret him that only we know and everyone else is judging him when they’re really wrong about him.

He also seems to have depth; he's torn by something that's not shallow – he’s not light and fluffy like Bingley which is great in a pet but not a husband

I like both hahaha ;)

If you ever saw the TV series, that D'Arcy is Sexy!!

Definiely Mr Darcy as you already said is mysterious, handsome and most important he appears to be cold, and pride but he has a great heart ! It's a gentleman with modals and values and maybe it's not a man of many words but actions are most important at the end

Mr. Darcy. He's tied with Elizabeth for first place.

I would pick Mr Darcy for his loyalty towards Elizabeth. He fall for her and wants her, he waits for her. The sweetness in him is that he doesn't show all that in front of others. He doesn't make his affection as a show to others. The mystery, the shyness in him is what makes him special.
And I love him more for his awkwardness towards people. and i quoted ;
'I... do not have the talent of conversing easily with people I have never met before. ' This is my favorite lines from him.

I like both characters. They use different and that they are interesting to me. But Mr. Darcy I like a bit more (he's still the main character in the book written about him anymore). Mr. Darcy I like his manners and education. I think Mr. Darcy is very modest. He helps to Elizabeth, and she was not about what did not. Mr. Bingley is open to dialogue with people of different status. "Darcy Bingley appreciated for its an easy, open and malleable nature

Darcy. I go for the daring, handsome type. Not the goody-two-shoes guys. Bingley is quite polite and very uptight. I could never imagine myself with someone like Bingley.

For me, Darcy is a more complex character. I like people who are more intriguing... well, in novels. In real life, I'm more attracted to people like Bingley... but I admire and wonder at people like Darcy.

Darcy. He's dark, mysterious, and rich. And behind his stern facade there is a gentle and honorable man.

I love Mr. Darcy. He's a man of action, even though his earlier actions result in disaster. But then he really puts himself out there to win Elizabeth's heart. First he confesses his love and upon her rejection, confides that his sister had been wronged by Mr. Whickham. Later, he does everything he can to right the wrongs and finally, lays out his heart with almost no hope of her acceptance.


Now truth be told, my favorite hero is Captain Wentworth. Every time I read his letter to Anne, I get shivers!

Iwould choose mr.Darcy.he makes mistake but trys to do his best.I always hate perfect herros in film and books they are some kind of scary.

Darcy of course! He's tall, dark, handsome and knows his own mind whereas Bingley is easily swayed by others opinions. Though Bingley is more sociable; Darcy has a classic presence about him and once Elizabeth tames his pride he is perfectly amiable!

Mr.Darcy all the way. Bingley just a bit too sweet for me. Darcy is handsome, rich, and brooding. *melts*

There are qualities about both men I find fascinating. Mr. Bingly's open temperament is definitely attractive. He is animated, vivacious, and extremely likeable.

Mr. Darcy on the other had is quiet, reserved, and has an intelligence of mind that I swoon over. Not only that, he's fiercely loyal and loving (almost to a fault).

Give me Darcy any day. ;)

Mr. Darcy is my favorite. Sure, he may be a little arogent, but at least he's not a coward like Mr.Bingley. Not that I've got anything against good old Bingers!

DARCY, he is amazing

Darcy. He is way more mysterious and alluring, whereas Bingley is too cheerful and pushy, and also easily influenced.

Darcy is more attractive than Bingley due to his strength of character, and penchant for independent thought and action. Bingley is nice, but a bit weak when compared to his friend.

I like Mr. Darcy, I like the serious, mysterious,bad boy, deep, intelligent type who is really lovely and sweet on the inside. :D

What about Colonel Fitzwilliam?

Mr. Darcy. He's the man's man. And, he's richer :J

Darcy, because he has everything a person should have; Generosity, sense of responsibility and priority and yes Intelligent. Bingley is a good but not a strong character at all.

Mr Darcy...for many different reasons, but especially because i think that Mr Bingley would be very boring!

Mr. Darcy defintely.

Everyone above has answered with Darcy, ofcourse, he's the deep and complicated and uber-romantic lover of the story. But, imagine both Bingley & Darcy being in class with you. Bingley would be the kind and open person that would talk to everyone and generally be the 'popular' guy. Darcy on the other hand would be quiet and intelligent and awkward in social situations, even a loner maybe. I say, who would you choose then? I don't know who I would choose as I think both men love Lizzie/Jane as honest and fierce as the other. Just different.

I'd like to say Bingley since he has such a joyous and lighthearted attitude. However, Darcy is a character of such depth and he is constantly developing throughout the story. He is an introvert at the beginning of the story but his growing love for Elizabeth helps him blossom into a passionate, caring lover who is a much more captifying character to read about!

Definitely Darcy. Although at the start of the book he is arrogant and not a likable character, he grows and changes because of his love for Lizzie and becomes the perfect romantic hero.

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At first glance you'll be looking at Mr. Bingley's doe eyes full of innocence, the one that will keep you safe but there's something about Mr. Darcy's arrogant exterior that wants you wanting more:)
well okay Mr. Bingley doesn't have a 'backbone' it totally shows on the book, when Mr. Darcy made him not to continue his courtship to Jane, he stop!
'if you love someone defend it' but he didn't.
I love Mr. Darcy, I was quite prejudice towards him in the beginning(evil Mr. Whickham deceived me)gosh..but when he lowers his cool exterior, especially the time he confesses his love to Lizzie and showed what he truly was(according to his housemaids in Pemberly) everything was forgiven and like him:)

why would anyone say Mr. Bingley? Bingley isn't even as big of a character as Darcy. This question, "who do you like more, Darcy or Bingley," would be better if Elisabeth had to pick between the two of them. but by asking readers to pick between the two seems silly. They really aren't even on the same playing field. So everyones answer should be Darcy. Even if you hate his 'pride' then you can at least appreciate the change he made from the start of the novel to the end. Bingley does not change at all, therefore, it makes it hard for any reader to feel particularly attached to him. Austen didn't set up the characters, Bingley and Darcy, for us to compare them.

Mr. Bingley reminds me of a prince, wealthy, handsome, gentil, charming... Something like a young girl's dream! He is not very appealing to me.
Mr. Darcy is for real. He is righteous and definitely a keeper. He makes mistakes and that makes him human and real. At the beginning of the book, he has a lot of prejudices rooted by the way he was broght up, but he has the strenght to question his own convictions and break trough all that. That's why I love him... hope I'll find one of those someday!

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Darcy...because I just like the uptight would be very entertaining to put him on the spot...:)

Darcy of course..a man of deeds and not of words!Strength of character and morals.

Bingley is the nicer guy, but Darcy has more strength of character.

I've often thought that Bingley is a male Anne Eliot and Darcy is a male Emma Woodhouse. One gave into persuasion, and the other wrongly intervened in his friend's love life. I admit, though, that the Darcy/Emma comparison is the weaker one. Emma used to intervene in her friends' lives for her own entertainment. Darcy genuinely believed he was doing Bingley a favor.

My favourite character is Mr Darcy, without any doubt. He's interesting, fascinating and the story wouldn't work without him. I can't imagine Elizabeth with a Mr Bingley!
However, in real life, someone like Charles Bingley is far better than any Mr Darcy. He is kind, good-hearted and prompt to marry the woman he loves despite her odd mother.

Mr. Darcy definiely has my heart. I enjoy reading other versions that incorporate the Pride and Predjudice characters. The Darcy series was fabulous - he's so much deeper.

Darcy, because he grows and changes, and that's always more interesting than not.

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