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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily (franklyscarlett) I have only heard people praise this book. "It was amazing!" "Oh my god so good!" "One of the best books ever!" Please. It drags on for pages and pages about completely useless information. I am a fan of books that include things that matter, with no small detail being superfluous. In this read, I'm bombarded with the knowledge that Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli ran over 20,000 leagues. That's all fine and good, but does there really need to be 20,000 pages describing them running? I love the story and I love the movie, but this book could have been ten times more interesting.

message 2: by Maggie (new)

Maggie | 32 comments I'm not a fan at all! No, no, no!

Bell (NickHudson) | 1 comments I dont loath the LOTR as a whole, but oh boy do I hate the long and boring beginning of the first book, it takes fucking forever to get Frodo and Co. haul ass towards mount Doom. That Shire crap just takes too god damn long...

message 4: by She-ra's (new)

She-ra's A' DragQueen | 8 comments These books are great for gay-curious teenage boys embarrassed to ask their librarian for a full blown gay romance novel.

If you check out "LOTR" you're assumed to just be a dork who will never sleep with a girl.

If you check out "...And Then He Plowed My Anus Savagely Atop Blueberry Hill Redux" you're assumed to be a dork who will never sleep with a guy or a girl, but who desparately wants to sleep with a guy.

message 5: by Laura (new)

Laura Seagraves It took years, and several tries to get through these books, finally I skimmed them. Skipping pages at a time and only going back if it seemed like I missed something.

message 6: by Caisee// (new)

Caisee// (caiseelorraine) I couldn't even get through the first book, but I didn't mind the movies... However lord of the rings shouldn't even be allowed to be a series because of how they made it. Yeah it was good but, why not fly the giant eagle to Mordor?
And only have one movie instead of the whole three books and movies. Kind of a waste of paper and time :/

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