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message 1: by Kevis (last edited Jul 06, 2012 07:29AM) (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (KevisHendrickson) | 44 comments If anyone's looking for some free reads, I've got a few titles that can be downloaded for free.

My science fiction short story trilogy Rogue Hunter: Gaia (Into the Abyss, Intruder, Legacy) is free at all ebook retailers. To download the trilogy from your favorite ebook store, click on the following link:

The Grey Elk is also available for free this month at Just use the coupon code and book link provided below to download your copy of The Grey Elk in your favorite digital format.

Use the code SSW50 at checkout
to get this book for FREE during our
site-wide promotion!
(Offer good thru July 31, 2012)

You can also download my YA urban fantasy short story Asha for free by using the promotional coupon code XK67K at the following link to download your complimentary copy of Asha. Kindle and Nook friendly versions available for all books. (Free book offer for Asha ends on 7/29/12).

Link to Asha:

Fayley | 89 comments Hi Kevis, thanks for the offer, but it's not free on Amazon UK or Amazon US.

message 3: by Kevis (last edited Jul 06, 2012 07:05PM) (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (KevisHendrickson) | 44 comments Fayley wrote: "Hi Kevis, thanks for the offer, but it's not free on Amazon UK or Amazon US."

Hi, Fayley. If you're referring to Rogue Hunter Gaia, it's free everywhere else except most of the international Amazon Kindle stores. The exception being Amazon France (and of course

However, if you cannot download the trilogy from your regional Kindle store for free, you can always download a Kindle friendly version from Smashwords. They don't charge VAT taxes like Amazon which is why I suspect you are not seeing the books free on your end. I highly recommend you download your complimentary copy of Gaia from Smashwords. Here are the links:

Rogue Hunter: Gaia #1: Into the Abyss:

Rogue Hunter: Gaia #2: Intruder:

Rogue Hunter: Gaia #3: Legacy:

Hope that helps!

Fayley | 89 comments Thanks

Kevis Hendrickson (KevisHendrickson) | 44 comments No problem. Thanks for checking my books out!

Sue-Ann Cooper (ysabelkid) | 10 comments Thanks for the books! I look forward to reading them.

Kevis Hendrickson (KevisHendrickson) | 44 comments Sue-Ann wrote: "Thanks for the books! I look forward to reading them."

Hope you enjoy the books, Sue-Ann!

Chris (celllman) | 16 comments thanks kevis for the free books!

Kevis Hendrickson (KevisHendrickson) | 44 comments Chris wrote: "thanks kevis for the free books!"


Kevis Hendrickson (KevisHendrickson) | 44 comments Free for a few more days.

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