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Cara | 45 comments Mod
Constance, an English housewife that lives a pretty comfortable life, has started a blog. While she is not very familiar with how blogs or Facebook works, she gamely shares her life (which centers around her church and family) with the world. She is preoccupied with the bell ringing championships coming up, finding her single son a suitable mate, and trying to decipher her university bound daughter's behavior.

In the space of a year, Constance learns many things about herself and those around her. Will it make her wiser or encourage her to bury her head in the sand?

I enjoyed this book. For me, it was similar to Bridget Jones Diary, only it would be written from Bridget's mom's perspective. Constance's frequent (and unwanted) advice to her daughter reminded me of Pam Jones calling up Bridget in August to ask her what she wanted for Christmas. Constance is a good woman whose life view is limited due to her circumstances. Take those circumstances away, and see what happens. Constance is oblivious to many things around her.

Read this is you like women's fiction and want a few good laughs.

message 2: by Anita (new)

Anita Johnson | 1 comments I love British novels, especially witty ones, so I'm glad to see you enjoyed this.

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