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Ruby  (theruby) Name:
Appearance: (no anime people please)
Best Classes:

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Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 79 comments Mod
(view spoiler)
Name: Alexis Turner (Lexie)
Age: 15
Grade: 10th
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 28th, 1997. She had a late birthday, three days before the cutoff, so she is among the youngest in her grade.
Appearance: Lexie has long brown hair that is normally straightened. Her skin is fairly tanned and she has bright, round brown eyes. She's about 5'2" with a petite body structure.
Personality: Lexie knows how to laugh. She always likes to see the best in people, even if they don't see the best in her. She's a hardcore optimist and hates giving up. She is determined to finish whatever she's started, and dedicated to her family. Her friends will find her extremely loyal, and she would never intentionally hurt another person. She's super friendly and will try to make friends with everyone she meets. Everyone who spots Lexie for the first time gets an open vibe from her, since she's always wearing a smile, but there is more to her than this happy-go-lucky facade. She's sensitive inside, and will never reveal her emotions to others, seeing it as a sort of "weakness".
History: Lexie had the ordinary childhood of most teenagers. Her loving parents raised her right, doing everything with her and leading her in the right directions. Lexie was the standard "adorable and chubby" child, obsessed with bubbles and her puppy, Maggie. When she entered fourth grade, she met her first crush, Jordan, who started out as her best friend. Once they hit middle school, they began to "go out" (the middle school kind), and seemed to hit it off. Then, one fateful day, Jordan met Lexie's best friend, Maria, and his feelings started to change for her. Lexie could see what was happening, considering Jordan wasn't trying to hard to conceal his flirting, and decided one day to break it off. The very next day, Jordan asked Maria out, and to Lexie's surprise, she said yes. The two distanced themselves from each other, and though Jordan and Maria lasted only about two months, Lexie was still upset with Maria's betrayal. Their feelings remained intact for Jordan all the while, though, even if he was chasing after every girl he saw. Finally, they all moved on to high school, and Lexie was relieved to be attending United East High while Maria and Jordan attended the neighboring high school, and Lexie was finally able to get over him. Now, she feels like she's starting fresh in this school, and is thankful her house resided just far enough away to be put in a separate high school district from most of those in her middle school. Lexie has lived in the same house her whole life, and doesn't plan on moving any time soon.
Best Classes: Lexie is great at most of her subjects, but above all is a natural at English, Literature, and Spanish. They just come easily to her, probably because of her love for writing.
Skills: Lexie can sing well, she can draw, write, play the French horn, and can do colorguard well. The one thing she cannot do to save her life, though, is dance.
Likes: Lexie likes a lot of things. She loves coconuts, animals, people, fruit, friends, breakfast, salami, Subway, nature, the colors blue and green and purple, butter pasta with a dash of garlic and shredded cheese on top, singing, colorguard, photography, and anything vanilla flavored. There's more, but it's just too much to list.
Dislikes: Lexie absolutely hates her alarm. Every morning she wakes up she wants to throw it against the wall. Let me just say, she's not a morning person. Other than that, she doesn't really care for dinner or most meats (with the exception of salami), and her pet peeve is the "kissy sound". Not the actual sounds that people make when they're kissing, but the high pitched squeak that occurs when someone puckers their lips, or when somebody is sipping on a straw and air slips in, causing the same squeak.
Aspirations: Lexie hopes to be a famous singer one day, but since that isn't very likely, she's still trying to come up with something to fall back on. She's always loved baking and was always attracted to cameras, so she always thought in the back of her head about making a career out of either. So far, she is still lost in what to do with her life.
Family: Lexie only has her two parents, being born an only child. Charlie, her father, and Anna, her mother. They are protective (too protective if you ask Lexie), and very clingy. Sometimes she feels like they hover too much.
Friends: Anyone want to be her friend? She loves friends!
Other: This year she's taking Honors Chemistry, Spanish 4, Accelerated Math 2, Honors American Literature, Honors World History, Sym 1 Band, and Advanced Women's Chorus. She's also involved with colorguard for the first semester after school, and is trying out weapon for the first time. (She started guard at the end of her ninth grade year, doing the winterguard season. This is her second season of guard.) If she had a theme song, it would be "Suddenly I See", describing her innocence and aspirations. (view spoiler)

message 3: by Ruby (new)

Ruby  (theruby) Awesome Ashley :) Could you invite some more people ??

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 79 comments Mod
Thanks! And sure. (: I'll probably make a guy character later, but once I'm comfortable roleplaying Lexie for a little while.

message 5: by Ruby (new)

Ruby  (theruby) sounds good

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Roderick Trujillo (RoderickKujoTrujillo) Name: Amos Tanner Ango
Age: 16
Grade: 10th grade
Gender: Male
Appearance: caucasian, about five feet, eight inches tall, broad shoulders, bright blue-green eyes, short curly, brown hair that lays on his head, powerful body with some chunk, thick arms and legs.
Personality: Generally silent and almost never angry looking, often impassive or even apathetic, rarely feeling like talking to anyone.
History: A track and field star of the school since he was young, the pressure has built up and caused him to refuse to talk to people in hopes of avoiding getting hurt by people who expect too much. He talks to almost no one except for people who go out of their way to talk to him. He keeps his past to himself and never confides in anyone or anything, rendering his past dark and shadowy.
Best Classes: Generally smart in any class aside from any Language Arts classes, though just because he refuses to study the difference between certain marks and others. His favorite class is weight training.
Skills: He is a decathlete and can do pretty much any track and field event. He has taken some classes in fighting and for some unknown reason refuses to play football.
Likes(optional): Being alone. Reading. Writing. Working out. Training.
Dislikes(optional): Big mouths, bullies(who he will beat up if pushed too far) and preps.
Aspirations(optional): college athlete(track and field) and Quantum Physicist.
Family: Father: Mr. Ango. No Mother. No siblings.
Friends: None at this school. He is new in town.
Other: Simply quiet.

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rachel Name: Kyle Smith
Age: 17 (Held back one year)
Grade: 10th
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kyle is fairly tall. He has deep brown hair and emerald green eyes. He has kind of a thin frame but is pretty well muscled.
Personality: Kyle is a very kind, but joking person. He's not one to take charge of a situation but can if it is needed. He is laid back and isn't one for doing homework. He has a long temper and a clever tongue, making it easy to win verbal brawls. He loves to talk and is very out-going. It is fairly easy for him to make friends. He can be sarcastic too.
History: Ever since he was young, he has always been the clown of the class. He often makes clever jokes, but never inappropriate ones. His mother was very kind a loving, and often spoiled him while his father was rude, and sometimes abusive, which evened things out. Normally his father would push, or shove, but when Kyle was ten years old, his father nearly killed his mother by beating her severely. He later when to prison, and Kyle hasn't seen him since. His mother was never the same, she normally disconnects herself from everyone else. The last full conversation Kyle had with her was when he was first entering high school.
Best Classes: Kyle normally passes all his classes with Cs or Bs, sometimes even Ds, but he has always been great with Chemistry.
Skills: He is a pretty good writer, and good in the Chemistry field. He often goes to the gym, so he is pretty strong.
Likes: Writing, exploring, reading, crafting, chemistry stuff
Dislikes: He strongly dislikes bullies, people full of themselves, homework,
Family: His mother
Friends: He has many "friends" but not many true friends.

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Ruby  (theruby) Both Accepted.

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Ruby  (theruby) Name: Gina Moriarty
Age: 14
Grade: 9th
Gender: Female
Appearance: description
Personality: Gina is sweet girl with little to say. She is always putting others before herself and isn't mean to anyone. She works diligently at school and does lot's of extra credit projects so she can get into AP classes and things like that. Her love and passion is music. She is always humming a tune or listening to one. If you watch her hands sometimes you will see them twitching. This is because the muscle movements of a song will be racing through her mind.
Best Classes: Music, Choir, Band, Language Arts
Skills: Gina was adopted at age 13 when her parents died in a car wreck. She has no blood family that she knows of. Her adopted family includes Leyna Underwood(mom), James Underwood(dad), and Hanna-belle Underwood(little sister)
Likes(optional): MUSIC
Dislikes(optional): she doesn't like any kind of bully
Aspirations(optional): She hopes to be a singer-songwriter
Family:Leyna Underwood(mom), James Underwood(dad), and Hanna-belle Underwood(little sister)
Other: She secretly loves fallout boy, pierce the veil, and my chemical romance.

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Julia Horan Name: Eleanor (Ellie) Carters
Age: 15
Grade: 10th
Gender: Female
Personality: Ellie is very sweet, and is nice to most people. She is very book smart, but lacks a little in the common sense area at times. Because of this, some people mistake her for an airhead. Ellie has a good sense of humor, and take joke.
History: Eleanor was born in Ports Smith, England. When she was 2, they moved to Ireland, for her dad's job. A few months later, her younger brother, Niall was born. When Ellie was 12, they moved from Ireland to here. Not long after she moved here, her father died in a car accident involving a drunk driver.
Best classes: Math, French
Skills: Horse riding, tennis, school
Likes: Horse riding, tennis, animals, her mum and brother, friends, boys, her phone
Dislikes: frogs, cochroaches
Aspirations: to continue to suceed in horse riding and tennis
Family: mum, Niall
Freinds: Depends
Other: has a British accent

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 33 comments Name: Elizabeth Tessa Mindy
Age: 15
Grade: 10th
Gender: Female
Personality: Her disposition to be delightful, cute, and innocent is said to be influenced that all ladies should act weak and cute in front of men and smile often and be surrounded by nice things. She believes in staying away from contagious perverts and living her life out of the gloom. Elizabeth keeps up the cute and childish persona up despite knowing just how dark the world is. She wishes to approach and help it from her own sense of direction and sense of style.
History: With a father in the knighthood and a childhood in the country-side of England near Wastwater with ties to Cambridge she has very little to say about her life.
Best Classes: Languages (except French), math, political science and so on and so forth.
Skills: Archery, retaining stubble details and still acting bubbly, crying when it doesn't seem like the right time to some tougher charries.
Family: Father, step mum, brother Charlie.
Friends: In her childhood she always played the game of the betrothed lady waiting to marry. The boy she stalked with shinning eyes is still a friend despite, she will do anything to make him happy.
Other: She'd never seen poverty and to please her friend, she turned a blind eye. She's also never become scornful over her families' bourgeois values or the obvious Victorian patriarchy, in fact she breathes it.

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~Madison Cinnamon~  | 44 comments Name:Chandler Jane Marcin
Age: 15
Appearance: (no anime people please)http://greenobles.com/data_images/aly...
Personality: She is bubbly, fun, and not afraid to show her true colors. She is kind and curdious, but will use her voice when needed. She can be seen as shy and quiet, but only when she has nothing to say.
History: She grew up in London, England, in a very small apartment with her parents and three siblings. Her family is middle classed.
Best Classes: Speech, French, Literature, Art, and Writing
Skills: Debating, Writing, playing Volleyball.
Likes(optional): School, Volleyball, listening to Music, and Hanging with friends
Dislikes(optional): Popularity contests, the rich and stubborn, bullying.
Aspirations(optional): One day she wants to be a lawyer.
Family: Mother, Father, and 2 little brothers. Dylan Spencer (9th grade) and William Harry.
Friends: She just transfered schools, and doesnt really know anyone, but would love to meet one.

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Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 79 comments Mod

Name: Morgan Tanner
Age: 14
Grade: 9th
Gender: Male
Appearance: Morgan is fairly tall for his age, taller than most sophomores and juniors, actually, and has ragged brown hair. His skin is more on the pale side, but it's not pasty or anything, and he has bright green eyes that always seem light-hearted. He's well built in the legs and arms, although he's more on the thin side than bulky.
Personality: Morgan is pretty bubbly and loves meeting new people. He won't ever push anyone away, and is a sucker for hugs. Now, don't get me wrong - Morgan is not a teddy bear. He will fight someone if he needs to, but doesn't necessarily want to. He's focused on his football career, but other than that, he doesn't have many priorities. He's a happy-go-lucky guy and very likeable. He's not sure how, but he manages to attract girls to him.
History: Morgan had an average history. He grew up with his sister, who was born about six months after him. They grew up together in a happy family, always living beside a lake. He had moved once when he was five, but had remained in the lakehouse ever since. Morgan and his sister have always been close.
Best Classes: Art
Skills: Football, making friends, drawing
Likes: People, football, sports, texting, eating, hugs
Dislikes: Academics, math, fighting, crying, gymnastics, tight clothes, people that brag about themselves or are conceited.
Aspirations: To be a professional football player.
Family: His sister, who is also in ninth grade. (Anyone want to make her?)
Friends: Dylan
Other: He doesn't really talk about being on the football team unless someone else brings it up first.

Anyone can make his sister if they want to. She'd be in ninth grade also. And if anybody's charries want to be friends with him (Or Lexie, look at Post 2), then let me know! They both love friends. :P

~Madison Cinnamon~  | 44 comments Name: Dylan Spencer Marcin
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: (no anime people please) http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5...
Personality: He is rather shy, but outgoing. He is funny, and charming, but sensitive. He is sweet, kind, and not afraid to show emotions from time to time.
History: He grew up in London, England, in a very small apartment with his parents and three siblings. His family is middle classed.
Best Classes: Science and Music
Skills: Playing the Flute, drawing, and painting
Likes(optional): Watching sports, playing basecall, and chilling with friends, MUSIC
Dislikes(optional): stuck up people, the populars, the rest tbrp'd.
Aspirations(optional): To be himself.
Family: Mother, Father, and Older sister, and younger brother. Chandler Jane (11th) and William harry.
Friends: He can be slow at making friends and sometimes anti-social.

message 15: by Ruby (new)

Ruby  (theruby) You all are welcome to begin rping. I need some teachers though!

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 79 comments Mod
Okay, I can make one. Hm...what should he/she teach?

message 17: by Ruby (new)

Ruby  (theruby) Anything you like

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 79 comments Mod
Hmmmm...well...okay. How about literature? Okay, yeah. He'll teach literature. Here I go, off to make another charrie...

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Ruby  (theruby) Awesome :)

Blood Bone and Muscle | 33 comments What grade should advanced French be?

Blood Bone and Muscle | 33 comments In average French emersion my friend told me they start teaching grammar in eleventh.

Just out of interest, do I also teach the colors and numbers or are you expected to know those (I hope you are but...).

message 22: by Ruby (new)

Ruby  (theruby) Yeah... You should teach them. Since you're a 9th/10th grade teacher

Blood Bone and Muscle | 33 comments I thought it was eleventh so I could do grammar.

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Roderick Trujillo (RoderickKujoTrujillo) What 'bout Latin?

Blood Bone and Muscle | 33 comments That's even harder. Even harder then French! O.O

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 79 comments Mod
Haha, Rod, if you want, you can create a teacher for Latin. I'll create a topic for it if you do.

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Roderick Trujillo (RoderickKujoTrujillo) I love Latin! I took it last year.. and okay! :)

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 79 comments Mod
I know that. XD

message 29: by Roderick (new)

Roderick Trujillo (RoderickKujoTrujillo) It's awesome :_)

~Madison Cinnamon~  | 44 comments Latin would be cool, but i dont have that option at my school

message 31: by Roderick (new)

Roderick Trujillo (RoderickKujoTrujillo) Oh. Well, a lot of colleges offer it and it's a good class and easy to study for!

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 79 comments Mod
I personally prefer Spanish. :P

message 33: by Roderick (new)

Roderick Trujillo (RoderickKujoTrujillo) LATIN!

Ashley *Frostpool* Hidame | 79 comments Mod
Fine, pushy.

message 35: by Roderick (new)

Roderick Trujillo (RoderickKujoTrujillo) :D

Blood Bone and Muscle | 33 comments Latin scares me because of the tenses. Did you study those?

message 37: by Roderick (new)

Roderick Trujillo (RoderickKujoTrujillo) Yeah, they get easier after a while, but it's no more than Spanish. Just a little different.

message 38: by Roderick (new)

Roderick Trujillo (RoderickKujoTrujillo) Name:Sean Thomspon
Age: 17
Grade: 10th
Gender: Male
Appearance: He is a big boy. He stands at no less than six feet three inches and his brown hair is cut short enough so that it stands up. His shoulders are broad and muscular like Amos, but his stomach also reached out quite far, showing that he ate like a big boy.
Personality: He is a mean dude, a bully, only allowed into the school because of his 4.00 GPA. He is a football star and only loses to Amos in track and field. He is angry more often than not and when he isn't, which is rare, he is the owner of unbridled confidence and cockiness.
History: He has never stayed in a school for long without getting into a fight. ONly one person ever took him on and told the tale through properly aligned teeth- Amos. He can fight and run and throw and hit, making him the perfect football player.
Best Classes: None really, he's good at them all, to Amos' ultimate frustration.
Skills: He is a fighter and can play the guitar.
Family: Mother: Penny Thompson, Father: Dean Thompson.
Friends: No named characters yet.
Other: He will crush on someone.

message 39: by Ruby (new)

Ruby  (theruby) Roderick wrote: "Yeah, they get easier after a while, but it's no more than Spanish. Just a little different."

We could have spanish and latin. I like spanish *Smiles sheepishly*

message 40: by Roderick (new)

Roderick Trujillo (RoderickKujoTrujillo) Haha, Spanish is awesome, but I like Latin more.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 33 comments Spanish is nice but I like Russian more?

Ok, that seems foriegn to this topic. Ah, no one wants to learn the French language?

message 42: by Ruby (new)

Ruby  (theruby) I DO but I've been soooooo busy

message 43: by Elena Sheldon (last edited Jul 06, 2014 03:07PM) (new)

Elena Sheldon (notbeforeeverythingsamwinchester) | 2 comments Name: Caris Renee

Age: 14

Grade: Freshman

Gender: Female


Personality: Caris is the kind of person that is willing to be friends with anyone but the mean girls. She is kind and caring. She is smart and outgoing. Caris is athletic and she loves cheerleading.

History: Caris was the third born in her family. First it was her brother, Zachary. The second born were the twins, Maximilian and Ashley. When Caris was born, her older siblings got along well with Caris. That is until Caris entered middle school, she started fighting with Ashley a lot. No longer having a good relationship with her older sister, Caris turned to having fun with her older brothers. When Caris entered High School, Ashley forgave Caris and they had a great relationship again, but Caris felt that her brothers were distancing themselves from Caris. This caused Caris to join the cheerleading squad at UEH and to join choir at UEH.

Best Classes:

Skills: Singing, Dancing, Acting, and writing songs

Likes(optional): Writing Songs, Acting, Music, Singing, Dancing, boys, love

Dislikes(optional): Jerks, bullies, mean people, and people she dislikes

Aspirations(optional): singing, dancing, music, acting, and writing songs

Maximilian "Max" Renee (Brother, 16, open for creation)

Zachary "Zach" Renee (Brother, 18, open for creation)

Ashley Renee(Sister, 16, open for creation)

Felicia Renee (Mother, 50, Teacher of History at UEH.)

Jesse Larks (aged 16, Sophomore)

Adaliz Durand(aged 16, Sophomore)[face claim: Ariel Winter]*open for creation*

Amy Willows(aged 17, Senior)[Face Claim: Selena Gomez]*open for creation*

Andy Larks(aged 15, Sophomore)[face claim:Zac Efron]*open for creation*

Other: allergic to dust. on the cheerleading squad at UEH.
Name: Jesse Larks

Age: 16

Grade: Sophomore

Gender: Male


Personality: Jesse is kind and caring. He is smart and outgoing. He loves football and he is athletic. He loves singing, music, dancing, and acting. Jesse is afraid to sing in front of a lot of people because he thinks he will be judged.

History: Jesse was the first born in his family. When he was a year old, Andy was born. Jesse got along well with his little brother, until Andy entered middle school. It was then that they started having rivalries between each other over the same girl. When Jesse went off to High School, Andy started quarreling with his best friend at the time, Alexander Revees, over the same girl. When Andy came to United East High, he forgave his older brother and they now have a great relationship.

Best Classes:

Skills: singing, dancing, acting, and playing guitar



Aspirations(optional): Music, singing, dancing, and acting

Andy (Brother, 15)

Lemae (Mother, 50. Guidance Counselor at UEH. open for creation.)

Lance (Father,50. Teacher of Biology at UEH. open for creation)

*Katrina "Trina""Kat" Ramos (aged 14, Freshman)-open for creation-

Other: allergic to mice. plays football at UEH.

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